The Business Trip


The Business Trip


It is unbelievable how over worked I felt. I had been stuck traveling from city to city, and from customer to customer for almost 9 months. Go to site and help out as much as I can in Detroit, then to Milwaukee, then to Albany…it never ends. The worst part is I have my fiancée back home whom I love dearly and miss a ton. It is such a pain to have to be apart for so long, not only because of I missed seeing her, but also the physical contact. I think I missed that most, especially after the long stressful days.


As I arrive at the hotel, my new home for the next couple weeks, I feel more tired and stressed than I have in all the previous trips. I had just finished driving from my corporate headquarters, to a job site more than 300 miles away on a last minute request from the VP. I was not looking forward to a long week of customer interaction and 12-14 hour days. The one thing I was looking forward to was a relaxing Sunday night in the hotel. Traveling on business has its benefits, nice hotels, being a Double Platinum Member at most hotel chains, and being able to expense almost everything.


I had decided to quickly take up my belongings and then hit the hotel lounge. I quickly changed my clothes and removed the necklace I normally wear with my fiancé’s class ring. It had been bothering me the entire drive, and I was dying to remove it to become more comfortable. I then took the elevator down to the lounge and sat at the bar. It was quiet, the bartender and myself were the only ones there.

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  At this point I decided it would be a good time to have a good meal, and some drinks. As I finished with my soup and was brought my meal, a nice shapely young lady walked in and sat at the bar about 5 seats down. She was a very attractive young lady. Latina, tall, athletic build, beautiful hair, and gorgeous eyes.


The bartender and myself had been discussing life and everything else, when she moved a couple seats closer to become involved in the conversation. Pretty soon her and I were talking and the bartender was just pushing us drinks. I looked down and noticed the engagement ring, and felt a little bummed, but at least I found someone to talk with.


We talked about this and that, and pretty soon I offered to buy her something to eat. She took me up on it. I ordered a couple more drinks for us, and her dinner. The benefits of traveling alone, and being able to take out the “customer” for dinner and drinks at the hotel. As we talked she opened up about her ex-fiancé. Apparently I was wrong to assume. She was a nurse, and a very good one. Her ex-fiancé has some sort of issue, and complication at a hospital, and had died several months before, and she was just not ready to take it off yet.

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  Plus it stopped guys from hitting on her. I understood.


As she finished up eating, and we finished our drinks, the bartender informed us he was closing up for the night. I paid, and we started to walk out. She turned to the bartender, and asked how long the pool, sauna, and whirlpool were open. He replied until midnight for adults. With that she turned to me, and asked if I would join her. Wanting nothing more than a little relaxation, someone to talk to a a very nice body to look at I said of course.


We met down at the pool several minutes later. She was stunning. I just though about how badly I wanted to slowly remove that suit, and show her a night to remember. We quickly hit the pool, and then moved on to the whirlpool. It was great since the bubbles and the warm swirling water helped hide my erection. Soon another couple joined us, and instead of staying and talking, we hit the sauna. We talked for a while, and she told me how her and her girlfriends usually get a hotel once a year for a weekend to relax.

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  This was that occasion. We decided to call it a night. As we parted, she asked if I wanted to come up for another drink and maybe to watch a movie or something. I once again said yes. She gave me her room number, and said to give her 10 minutes to get dressed.


Ten minutes later I was knocking on her door. She had used that time to kick all her friends from the room as well. I was already liking where this was going. We starting drinking some of the left overs from her party with her friends. I played dumb, and I am very good at that. I kept acting nervous, and shy. This encouraged her to make the first move, and attempt to seduce me.


As we sat next to each other on the couch, she slowly started to kiss my neck. This moved quickly to nice deep kissing. The passion, and the desire behind those kisses was amazing.

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  I continued to play shy, but looking back now it was in part because I was to be married later that year, and I was evaluating the pros and cons of my current situation. She was unaware of the dilemma currently brewing in my mind, though she could sense the hesitation. I have been feeding her lines about not having done it in over a year, and being rusty, and scared of under or not performing. Trying to buy myself time to make a decision. She continued to try and comfort me. Trying to seduce me.


As my mind fought through the details, she came up with a solution to the situation, as she understood it.

The kissing stopped, and she reached for the remote. Before I could blink an eye the LodgeNet Adult Movie selection was on screen. We slowly browsed the movies, and came to an option that we both seemed to like. As we attempted to select the movie for purchase, the TV informed us this room was unable to purchase those types of movies. She gave a heavy sigh, and reached for the Hotel Phone to remedy the situation.


It was then that my gears in my mind stopped moving. The ticker tape of the brain spit out the results. My life was changed forever.

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  I decided them and there, that I love women. I love my fiancée, a deep emotional love that will never be matched, but I love women. I love to please them, and I love everything about them. From here on out, I would help any women who needed it.


The situation changed suddenly. I gently grabbed her hand and hung up the phone. I began passionately kissing her. Returning in full the desire she had been attempting to give me. This allowed her to open the door. The damn burst. All her built up frustration, stress, and everything else pouring out and into the interaction.


As our tongues searched for each other, and our hands wandered, slowly removing clothing, the desire for physical connection grew and grew. As I kissed her neck, and nibbled her ears, I unbuttoned and slowly removed her shirt. The kissing move from ear back down to neck, her moaning was telling me everything I needed to know. As I moved down past her breasts, and focused on her stomach, my hands worked their magic and began removing her pants.

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  With a little moaning assistance from her, I had her laying back on the couch in her bra and panties.


That sight, the sight of my new goal in life is still frozen in my mind. I can see her Latina athletic body laying ready on the couch. Wearing a matching set of green semi-metallic looking bra and panties. The beauty. The passion, the desire screaming from her eyes, demanding I pleasure her. Demanding I fulfill her every need. The was only one thing that I could do.


My left hand slipped between her legs and slowly rubbed her inner thighs, very gently, very seductively. My other hand went up top to slowly reveal her left breast. Then my mouth went to work. I began to kiss and suck on her breast occasionally moving onto her erect nipples. The moans of pleasure were like a beautiful symphony to me. They let me know I was the conductor, and was performing flawlessly.


The other breast came out, and became the center of attention.

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  They may not have been overly large, but as I have always hold true to my heart, all you need is a handful, anything else is a waste. And I surely wasted no time letting her (or her breasts) know that they deserved the attention that she hungrily craved. The moans intensified as my hand made its way between panties and skin. My fingers found her landing strip, and decided to explore the runway.


I continued to bounce back and forth with my mouth, providing ample reason for her nipple to remain erect. With both breasts exposed and free for me to taste, my other hand found its way to her tone stomach and began caressing it to further heighten her sensual experience. My fingers continued to gently touch her lower set of lips, sending quivers up her entire body.


With that she began to unbutton my pants, which I gladly helped with. I also paused momentarily to remove my shirt. Kneeling next to her in only my boxers, I began where I left off, this time with her hands exploring my cock through the fabric of my boxers.


My cock was already hard, and starting to stretch the fabric of the boxers. She wasted no time in grabbing hold of it with one hand, and beginning to slowly stroke it. This gave me reason to moan. To my surprise she began to take my hand in hers, and attempt to force my fingers to break her seal. To me that is a big no-no.

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  My goal was as it always it, to work her up so much without penetration of any kind, and to then surprise her with my method of breaking her lip tight seal.


I pulled my hand, and hers, back up, and brought my head to her ear and licked and kissed it before I whispered that it wasn't time yet, the teasing had only just begun.


My hand went back down, and re-initiated the soft rubbing of her lips, and slit (without penetration). After few moments of moaning, sucking, and rubbing she decided enough was enough. Whether or not I wanted to move on, she was done with the teasing, and needed the next steps. Her hand stopped stroking, my cock remained in my boxers with a pre-cum spot on them to help further indicate my appreciation of her attention to me. Moments later her hands gently found the top of my head, and gave a slight push in the downward direction.


To this day I do not know if she was reading my mind on my favorite method of breaking the seal, or it was was just kindly informing me of what she desired next, though with the passion in her eyes, I can venture to guess that is wishful thinking.


I gave up resisting, and positioned myself between her gorgeous legs. I moved her panties to the side, and used my tongue to break the seal. A squeal of delight sounded through the room. I began to lick up her tasty juices, and heard her moans increase in volume and frequency. My tongue delved deeper and deeper. Coming back out only to catch my breathe, and stimulate her lips or clit. Her legs tightened around my head, and she began shaking slightly.


  I then removed a hand from holding the panties, and diverted it to assist in current task.


My fingers excited her clit, while my tongue continued to explore her pussy. Panties are a huge turn on for me, especially when she wears them while I eat her out, or we have sex. The draw back being that they can surely get in the way of either. No longer wanting that hindering progress, but not wanting to lose momentum, I brought her to orgasm. She clamped my head between her legs, as she squirmed and squealed. I had my work cut out for me to continuing cleaning up her delicious juices.


After she caught her breathe, and I had finished tasting the prize from my hard work, I remove her panties and went back to work on her breasts. My fingers kept right on working on her pussy. I rubbed her clit, and slowly enabled three fingers to penetrate into her pussy. My reward was having her free my cock from the constraints of my boxers.

She motioned for me to come closer to suck on my cock, but my answer was a gentle touch to her face, while I informed her that tonight was about her. With that she asked me to go back down.


I smiled, and repositioned myself to work my tongue out on her perfect pussy. This time, my hands went directly to massage and tweak her breasts and nipples.

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  Again her moans rose, and she began to have orgasm after orgasm. She did what very few women do, and she began to run her fingers through my hair and massage / scratch my head while I did my duty. There is nothing better that being told you are doing a good job, that by rewarding you with something you like. As a bonus, each time I was further rewarded with her sweet tasting nectar. I continued to lick and devour her pussy and clit, and eventually gently began to use my teeth. This drew a bigger reaction that I was prepared for. The head massage turned into a deep scratch, her thighs tightened around my head. He moan and squeal asso loud, I was afraid someone would call the front desk.


This continued on for at least twenty more minutes of complete pleasure for her, and me at being able to satisfy her desires. She brought me back up, and asked me to give her time to catch her breathe. With that, she grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. She informed me she wanted to feel me inside her, but warned me she was not on the pill, and I could not cum inside her. The passion and desire on my part, and her part, overwhelmed my intelligence, and we forewent protection (another life lesson that I am now always prepared for).


I laid her out on the bed, and slipped a pillow under her ass. I positioned myself between her legs, and slowly held my cock to her opening.


  I leaned forward and rubbed the shaft from head to ball through her wetness. I made absolutely sure my head pushed and rubbed her clit with each stroke. Satisfied I was ready with a freshly lubricated cock, and so was she with her moaning, and now eyes rolled back into her head, I went for penetration. I slowly led the tip of my cock into her pussy, and pulled it back out. I then would rub it on her clit, and smile at her moan. As I did this again and again, each time going in further and further, she began to lift her hips to meet me to further the penetration. She was tight, very tight, and knew how to use her muscles. She tightened during each withdraw to discourage and make it difficult.


I then pulled my cock completely out, and then pushed it completely in. She squealed, and a sigh of desire was left out when I removed it once again. Followed by another squeal, as I went back in. I slowly positioned myself above her and began to kiss her neck as I now used my hips to thrust my cock inside her wet tight pussy. I felt each orgasm, and the new juices on my balls. Her warmth was a reminder I made the right choice. I changed positions, and threw her leg over the other, and kept going.

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  This evoked more renewed orgasms. I felt myself close to cumming a number of times, especially with the wild orgasms, and the way he knew how to use her muscles.


I stopped, and gathered my breathe, and gave her time to do the same. I lay next to her with my arm around her. She sat up and turned to me and asked if she could on my face. I smiled, picked her up and helped her position one leg on each side of my chest. She then scooted over top of my face.


With that, I went to town, and began licking and playing with her clit with my tongue. I also explored her pussy with it as well. I moved my fingers into place to massage her lips and occasionally her clit. Each time she orgasmed I did not manage to devour all her juices. By the time she fell to the bed next to me panting, my goatee was completely soaked in her sweet juices.


I allowed us to both catch our breathes before I gently rolled her over and lifted her ass. I knelt behind her and used my fingers to ensure she was still wet and ready. I positioned my cock at her pussy opening, and guided it in.

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  With a squeal of pleasure, I was rewarded with more lubrication, as she almost completely fell back to the bed. I grabbed her waist with both hands to keep her up, and slowly started to move my cock in and out doggy-style.


The bed was slamming against the wall, she was moaning loudly with occasional squeals. I could not help but add to the noise level, and began to moan as well. She turned to me between breathes and reminded me not to cum inside her. I comforted her, and promised I would not. I kept this up for a while, and gave her orgasm after orgasm. Eventually I could not hold her up any more and she flopped to the bed. I took this as an indication that she was spent. I laid next to her and held her until he got up.


After ten plus minutes of calm, she went to the bathroom to clean up. She offered me a towel, I declined. We chatted for a couple minutes. She offered me a place to sleep, so I didn't have to be alone. I declined.

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  She thew on a t-shirt, as I got dressed. She gave me her phone number and e-mail address, and we kissed once more. She offered again a place to sleep, and also told me she would not leave until about noon that day. I declined again. As I left her room, I turned back to kiss her one final time, and another image will be burned in my memory. She was standing in her doorway, in only a t-shirt that barely went below her waist. Her nipples were hard as rocks, I could see her perfect pussy below the shirt, and her eyes were filled with thanks. Her eyes no longer were filled with desire and need, but with fulfillment and gratitude.


The next morning I was up early to go to work. I had showered, and was ready to go. I decided that if fate would have it, I would see her again. I decided to push Fate. I went back to her room, knowing that if she answered, I would be skipping the first couple hours of work. I had decided I was fine with that. I listened as I knocked, and heard the blow-dryer.

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  No answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I thought about waiting until the blow-dryer turned off, and trying again. But lost the courage, and left for work. Never to see her again.


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