Charlottes Diaries (part 24 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 24 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

December 2002
I did one of these adventures on my own and it was really kinky and perverted! I really loved it too! Any way on with the description of what you’ll find in this months adventures: S & M, BDSM, oral sex, vaginal sex, toys, fist fucking, watersports, fruit, vegetables, threesomes, lesbianism and death!. . . You’ll have to read through the second adventure to find out about that, some of you may have heard about it, or may be you won’t!
December 2002 – Adventure 1
On my last visit to my favourite fucking spot I spoke to some of the men that were there and they told me about a very secret & sexy BDSM club, I got very horny at the thought of being tied up and used for a whole night! Anyway it took a lot of arranging as I had to go there on my own and be prepared to be away for a whole day (Evening to evening! Dave and I told our daughters that I had to go away on a course for a whole day and night, and that I would leave at work time one night and return at about work time the next night, which we said to them, would mean that I was travelling in works time so that they would be paying me. With that sorted out I dressed in comfortable clothes, which in my case meant jeans, thong, bra, T shirt and sweat shirt. The time came for me to leave and I felt all trembley inside as I drove to the meeting place. All I knew was that I was to park my car in a reserved car park, go into the club house and go up to the bar and ask for a drink called a sore bum! This turned out to be a vodka and coke, which unbeknown to me was laced with a knockout drug of some sort. Any way I took the drink and sat down at one of the tables and looked around at the other occupants of the room, none of the men looked very nice, they all looked like computer nerds! I felt uncomfortable and I planned to down my drink and leave, all I remember doing is downing my drink, feeling light headed and then nothing.
That is until I came round, I don’t know how long I was unconscious but I soon realised that I had been drugged and that I didn’t know where I was! I soon realised that I was blindfolded and that I was no longer wearing my own clothes, in fact judging from what I could feel I had been totally stripped and redressed in other clothes. I can only really guess at what I had been dressed in but it felt like I had been laced into a corset, I had a blouse on over that, long sleeved gloves & I could feel different knickers on me, stockings, a short skirt and thigh length boots of some type a dogs collar that rattled oh and of course the blindfold.

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   I was strapped by my wrists and ankles into a chair with wooden arms and legs.
As I turned my head to listen for any sounds, he must have been waiting for signs of life from me because when he spoke he made me jump a mile,
“Good at last you’re awake. Any woman that comes into our club and asks for a sore bum is regarded as a whore, a play thing for our pleasure. You’re mine for a night and a day to do with as I please. ”
He said.
“Where am I?”
I managed to say before he shouted at me
“Shut the fuck up, you speak when you’re spoken to. ”
And he whipped me across my tits, not hard, but hard enough for it to sting!(Then I heard the familiar sound of a Polaroid camera taking two pictures of me) Sitting there I was feeling so sexually vulnerable that I could feel my pussy juices already starting to leak out from between my lips.
I could hear his breath coming in short gasps as he reached forwards and ripped open the blouse, I just groaned. He then eased just my nipples from the bra cups of the corset and as he twisted and pulled each of them, I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure, only to be rewarded with another lashing across my now exposed nipples and yet another castigation. Then he roughly parted my thighs and pushed the skirt up to my waist, slowly he traced his fingers across the swollen mound of my pussy, I don’t know how but I managed to stifle the cry of pleasure that started to build as he pushed the material of the knickers to one side and slid a couple of his fingers into me, teasing me, somehow knowing that I was already close to climaxing. Then he stopped and roughly he grabbed the material of the knickers and ripped them off me, that was just too much for me and I came loudly. He then growled at me
“I warned you to be quiet, now I’m going to have to punish you some more. ”
He released my ankles from the chair legs and then tied them together with a short piece of chain, (I know it was chain from the sound that it made when he made me shuffle across the room to the bed. ) and he released my hands & clipped those together for that short distance across the room. He then grabbed my shoulders and spun me around before throwing me down onto the bed.

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   He then grabbed my ankles and lifted me so that my bum was just on the edge of the bed and he unclipped my ankles and tied them to some type of high restraints so that they were held up and open. They were so tightly stretched that I couldn’t move.
Then he left me for what must have been about an hour. When he returned I begged him to let me use the toilet as I needed a wee. He said no, and that I must control myself or I would be punished! Then I heard swishing sounds in the air near my legs, and I knew he had some type of whip again! Then he slapped me across my exposed bum cheeks, catching also the ends of my pussy lips as he did so, I flinched and wet myself.
“You dirty little slut, I told you not to do that!”
He said and even as I was still weeing he started to whip my bum hard, soon it felt as if it was on fire and he stopped. (I heard the camera take another two pictures). He then said “Put your hands on your cunt, you slut. ”
I did as he said and I heard him switch something on and he placed it in my hands and he said
“Wank your clit with this until you cum. ”
It felt like an odd shape as I explored it with my fingers, then I felt the end that was moving, it was an electric tooth brush! I gasped out
“I can’t it’ll hurt!”
All I received was a sharp reminder across my tits again. Carefully I pressed it against the outside of my pussy lips, he soon growled out
“Pull them open with one hand BITCH, and get it on your clit!”
Apprehensively I did as he said and I was surprised it didn’t hurt at all, in fact it was very nice and I was soon rubbing it all over my clit, building up closer and closer to an orgasm and I did. As I started to lift it off he growled at me to keep doing it or else! My clit was so sensitive by then that every touch made me twitch and jerk. Then he started to finger my sore bum hole. Then I felt something cool and hard being pushed into my bum. Deeper and deeper it was pushed until I felt his fingers banging against me as he thrust it in and out of me, I let out a groan of pleasure as another climax started to build in me from his stimulation of my bum hole.

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“The whore likes her fruit does she?”
He questioned, I just groaned out
“Oh yes this whore loves her bananas. ”
He stopped for a moment and pulled it out of me and as he peeled it he commanded me to grab my bum cheeks and pull them open for him or else! I did as he told me to and I felt him push the peeled banana back into my bum and he started to fuck me with it again. (Again I heard the camera whir twice). Soon it started to get soft and squashy so he just forced it all deeply into my bum & left it there.
He left me alone again for some time, and then he returned. I must have dozed off because the next thing that I knew was feeling his cock thrusting into my still very slippery pussy. He didn’t last very long and as he came inside me so quickly I didn’t even have time to cum. Once he had stopped breathing heavily he must have picked up what I can only say was a really thick tapered soft rubber dildo which he started to work into my slipperiness, as it started to get wider I cried out in ecstasy and pain as it started stimulating my sensitive G spot, then he made me use the electric toothbrush on my clit at the same time and it was too much for me, I just started having multiple orgasms, I just couldn’t stop. Then I felt him give the dildo a forceful push and I felt it stretch me even wider for a few seconds then it seemed to get thinner, I guessed afterwards that it must have passed over the widest point and now my horny cunt was holding it into its self. (The camera sounded twice again) I stopped using the toothbrush and he slapped me hard across my bum with his hand, my involuntary movement away from his slap made my pussy muscles clamp onto the dildo and I could feel how wonderfully full I felt! Then he shouted for me to keep wanking myself with it until he told me to stop. I don’t know how long he made me keep doing it, but I felt absolutely exhausted.
Eventually he took the toothbrush from me and left me alone again, still with the thick dildo buried deeply inside my well stretched cunt, but he did restrain my hands with similar feeling straps to the ones around my ankles. Again I don’t know how long I was alone but the next thing that I knew he was climbing onto the bed and then he roughly grabbed my cheeks and commanded me to open my mouth, I did as I was told, and as he forced his cock into my mouth I started to get slippery and turned on again!(The camera whirred twice again). Even though he was fucking my mouth he reached down and pulled the dildo out of my cunt and then he started to finger fuck me and rub my clit at the same time. Then I felt him go ridged as he started to squirt his cum down my throat, and as he pulled his cock out of my mouth I gasped out
“Oh thank you master, I loved the taste of your cum in my mouth, did I suck it good enough for you?”
He didn’t say anything then.

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   He just climbed off me and the bed and I could hear him down between my legs again. (The camera whirred twice again).
“I knew you were a dirty slut, your cunt is gaping so wide open that I can see into your slut’s cunt. I bet I can even fist fuck you too!”
Then I felt his clenched fist pushing into me, the dildo had stayed in me for so long that my muscles had stretched, and were staying relaxed and he started to fist fuck me. I could feel the backs of his knuckles rubbing against my G spot as he fisted me, he soon had me gasping and moaning, I couldn’t help myself from begging him to fist me faster, he called me all sorts of things and then he briefly stopped and released my hands again and gave me the toothbrush again. He didn’t need to tell me what to do with it and I was soon giving myself multiple orgasms as he fisted me and I rubbed my clit. (The camera whirred again). When he was horny again and ready to fuck me he took the toothbrush from me, slid his fist from my sopping wet cunt and he took both of my hands and pushed them so the backs of my hands were together laying on the bald mound above my gaping pussy lips, then he pushed both of my hands into my cunt.
“Feel how wide open you are now you slut. ”
He said, I gasped out loudly in surprise as my fingers dropped into my widely gaping pussy, he laughed at my surprise and then he slid my fingers out until they were on the slippery lips of my pussy and he said
“Hold your cunt wide open like it is now for me you slut; I’m going to fuck you now. ” He pushed his cock into me, I couldn’t feel it at all and I started to cry as he said
“You’re no fucking good to anyone any more; you’re too fucking wide open for anyone to feel anything when they fuck you. If you want to feel anything anymore, you better get yourself a fucking big donkey so you can feel something when you fuck it!”
Then he pushed his hand into me again and then he pushed his cock into his hand and fucked me by wanking himself off into me. When he had finished left me crying for a few minutes. Then he returned.
Firstly he released my legs from they’re restraints, then he sat me up and roughly hand cuffed my hands behind my back and said harshly,
“Shut the fuck up, you came here of your own free will, you knew what could happen to you.

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   He then walked me through to a bathroom and after releasing my hands he left me there to go to the toilet (My pooh was a squashed up banana!) and have a shower, whilst I was in the shower he came back into the room with a mask over his face, carrying a cup of tea for me. He left me there quickly and locked the door behind himself, I was feeling quite shaky so I helped myself to several spoonfuls of sugar, I had calmed down already as when I was having a shower I had examined myself and found that my well stretched pussy was already starting to return to its normal slippery self! Phew, I thought to my self, the next thing I knew was that I was sitting in my car in the private car park where I had left it. I found that I was starving so I went to an all night Tesco’s for a cooked meal before I went home.
The very first thing that I did with Dave when I walked through the door that night was to drag him off to bed and I made him fuck me and tell me how it felt, I needed to hear him tell me that my pussy was still nice and tight for him, and he told me it was as he came his hot sticky seed into me! The only thing that has come of this episode is that I’m never going out on my own to have sex again, now whenever I feel in the mood for sex with strangers, Dave is always going to come with me, not necessarily to join in but just to keep an eye on things, and stop them if they get out of hand! The next day in the daylight I found an envelope with these pictures in, I showed them to Dave and I got so hot and horny seeing them that I kept him off work that day and fucked him until his cock was so sore that he couldn’t bare anything touching it!

December 2002 – Adventure 2


Well the headline from our local paper says it all doesn’t it? My friend and I are now notorious in our area; everyone knows what we get up to including my mum & dad! This will probably be my last adventure for a while as I’m trying to keep a low profile while this blows over. What a reputation, ‘She’s the one that fucked that MP to death. ’! Although I don’t care what people think about me, I do care that this adventure has caused one of my daughters much grief at school, it’s just one more thing for the bullies to upset her with.
Anyway on with this adventure, my friend is addicted to chat rooms, and is often on her computer into the early hours of the morning, over the last year or so she has had regular contact with an MP, and finally she gave in to his requests to get together for a naughty time. She felt a little un-easy at meeting him alone and after speaking to me she suggested to him a threesome at a local hotel with him and me. As usual I was up for it and looked forwards to having sex with her again with the added bonus of being able to get some cock too. My friend’s name is Karen, her friend’s name was Joe, he was an MP down in London, he was around sixty years old, and from his picture he was not very attractive, but on the plus side he said he had a nine inch long cock.
Karen is not one for wearing sexy undies, her limit is matching bra’s and thongs, but even so I still find her very sexy and I enjoy sex with her as I can let myself go and really fuck her senseless and get her to do the same to me. For this sexy night I wore a black & red Basque with matching thong and black stocking with red high heels, a white blouse and very short gymslip, I looked and felt like a real tart, (this was the impression that Karen had given Joe of me, so I was determined to live up to it!). I picked her up at about seven that Monday evening and before we went to Joe’s hotel Karen slipped her jeans and T-shirt off and put her long coat back on over her undies. We must have looked like a couple of prostitutes as the hotel receptionist gave us a very knowing disgusted look as we went past her to his room. When he opened the door We both stood there holding our coats open, his jaw dropped open and he almost started drooling right there! After few stunned moments he ushered us into his room and closed the door.

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After introductions we told him that if he wanted blow jobs or to fuck us he had to wear condoms as neither of us wanted him to cum in us, as my friend doesn’t like the taste of male cum and she wouldn’t kiss or lick my mouth or pussy if he had cum in them. He agreed to this and then the fun began. We let him start by removing his clothing so that we could see his cock, to our surprise he wasn’t lying about the size of his cock as we saw when he finally removed his underwear and his nine inch hard on sprang into view. We both growled and reached for it at the same time and gave it a gentle teasing wank, then he told us it was our turn to strip as he sat down on the bed and watched us…. .
We started by giving each other a long French kiss, stroking and caressing each others breasts through our clothing. Just doing this was enough to have both of us quietly moaning with anticipated pleasure. Then as Karen didn’t have on as much as me she started by removing my blouse and kissing all over my mouth neck, shoulders and material covered breasts. I controlled myself and just kissed all over her mouth, neck, shoulders and material covered breasts, I had to try really hard not to kiss further down at that moment. Then it was her turn to tease me again and she removed my gym skirt and kissed down over the mound of my pussy lips through the flimsy material of my thong, then my bum cheeks and down my legs and back up again, lightly brushing across my material covered pussy with her hand as she stood up and I moaned out loudly at her teasing touch. My turn again and I followed the things that she had done to me and as I teasingly kissed across her thong covered pussy lips the feels of pleasure that raced through her made her go weak at the knees and she had to support her self using my shoulders to rest upon.
Then we both heard Joe un-wrapping a condom and as we watched him put it on over his lovely big cock he called us over to him and asked us to both give him a blow job at the same time! On our way to the hotel Karen had confessed that part of the reason that she didn’t like giving blow jobs was that she didn’t feel very confident about how to give them and past experiences of being forced to give blow jobs, having her mouth and throat fucked and filled with cum had turned her off them. I told her to watch what I did and copy. I pulled the pillows from the bed and we both knelt on them and we both started to kiss all over his cock and balls, licking and teasing but never taking it in our mouths. We soon had him moaning and writhing around pleading for us to suck on his cock, I was already getting really turned on myself and hoarsely said to Karen “Feed me his cock you sexy bitch.

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   She took his rubber covered cock and guided it towards my mouth and I hungrily sucked it deeply into my mouth and started sucking & licking all over it as I thrust my mouth up and down on it taking it deeper and deeper each time until I finally managed to deep throat his cock. Then I eased it out of my mouth and fed it into Karen’s, she copied what she had seen me doing and Joe was soon breathing heavily and his hands moved down and clasped around Karen’s head and he started thrusting forcefully into her mouth gasping out
“Suck it, Suck it, take it all bitch!”
This was exactly what she didn’t want to happen so I pulled his hands from her head, stood up and laid down beside him guiding his fingers to my tingling nipples and pussy. As I lay there I managed to gasp out to her,
“You finish him off this time, take your time and enjoy it. ”
Looking down at her I could see that she was a little upset by it but she continued to give his cock lots of teasing attention until he started jerking and thrusting his hips at her as he came his first load into the condom.
Karen moved up onto the bed too and we all lay there for a few minutes while Joe recovered. He then went to the bathroom and removed the used condom, washed his cock and returned to the bed only to find that Karen had removed both her bra and thong and that I had removed my thong and lifted my breasts from the cups of the Basque, and we were passionately kissing and caressing each other’s breasts. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed and watched us making love to each other. It wasn’t long before I felt that sexy tingling feeling building up in my body as I got closer and closer to climaxing so I stopped kissing and caressing her and just laid back and let her continue pleasuring me (Because we have made love together so many times before, she knows that sucking on both of my nipples at the same time will make me cum) It wasn’t long before Karen called Joe over to suck on one of my nipples while she sucked the other. The combination of two different mouth and techniques working on my nipples soon had me writhing around on the bed clasping their mouths to my breasts then, almost screaming out with pleasure I came with a shuddering force that drained me for a few minutes.
As I lay there recovering Joe started to play with Karen’s breasts and pussy and I watched as he finger fucked her to a very quick climax too. For a few minutes after that we all just lay on the bed and chatted about very sexy things and it was soon apparent that Joe was ready for some more action. It started with Karen and me sliding down into a sixty nine position and licking and teasing each other to climaxes while he watched us, then when we had finished pleasuring each other he rolled another condom down onto his cock and told us to lay face down on top of each other on top of a stack of the pillows, we did as he told us and he knelt between our legs and first rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Karen’s pussy lips, covering the condom in her cum, then he positioned his cock against my pussy lips and worked it deeply into my very slippery cunt. It was heaven as I felt him build up a steady rhythm, thrusting his cock in and out of me, sometimes just easing me with the tip of it and sometimes thrusting it as far into me as he could. It wasn’t long before I was close to climaxing again, Joe somehow seemed to sense this and stopped fucking me, he then eased himself out of me and started fucking Karen.
Lying under her I could feel every thrust he made into her, each time he thrust forwards his legs banged against mine, and even though he was fucking her I was getting more and more turned on.

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   Then Karen started gasping out quietly
“Oh yes FUCK me!”
Over and over. Steadily getting louder and louder, until she was almost screaming it out as she orgasmed! By this time Joe was getting tired and wanted a rest, but we never let him. Instead we laid him on his back and I climbed on his still hard cock and started to ride him, Karen straddled his mouth and made him start licking her out. At the same time we both started kissing and caressing each others breasts, we were both so far gone in the enjoyment of our sexual pleasures that we didn’t notice that Joe had stopped breathing. In fact it wasn’t until we’d both climaxed again and eased ourselves off him that we noticed that he wasn’t moving!
He actually looked quite peaceful, except for his hard on that was still standing up hard with a large load of cum inside the condom. Our initial reaction was to run, but we hadn’t done anything wrong. We spent several minutes rushing around getting dressed and making ourselves look presentable, then we called for an ambulance and the Police. The Police were the first to arrive, and we explained what had happened & they took our statements with much smirking and joking about us fucking him to death etc, etc. The Paramedics arrived and after declaring him dead they left the scene. It was very late when we finally were allowed to leave and had to go and face our respective husbands, I was quite worried about what Karen’s husband’s reaction would be, I didn’t have any worries about Dave, in fact when I told him he burst into hysterical laughter, and once he had worked it out of his system we just tried to plan the best way to limit damage to our close family members (our girls, my mum & dad, Dave’s Mum etc. ) In the end we decided that it was best for us to tell all those that we thought would be affected by it when it appeared in the press, about our sexual philosophy and what had happened to the MP.
There was an inquest, which was when most of the damage was inflicted by the press, but we were cleared of all charges as he died of a massive heart attack, even if it was brought on by his sexual excitement at fucking us two!