My wife caught me, the public restroom, part 2


As much as I hated the new power shift at my house, there were parts of it I secretly loved. I no longer had to hide the fact that I was wearing my wife’s panties and thongs and stockings in public, although, not being allowed to wear clothes over them at the house was a bit challenging. Imagine putting off taking out the trash until the middle of the night so the neighbors wouldn’t see me, or, answering the door when a delivery guy rang the bell. She permitted me to have a wig on hand to wear if I so desired and had to answer the door. She always insisted when she was around for my penis to be tucked down so that if she saw me, it would appear that it had disappeared. Mentally, she had cut it off and physically, it was of no interest to her.
She routinely begin bringing guys home with her a couple of times a week. I was their servant, making sure that drinks were ready and poured, making sure that they had everything they wanted and needed during their fuck sessions, and then being made to watch my wife fuck other guys. That in itself was always wonderful to see—it was like a Porno DVD in 3D right before my eyes. The problem was that she never allowed me to take my cock out and relieve myself, I had to keep it tucked in my her day old panties. The only time I was “allowed” to participate was when she was done fucking her latest boy-toy—she loved having me suck her clean and often suck her partner clean. While I originally hated the thought and the taste of semen, I began to actually look forward to it—especially when it was a combination of his spunk and her pussy juices.
However, my bitch of a wife just wasn’t content with that level of humiliation. She soon started demanding that I routinely be ass fucked. The first time when her boss did it, it hurt like hell and afterwards, it still stung, but because I was made to wear to butt plug daily, I stayed pretty stretched out and it began to actually be not just tolerable, but sometimes enjoyable if her boy wasn’t too rough with me.
And then, she ramped it up again.

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  Outfitting me in some of her clubbing attire, she dressed me in a short blue jean skirt that barely covered my ass, a see through white blouse that she tied in the front, put silicon implants in my bra and then put the fuck me heels on. After doing my makeup and fixing my wig, we went into town—a little shopping trip. As we stopped for gas at one of the convenience stores, she went inside as I pumped the gas. I was actually getting whistles from some of the other clients—and laughed to myself that they thought this involuntary drag queen was hot. When my wife returned, she whispered in my ear, “Don’t say a word, go to the men’s room and there are 2 guys who are going to fuck you in the ass. They have already paid $50 each and I told them your specialty was sucking them clean after they fuck you. ”
“Fuck you” I replied. It was one thing to do this in the privacy of my own house but not with complete, nasty strangers. “I am not gay and you can’t do this” I told her. “Look you little he-she, you can go in there and do it, or by the time we crank the car, they’ll fucking fuck both of us and probably kill us—they’ve already paid. ”As I just stared at her, she grabbed me by the arm and took me to the men’s room. “Boys, my friend here is being a little shy…why don’t you add some spanking to the mix? And, to help put you in the mood, why don’t you look at these?” She fucking pulled out her tits and started playing with them?
The first one hiked up my skirt and leaving the thong in place began to spank my ass…. damn it hurt. “Don’t cry you little sissy…that’s nothing compared to the monster about to rip your ass apart. ”As I heard the zipper, he found my butt plug.

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   “Lookie, lookie, someone is already all greased up and ready to go. The other one said you were an ass slut and I thought she was kidding. Get ready cunt. ”With that and no further warning, he began to rape my ass. He must have been huge—I had experienced normal size cocks—6, 7, and even 8 inches, but this thing felt like it was ripping my ass in two. I tried to hold back the screams, but to shut me up, the other one put his cock in my mouth.
“There you go big boys, use both end s of my little slut friend. She really likes it no matter what she says. Really boys, she can take it rough, why are you being little pussies and not really giving it to her?I’ve seen lesbians with strapons be rougher than that. ”Why in the hell was she taunting them?They both increased the force with which they were fucking my ass and my mouth. It seemed like an eternity, but finally the one in front unloaded a huge load in my mouth and soon after, the ass assault came to an end as he loaded up my rectum with a massive load.
“Good job boys” cheered my wife. “was it worth your $50?I have another surprise for you before she cleans each of you. Why don’t you reach under her thong and feel how wet she is?” My face was bright red as the guy in front yanked down my panties and my raging hard cock sprang out. “He’s a fucking fag?!! What the fuck?!!” Calm down boys, did he or did he not give the best blowjob and ass fuck of your life? This is my sissy husband and he loves being used.

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  Got any friends who you want to trick just like I tricked you?”
As I pulled my thong back up, straightened my skirt out and started to leave, the boys reminded me that I still owed the cleanup job. As they shoved me to my knees and filled my mouth, my wife gave her number and said if they could help her raise enough money for a one night gang bang with me, she would split anything over the first $1000 and personally reward them with her real pussy at the conclusion of the night.
Hearing that, I did start to cry like a little girl.

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