The Co-Worker


I have been happily married for seven years now and the thought of cheating on my wife had never occurred to me.  I started a new job at a small law firm and it was there that I met Michelle.  

I will leave my own appearance up to your imagination, Michelle however was an original beauty.  Age 29, Petite, standing perhaps five feet even, and weighing just over 100 pounds.  Dark complected, possibly hispanic. . . I wasn't sure.  A nice ass with just enough roundness and shape to be noticed, and beautiful perky breasts, not too large but certainly not too small, and she had a smile that could melt a block of ice in the dead of winter.

I had noticed her from a distance but never had any reason to talk to her, and as I stated before was married.  Our friendship began sometime later with a simple discussion on books.  She enjoyed novels of the same type as I, one day I saw her reading a book I was currently reading and from that day on we became friends.  I found out that she had been married about the same amount of time as I had and that she was happy with her spouse as well.  I learned many things about her over time as we talked during the work day, and even began to IM one another from time to time outside of work.  After a year or so of friendship our relationship began to take a more intimate turn.

One morning she confessed to me via our interoffice messenger that she was feeling frustrated as her husband had been putting on weight and his libido had suffered because of it.

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    I told her jokingly to suck it up and rub one out, I was only half way kidding though and was somewhat excited that she had broached the subject of sex after all this time.  After sometime she replied to me that she had been masturbating daily and sometimes even twice.  I paused, I found myself sitting at my desk with a full hard on, just thinking of Michelle masturbating.  I wondered whether she used a toy, or her fingers, thoughts began to swirl through my head and before I realized what I had done. . . I had typed and sent the question, if she preferred toys or her fingers.  It was a very long pause, and I was afraid I had crossed the line.  After a few more minutes she replied to me that she liked to keep things fresh and would use both.  I felt a surge of excitement and decided to press further, asking if she preferred porno or if she used her imagination.  She replied much faster this time and informed me that she was an imagination type of masturbater. . . that she found porn to be a little too ridiculous.  Without hesitation I asked her if she used her husband as material, people she knew in life, or celebs.

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    She replied rapidly that she used both people she knew in life and celebrities.  I began rubbing my cock through my pants ever so slightly again thinking of her rubbing herself, fingering her pussy and possibly thinking of me while she did it.  I decided to toe the line again and asked her if she was a clitoral masturbater or a penetration masturbator.  Again a long pause, she replied to me that she didn't want to talk about that stuff on the company messenger as it might be looked at.

 I sighed assuming that was her way of saying "you crossed the line buddy".  Slowly my hard on deflated and I got back to work.  I didn't hear from Michelle for the rest of the morning and I was afraid that I had made things weird.  Around lunch she popped into my cube and sat in a small chair alongside the wall.  She looked at me and smiled, oh that smile. . . and told me that she preferred clitoral stimulation while masturbating.  I felt my dick swell almost immediately as the words left her mouth.  She asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with her and I said that would be cool.  I stood up trying to hide my erection from her using my jacket and told her I would drive.

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 Once in the car, she asked me why I had asked her all of those questions.  I replied that I was simply curious and told her that I too had been in a bit of a sexual slump at home, and talking about sex was exciting.  She stared curiously at me, and asked me if it was her that excited me or just the topic itself.  I told her it was both.  She continued to stare at me, and then informed me that she would never cheat on her husband.  I agreed that cheating hadn't ever been on my mind (i left out the fact that it had been on my mind all morning long).  She then asked if I had ever masturbated in a public place.  I had not.  She told me she wanted to show me a good spot for it before we ate and gave me directions on how to get to a local forest preserve.  We parked and she motioned for me to follow her.

 We walked into the trees for a good one hundred or so yards, before she stopped.  She turned around, looked at me intensely and said we can't touch each other.  She then leaned back against a tree, unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand down the front of them.  She closed her eyes briefly and sighed.  I could see her hand squirming under her jeans and I listened to her sharp intake of breath.

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    She opened her eyes and asked me what I was waiting for.  I unzipped my pants and my erect cock popped free from my boxers and i began to rub it.  I asked her to pull her shirt up so I could see her tits, she shook her head no.  She continued to rub herself faster. I leaned back against her tree so I was standing next to her, and began masturbating in earnest.  I looked over at her and we made eye contact.  She leaned her head over slightly so she was laying slightly on my shoulder.  She then stood up and pulled one leg of her jeans down as well as her panties in one swift motion.  I could see her full pussy at this point, she was shaved with the exception of a small landing strip.  She began to rub herself harder and faster and I increased my pace to match hers.

I decided that I had to see her breasts,  I waited for a moment until she closed her eyes, and I reached over and tugged her shirt up over her bra.  Her eyes flew open and she looked at me, but didn't stop me, I lift her bra up over her breasts.  She had dark chocolate colored nipples, perfect tan colored breasts.  I nearly blew my load at that instant.  I removed my shirt as well.

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    With her exposed breasts she again leaned in towards me and laid her head on my shoulder.  She began moaning slightly and her fingers began rubbing more frantically.  I moved to the other side of her and put my left arm around her as I beging pumping my shaft faster.  I pulled her close and felt her nipples touching my skin.  I turned toward her as I stroked myself, and the head of my cock brushed her gently causing her to immediately moan.  She circled her clit more aggressively with her fingers, attacking it almost, her breathing heavy.  I was matching her pace but found myself getting closer and closer to my own orgasm.  My cock at this point was facing directly towards her and was rubbing against her belly frequently.  I felt my explosion coming.  I started stroking myself faster and faster, my breathing broken and grunting slightly.  Her eyes opened and she looked at my cock while she rubbed herself, and then told me to come for her.  The first shot was explosive and splattered across her belly and breasts, as it hit her she moaned loudly.  I continued to pump my cock milking every drop out, some of it hitting her legs and belly, the rest of it falling to the ground.

Shortly after that her breathing became raspy and her moaning louder.  She started convulsing a bit, I grabbed her  and pulled her close so she wouldn't fall, her breasts pushing against me, covering me in my own semen.

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    She wrapped her ams around me and we held each other, my semi-erect cock pushing slightly against her.  We both leaned back against the tree as a single entity wrapped in each others embrace.  She looked up at me and smiled and gave me a gentle kiss on the mouth.  Then told me it was the best lunch she had ever had with me.  I asked her if we were going to make a habit of this lunch, she replied we would have to see how guilty she felt later.  We cleaned ourselves up and headed back to work.  We didn't speak for the rest of the day, but as things were winding down she dropped by my cube and asked me if I wanted to do lunch again next week.  I told her I certainly did, but that perhaps we should bring a blanket and some accessories next time.  She winked at me and left my cube.  

I was left there sitting alone, wondering if I could face my wife that evening.  I drove home thinking of nothing else but the events of that afternoon.  I walked in the door, dinner smelled wonderful, I embraced my wife and asked her if she was feeling up to fooling around tonight.  She replied that she wasn't really feeling it.  I kissed her and told her no problem I will take care of it myself later.  She rolled her eyes at me, smacked me on the arm and told me I was gross.

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    I smiled, and thought to myself, lunch next week it is.


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