Telling my story to mom and amanda


Amanda always wonder how I got started as A cock sucker ,so we went to one of are favorite bar,s and was going to tell her . My mom look at me are you going to blame this on me Aint,t you ,Amanda go on with your story. Well me and my husband just got married and we were other friend,sat a bar and dancing I was filling no pain and was rubbing tom leg when it got hard, he whisper in my ear you keep this up I'm going to make you eat this,well I justwanted to go down on him right there,he push me away. I fuck around 20 guys be for but never suck a man cock. Mom got up and said she was going to the bathroom, on her way she grab a man and when into the men room. Most of the people no us there and a few women ,who we even had sex with. It wasn't long when mom came back out and she had something blue in her hand, it was her pantie, Amanda look at her and said you are a slut, Mom said watch it bitchI wont let you eat me no more, an they both laugh. Well i kept trying to get to tom cock he keep pushing me away, back then we were staying with my family we didn't have a place of our own, as we drove up to the house the light,s were still on an new mom was waiting up for us. I new she was going to ask what we did tonight I just wanted to get tom into bed, Tom sat down at the kitchen table so I went and sat on his lap, an move around I no he like it I could fill him getting hard, I just got up and told my mom goodnight. Tom try to get up but he had a problem he didn't want mom to see his boner. Amanda look at my mom , and call her mom did you no he had a boner yea I try to get a better look at itbut he wasn't show en . I walk away so he could go to bed, when tom arrive in the bedroom I was nude the door wasn't even closed when I started taken his clothes of. He lay ed down on the bed and I was so fuck en horny never haven given a blow job my mouth when right over the head of his cock and deep as I could go at that time my lips lock around the base of his penis which was 5" in diameter, At that time tom was so horny after two strokes with my mouth I got my first load of cum, I started choking ,cum running out of my mouth all over when a knock on the door and she walk right in . Mom ask if I was all right ,I stop cough right then she sat down next to me and put her finger up to my lip and push some of tom cum in my mouth, she told me I would get used to it, she gather more off of my breast and feed me more. and that how I got into cock suck en, and that how tom got into mom, but not for another 16 years before I told tom I was cheating on him. .

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