Charlottes Diaries (Part 33 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 33 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

October 2003
For this one I surprised Dave with Domination, Gang Bang, oral & vaginal sex, and fist fucking & Dogging. And went on to more domination, oral and vaginal sex.
October 2003 Adventure 1
This will be my last adventure for a while as it seems that having two babies and all the wonderful big cocks that I have had, have taken their toll on my pussy and I find sex a little uncomfortable now and need a‘women’s problems’ operation. Anyway never mind, but I did decide that I would go out with a big bang and give Dave a little surprise at the same time by arranging something all by my self. As you know I now have a sex web site of my own that has pictures of some of my exploits on, and I used some of the numerous Emails that I regularly receive from my web site and quietly without Dave knowing I arranged a meeting with six of them, and as it was going to be at a local Dogging site anyone else that was there at the same time that wanted to join in would be welcome to. I am actually typing this one up my self too so it may not be as eloquent or as long as the ones that Dave types up for me.
Anyway this is what we did: I didn’t even tell Dave that we were going out last Saturday night, I arranged for the baby sitter to arrive at eight in the evening. We both had showers as usual and settled down to watch TV. At about seven thirty, I slipped up stairs and got dressed. I purposely took my time and was just finished when the baby sitter arrived at eight.

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   Dave was still in his dressing gown when he answered the door and he was really surprised at whom he let in! I came down to the living room and explained that our going out was a surprise and after a moment or two of open mouthed surprise he rushed upstairs and got changed to go out (thinking that we were going out for a quiet meal or drink together for a change!). I drove down the road a little, just out of sight of our house and pulled over. I pulled a black silk scarf from my coat pocket and told Dave to put it on, once it was in place I checked to make sure that he’d put it on properly and couldn’t see before I briefly got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. After Checking up and down the road for traffic I slipped my MAC and dress off and then put my MAC back on, on top of my underwear. Before I got back into the car I put my dress in the boot for safe keeping. By now Dave was full of questions and I just told him to relax as I drove us to our destination.
Once there I turned the radio on (So that Dave couldn’t hear me talking outside the car. ) and told him to leave the blindfold on whilst I sorted out a few things, and that I would be back to lead him over to wherever we were going. I got out and walked over to where several men were standing talking together, after a few wolf whistles and naughty comments from them I explained to them what I was doing and what I wanted them all to do. (I didn’t tell them about sex feeling uncomfortable for me as I just wanted Dave and all of them (and of course me!) to just enjoy the naughty sex that we were all going to be having together that night!). I’m really glad that we seem to be having very mild nights this December, as it makes outdoor sex so much nicer if you’re not shivering all the time. I returned to Dave and after he got out I lead him by his hand over to where there are some picnic tables and guided him until he was sitting on one of the tables. (As I requested the others that were present kept very quiet and just watched, their turn would cum soon anyway!).
I stood between his legs and kissed Dave passionately on the lips and then whispered in his ear, “Lay back and enjoy!”
and he lay down with his legs dangling over the edge of the picnic table. Slowly I unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, pulled them open and pulled the front of his underwear down to reveal his already hard cock.

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   I stepped back from him and bent over at the waist and lowered my head down close to his cock. Slowly I wrapped my cool hand around it and held it up and started to lick it all over like it was a lollipop! After teasing him for a few minutes I plunged it deeply into my hot mouth and he groaned out loudly as I bobbed my head up and down taking him deeply into my mouth and then almost letting his cock slip from between my lips with each upward motion. I sucked, licked and nibbled on his cock, teasing him, feeling the blood pulsating through his cock each time that my lips were wrapped around it. After a few minutes of this teasing I stopped, I walked around the side of the table and whispered in his ear again,
“Darling, there are about a dozen men watching me suck your cock. How many of them would you like me to fuck?”
Dave didn’t say anything for a few moments. Then he whispered
“I can’t ask you to fuck any of them as I know how sex is uncomfortable for you now!”
I returned to where I was bent over between his legs and sucked on his cock again, teasing it mercilessly and I stopped again and looked up to his face again and said,
“How Many?”
“I can’t and won’t ask you to fuck any of them!”
He said hoarsely. I knew that he was already turned on by the idea of me fucking other men so I said to him,
“If you won’t choose then I will!”
I paused for a few moments and then whispered to him
“You have to keep the blindfold on until the end of this adventure. Use your imagination as you feel each one of them fucking me. I’m going to keep sucking you off all the time that they are fucking me, and I’ll make you cum as many times as I can tonight!”
I stood up, turned around, slipped my coat off revealing my matching black bra, knickers and suspender belt, black fishnet stockings and high heeled red shoes and said loudly so that they could all hear,
“Who wants to fuck me?”
Virtually as one the group of men said,
“I DO!”
I turned back to Dave bent over and pulled my knickers half way down my thighs, wiggled my bum at the gathered men and took Dave’s cock back into my mouth. There was a little bit of pushing and shoving while they all crowded around us, but then I felt the first fingers pushing into my already very slippery pussy. Quickly they were replaced by a cock that felt as if it was average in size, as he started to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy I heard Dave moan out in pleasure at the thought of what was happening to my pussy! Briefly I lifted my mouth from Dave’s lovely nine inch cock and said over my shoulder,
“For each one of you that makes me climax, I will suck and lick all the cum off your cock when you’ve finished cumming in me!”
There was a cheer of appreciation and I went back to sucking on Dave’s cock.
The first cock that fucked me didn’t last very long and I was only just getting aroused by it before he shot his load deeply into me, when Dave heard him grunting and gasping as he came, Dave started to shoot jet after jet of cum into my mouth and I had to swallow quickly to keep up with that huge first load that he shot. Having his eyes covered made Dave’s imagination work hard, so hard that although his cock was super sensitive after his climax it never went down, this must have been because he was so turned on by what was happening around him. I took this opportunity to give his sensitive cock a few minutes to calm down a bit and I concentrated on being fucked. During those few minutes a second cock replaced the first in my very wet pussy and it soon had me moaning loudly, it felt like a good sized cock and he really knew how to use it, teasing me with all different combinations of thrusts.


   At some point during this fuck I went back to sucking on Dave’s cock too, although I can’t remember at which point! Closer and closer I came to climaxing and soon I was so aroused by the fucking that my cunt was getting that I stopped sucking on Dave’s cock and started thrusting backwards against the cock that was fucking me.
“Oh fuck yeeessss!”
I gasped out as I climaxed. Seconds later he came too, flooding my pussy with his hot sticky cum too! Once he had finished jerking and thrusting into me he pulled his cock out and was instantly replaced by another, he remembered what I had said earlier and he walked along the side of the picnic table until he was level with where my head was and he presented his cock for cleaning. I took his cock in my hand and licked all the thick cum off that was covering it, and just before I let go of it I sucked the last remaining drops of cum from it too just like a big straw!
Numbers three, four and five are just a blur as they were nothing special, they didn’t last very long, even though by then my pussy was super slippery with the cum that was inside it and they didn’t even come remotely close to making me cum either! As each one started jerking and gasping as he squirted his cum into me I carried on sucking on Dave’s cock and as number five came in me Dave came his second load into my hungry mouth Mmmmmm! Before the sixth cock slid into me I coughed and felt a thick load of mixed cum ooze from my pussy and trickle down my pussy lips and when I briefly looked down between my legs I saw it drip from my bald pussy lips and drop down onto my black knickers that were still half way down my thighs. Number six was cheeky and he must have seen this happen because hr pulled my knickers up close to my pussy and wiped as much of the cum off it as he could with them before returning them to where they had been. As soon as I felt his cock pushing past my pussy lips I knew it was a big one, so stopped sucking Dave’s cock and just pushed myself backwards onto the strangers big cock and let him fuck me deeply. Oh god I’m getting so wet just thinking about it, excuse me while I just make myself cum! Mmmmmm that’s much better, his cock was so thick that everyone could hear the loud squelching noises coming from my pussy as he fucked me hard. I lost count of how many times he made me cum, but by the time he came inside me too my legs were trembling so much that I had to lay down next to Dave while the next couple of men fucked me and I cleaned that lovely big cock up with my mouth.
By now my cunt was feeling full and heavy with cum and as I started to suck on Dave’s cock again I told him how full my pussy felt, and how all their mixed cum was trickling down the insides of my thighs down over my stocking tops and dripping into my knickers to. Dave groaned out as those thoughts entered his mind and he imagined what I looked like. Soon I felt his cock starting to twitch for a third time and so quickly after cumming twice before too, I sucked every drop from his cock knowing just how much he gets turned on when I have other men cum in me! Numbers nine and ten didn’t make me cum, but when number eleven was squirting his load into me I was so close that I reached down between my legs and after covering my fingers in the slippery mixer oozing from my pussy I rubbed myself for a few seconds and made myself cum. Number twelve did make me cum, he lasted for about twenty minutes before I came, and I still think he would have lasted longer if he hadn’t felt and heard me cumming! When he’d finished he pulled my knickers up and presented his cock for cleaning too. I licked all the cum from his cock and all the cum that covered his balls too, every movement that I made I could feel the cum in my pussy moving about and oozing out of me into my knickers. At one point there was so much that had leaked out of me that as I moved it was squeezed out of my knickers and onto my thighs. Then it was smeared all over them as I moved.

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I wasn’t finished yet though, I let Dave take off his blindfold and once we were back at the car I let him look at my well fucked, cum filled pussy before I told him to drive to somewhere else as I still wanted him to do something for me. He drove us to a quiet location and I handed him our digital camera and asked him to take a few pictures of me and all the cum that was covering me! Dave took pictures of my cum covered thighs, knickers and stockings. And he took pictures of all the cum oozing from my pussy too as I pulled my knickers down and coughed! Dave couldn’t resist and he rubbed his hand in the cum and fist fucked me until I climaxed loudly on his hand.
I cleaned myself up with a bottle of water, soap and a towel that I had hidden in the boot of the car, changed my knickers and put my dress back on. On the way home we stopped at a pub for a quick drink but we didn’t sit down as cum was still oozing from my pussy and had soaked these clean knickers too!