The Anniversary


Tim and Tara had been married for 34 years as of today. It had been like any marriage – ups and downs, but they’d endured, raised their kids and looked forward to a less hectic life here on out. And perhaps more fun for them, free from doing for kids 24/7, as had been their busy lives. Tara waited eagerly for Tim to get home. She looked forward to their ritual.

Every anniversary and birthday Tim liked to surprise Tara with some grand gift in addition to all the little things he normally showered her with. They’d developed a ritual as it were. Tim would blindfold Tara as she sat somewhere and he would go get whatever grand gift he’d secured. He would place it before her, undo her blindfold and launch into a “ta-da,” proud with his clever gifting and dramatic presentations. Tara learned to look forward to the little ritual.

And tonight was no different. Tara sat and Tim gently blindfolded her. She always knew Tim would “wow” her and she expected no different. As she sat deprived of sight she heard Tim shuffling and sounded like he was busy making the grand presentation. She was excited in anticipation at what year 34 would bestow.

Tim walked around behind the couch she was seated on and said “Are you ready Baby? I think I have outdone myself this year!” he enthusiastically added.

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   She nodded and was excited at Tim’s excitement. Tara had to admit this was a fun little ritual and one that kept the mystery going after all these years. She felt him tug at the black bandanna. Suddenly she could see, and what she saw changed everything.

Before her stood a naked man. A naked black man. And one with what looked to be a 7 inch flaccid cock hanging well below his large balls. He was smiling, his hands behind his back. Tara’s mouth fell open in shock, surprise and excitement.

Tim crossed from beside her and approached the naked black Adonis. “Honey, this is Devon. He is our 34th anniversary gift to ourselves, but mostly to you love,” he sweetly said, hope abundant in his voice. Oh my God,“ was all she muttered. Tim then reached down and hefted the large black cock. “Look at it Babe!” She did.

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   Her mouth hung open, her breath shallow and unsure. She felt her loins stir.

She and Tim had discussed for some time spicing up their marriage. She wasn’t against the idea, but as with so many intentions, it was easier to fantasize than to make happen sometimes and so it was with alternative sexual arrangements in their 34 year marriage. Tara had to admit the thought of having sex with other men and or women was exciting, but she hesitated at what might come later. Would it harm their bond, she worried. As she stared at Devon and felt herself moisten she knew tonight they would find out for sure.

“It’s 10 inches long and thick Honey!” Tim smiled. Tara looked into Devon’s eyes. He was a sweet and accommodating looking young man. He was muscular, lean, medium tall, medium dark, pretty and clearly hung like a fucking mule. Tim let Devon’s man-snake fall from his hands as he continued on with his sell job. “I know this is a ‘big’ surprise,” stressing the word big. Tim then looked at Devon and eagerly added, “Show her Devon. ”

Devon, the polite and accommodating young man that he was, smiled at Tara and asked,” Would you like to see that?” she smiled and gently nodded her head.

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   Devon unclasped his hands behind his back and took them both and milked down the fleshy and thick black member. Tara was in awe not just of its length and girth, especially in its flaccid state, but it was the prettiest cock she’d ever seen. The head was prominent, the shaft wrinkled and full. Its sheer weight hung it parallel to his body like a shorter leg. He had no pubic hair at all, and in fact was smooth bodied.

Devon’s cock grew, fattening and growing longer and thicker, and it began to stand out some in an effort to defy gravity. He rubbed and leered at Tara. Her eyes made the trip from his cock to his piercing glance a dozen times. Tara was growing more and more excited. She wasn’t sure if it was the beautiful cock or the eyes of the young man who owned it, but she was mesmerized by the sight and the situation.

Devon seemed very at ease as he milked the object of Tara’s gaze. Finally, after some period of lost time in which Tara was in lustful purgatory, Devon released it and turned sideways so she could view it in profile. It hung at just below perpendicular to his flat and well six packed abdomen. His balls hung low, large and full.

Tim returned to her side and began to undress Tara as she was seemingly in a trance almost.

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   Her eyes were locked on Devon’s gaze and his manhood. Tara got with the program and stood and assisted Tim in freeing her large tits. They fell free and Devon whistled admiringly, much to Tara’s ease and pleasure.

For a 53 year old woman, a few pounds and years past her youthful prime, she looked pretty good. She felt her nipples harden as Devon eyed her generous tits. Tim stood behind her and hefted them for Devon’s delight. “Come Devon, enjoy these,” Tim enticed. Devon walked to her standing in front of the couch. Tara stared into his eyes as he approached her. Devon locked onto her gaze and reached out and gently tweaked her left then right nipples. Tara felt flush and light headed. His hands were large, warm and gentle.

Devon then hefted each orb andkneaded them gently. Tara sucked in a breath between her clenched teeth as Devon touched her. She was lost in excitement as first Tim and then with Devon’s help, freed Tara from her slacks.

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   Tim bent and slid her sandals from her feet as Devon ran his hands along Tara’s well shaped hips and ass. Tim rose and backed off to enjoy the sight. “Be right back,” Tim said as he hurried up the steps to the second floor.

Tara felt strangely comfortable with Devon fondling her without her husband in sight. She reached out and put one hand on each of his upper arms as he looked at her and breathed into her face from a mere 12 inches from her. She could feel his breath on her. He leaned in and placed his full lips on hers. She opened her mouth and welcomed his hot and thick tongue into her mouth. She was lost in lust as he pulled her all the way to him and kissed her so deeply. She could feel his huge and very hot cock as it slid between them as he held her firmly in his young, strong arms.

She reached down and began to tug and massage this giant cock. She could not believe in her own mind at her wantonness of her actions with this young black man. He was making her insane and she was responding as if her will were gone, which in fact was present. She wanted him and now she decided, based on Tim’s eagerness, she would make Tim and herself happy. Tim came back down the stairs.

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   Tara heard him off in the recesses of her mind, but was too taken with Devon and his touch to care too awful much that her husband would for the first time see her eagerly seeking the attention of another man, and a young, black man at that.

She opened her eyes just long enough to see Tim setting up the camera to film the night’s events. Tara got turned on even more by knowing that likely Tim would post the sex video to the Internet, as well as they would watch and relive the events in future. She decided if the world would see her, she damn sure wanted to put on a good show for the audience. Tim finished setting up the camera, turned it on and stripped. He sat on the edge of a chair across the room and stared in lustful awe as his wife’s beautiful little hands groped Devon’s ass as he had his tongue down her throat. She was pressed against him so tight air could not get between their naked bodies.

Tim especially liked seeing the large wedding diamond on her petite left hand as she grabbed handfuls of the muscular black ass of Devon. Tara’s head was leaned back, one hand around the back of Devon’s neck, pulling him to her as his tongue probed her mouth. Tim could see her nipples were exploding from her breasts in excitement.

As Tim and Devon had arranged all this ahead of time, Tim just sat stroking his cock, watching as Devon played out the program they’d agreed upon and for which Tim had paid him $200. 00 to deliver. See, Devon was a professional cuckolding black bull. He earned a living fucking the wives of white married men. As Tim watched he knew he was getting his money’s worth for sure.

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Devon turned Tara and sat her on the couch. He took her hands and put them on his cock as he announced “I would love to feel your beautiful mouth on my cock Tara. ” She looked up at him wantonly, as if she was no longer in control and lifted the giant cock to her mouth with both hands. She kissed the head and then licked the underside of his entire shaft. She held it above her face as her tongue sought his balls as well. Tim came the first time as his gorgeous white wife let the near hard back cock rest on her face as she licked and sucked Devon’s huge balls.

She then engulfed the head and the top 3, maybe four inches as his strong member stretched her mouth and lips. Her cheeks filled with black cock and she sucked like her life depended on it. Devon placed his hands on her head and let her do the work as her guided her. Once she held it by the base with her right hand as she groped Devon’s ass with her left hand. She licked on the side of it from the tip all the way to his pubic bone. She then licked his lower abdomen as she pumped the giant cock as it rested almost on her right shoulder as she kissed Devon’s belly.

Devon backed away and Tara stared into his eyes, as if he and she were the only two persons in the room – maybe in the galaxy based on her lustful and mesmerized gaze as she was lost looking into his eyes. Tim marveled at Devon’s cock hanging so close to his wife’s petty little mouth. Devon then placed a knee on the couch and Tara leaned back and pulled him to her.

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   Her legs parted. She placed her hands on his shoulders as he held himself up on one hand as he worked and guided the fleshy black giant into her pretty white pussy. She was scrunched against the back and arm of the couch and Tim had a great view as Devon’s cock pierced his wife’s cunt. She gasped as it entered her, and expressed her delight with “Oh fuck yeah!” Tim rubbed his cock with abandon as Devon slowly pumped in and out of his wife.

Tara’s tits swayed and jiggled as Devon plowed her deeply. He was gentle at first but with Tara’s encouragement of “Oh fuck me!” he began to piston with more purpose and fervor. Tara bucked back trying to get all of his cock on every inward thrust. Her first orgasm wasn’t long incoming. Tim watched as she flushed and squeezed her eyes tight closed as she whimpered.

Devon leaned in and kissed her and she eagerly sought his lips and tongue as they engulfed her lips in passion. She looked to Tim to be sucking on his tongue as he pounded her harder and harder. Tara let out a guttural, almost non-Human noise from her throat as she came again, only bigger and more violent this time. Devon slowed his pummeling her hole. He rose from her, his huge cock shiny with her cunt juices, as well as the surface of the couch being soaked from her liquid orgasm. This was a new turn, Tim thought.

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   She’d always squirted a drop or two but the couch cushion looked like she poured a 16 ounce glass of liquid on it. Oh well, Tim thought, it was worth having to pay to have the couch cleaned to see this.

Tara rose and Devon turned her back to him and bent her at the waist. She placed one knee on the couch cushions as Tim enjoyed this most excellent vantage point as Devon’s cock penetrated her again. He tits swayed and bucked as Devon drove into her, first slowly and gently and then with her urging, more violently and with real purpose. Tara only lasted about two minutes and began to scream and wail as more rounds of pleasure flushed through her loins. Devon drove on and her pleasure was outrageous. This time Tim watched clearly as she squirted a generous volume of fluid onto his cock and balls as she came.

Tara collapsed her front half onto the surface of the couch as her ass was now up in the air. Devon stood on his tiptoes and slammed her even more until she screamed a blood curdling one and began to push him away as she could take little more. He continued to slam her and she collapsed onto the couch, her breath shallow and irregular.

Devon’s mighty muscle fell from her and hung above her upraised ass. Tim leaped up and ran to her. He slid onto the floor at her feet and lifted her as he slipped beneath her. He began to tongue her hot cunt lips as she squirmed at the difference between impalement and the tickling of only her distended clit and labia.

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   Then Devon shoved his big black cock into her pussy again and with her husband’s tongue on her clit and the large black tool filling her cunt, Tara ran wild. She was completely removed, feeling out of body as she was eaten and fucked. Her waves of pleasure became more constant, one coming every ten seconds or so for as long as the glorious sexual abuse occurred.

Tim withdrew from beneath her and growled “Cum on her face Devon. ” Devon nodded in agreement and slowed. She slid from his cock and flipped herself over onto her ass and half sitting up, regained her strength and acumen long enough to grasp the cock that had been driving her to the ends of the Earth with pleasure. She began to suck on the head and pump the huge shaft. She had both hands wrapped around Devon’s cock and his precum leaked into her mouth giving her the stamina and desire for all she felt she deserved.

Tim stood next to her, leaned down and encouraged her with “Look at him as he shoots Baby. ” His words were pleading and Tara took her last ounce of energy to pump Devon to his end. His cock exploded and cum flew over her head. His next spurts covered her hair, lips, face, neck, and chin as she pumped the last of his milky white cock snot. She then engulfed the cock head and sucked the last of his love from him. Tim looked at Devon. He was smiling slightly and sweat rolled from his body.



Devon backed off and stood, hands on hips as he admired his handiwork. Another well fucked mature white woman. Tim leaped to shake Devon’s hand. “Man, you are awesome Devon,” he praised as Devon smiled and sincerely thanked him. He looked at Tara and offered, “Madam, that was hot a fucking as I have ever had and I will be glad to return for another engagement if you’d ever like. ” Tara just smiled weakly and replied “If I ever recover from this that would be nice. “ She lay supine on the couch as her chest heaved and she recovered.

Tim directed Devon to the bath off the hall and he dressed and cleaned himself up. Tim approached his incredible wife as she lay in bliss and regained her senses and he cleaned her of the cum that Devon had deposited all over her upper body. Devon emerged from the bath dressed and approached the still crashed out Tara. He stuck out his large hand. She took it and he pulled her to her wobbly knees and steadied her. Devon pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She wrapped both her hands around the back of his neck and hung onto him as he kissed her.

Tim stared at his gorgeous and totally fucked bride of 34 years as she stood naked and clung to the young and now fully dressed black man that had sent her to Heaven, as it were.

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   Devon cupped her ass then her left tit as he tongued her mouth again. They broke their embrace and he sat her back on the couch and bowed slightly at the waist. He turned to Tim, shook hands, said “It was a pleasure,” smiled and headed for the door. Tim walked him out to his car. Tara laid on the couch in limbo.

She thought she might have drifted off into momentary slumber as Tim returned. She sat up and looked at her husband who stared at her still nude and spent femininity. She held her hand out to him. He approached her and pulled her to her feet. He walked her to the stairs and to their boudoir. Tim laid her down and removed his clothes. She watched lovingly as he then lay beside her and told her how she was the most incredible woman he’d ever known. And he told her how sexy she was and how he loved her until his end days.

She smiled at him in understanding of the love and all that had occurred. He rolled onto his back, she rolled to him, placed her head on his chest and whispered.

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   “I love you, and I loved the biggest anniversary gift I’ve ever received. ” She thought for a second and added “If next year’s gift tops this one, I may never survive, but Hell Baby, everybody’s gotta die sometime, right?” She looked up into his eyes, smiled, kissed him on the end of his nose, laid her head onto his chest again and drifted off into slumber.

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