Charlottes Diaries (Part 34 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 34 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

November 2003 Adventure 1
Unfortunately we have closed down our web site, the person that built and maintained it for us locally has moved away and we can’t afford to pay for its updating as it doesn’t generate us any income. The only thing that it has been good for is regular Emails from people that had already visited the web site. We haven’t closed down the Email address so our regular contacts can still communicate with us if they want too! Anyway back to the reason for this diary entry, one of our regular contacts (his nick name is big Jim!) contacted us a couple of months ago and this is how his Email went:

Dear Charly and Dave,
It’s a shame that your web site has closed down, I really enjoyed seeing your exploits. I have a suggestion for you and Dave to try with another man. Have you ever tried a MMF three way Sixty-nine? If this sounds interesting please get back to me.
Love & Kisses on all your PINK BITS
Big Jim

A three way MMF Sixty-nine! Mmmmmm sounds interesting doesn’t it? How could We resist. I replied to his Email giving him the mobile telephone number that we keep just for sex contacts and he soon rang us. The voice on the other end of the telephone was very polite, but also obviously very black too!
“Hello, is that Charly?”
“Yes, who’s speaking please?
“It’s me, Big Jim. ”
“Oh, at last, we weren’t sure whether you would contact us. Some people say they will but never do, and we end up getting disappointed!”
“I won’t disappoint you Charly, in fact I would love to get together with both of you and give you a good fucking!”
“Mmm sounds really enticing, tell me more about the three way Sixty-nine.

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“No I won’t tell you about it, I would rather meet up with you both and do it. ”
“OK then, when & where!”
“I live in Wales, but for my job I travel all over the country, where are you?”
I won’t bore you with the part of the conversation dealing with arranging a meeting, but basically he would be in our part of Suffolk in a couple of months. We arranged a meeting for a couple of days ago and in closing I said to him:
“Big Jim, I’m a SLUT for black men, and that’s how I expect to be treated!”
And I hung up.

I told Dave all about it and we both looked forwards to meeting up with Big Jim for an evening of good sex together. I wanted to look like a total slut for our meeting with him so the weekend before I went into our nearest town and visited the sex shop there looking for some really tarty red and black underwear, it took me about half an hour to try on different sets of undies until I decided upon a black and red set of underwear that had a peep hole bra and very plunging knickers with matching lacy suspender-belt, I also brought a pair of red fishnets stockings to go with them. Following that I went and brought a new black mini skirt and very tight V neck Tee-shirt top. Unfortunately for me I’m very short and what would normally be a mini skirt for most women tends to be mid thigh length for me, but by the time I got home with my new clothes I had a plan in mind. That night after trying them on for Dave I gave him a really good deep throat blow job, just the way he likes and afterwards I casually asked him if he’d alter the skirt for me which he did. I didn’t want too much done to it, all I asked him to do was to unpick both the side seams so that half the skirt length was split both sides. This would show off the tops of my stockings and the tops of my thighs! Dave did it for me, it didn’t take him very long either and I tried it on again. Perfect!
The prearranged Friday night arrived and Dave dropped our girls at his mothers for the night while I got ready to go out. After a quick shower Dave was ready to go out too! We had arranged to meet Big Jim at his hotel in Copdock (a little village just outside Ipswich). Once there I rang his mobile number to find out his room number before going up to it. (So we didn’t cause too much of a scene on our way through the reception area I wore my long Mac to cover my clothing, but as soon as we were standing outside his door I took it off and gave it to Dave to hold. I knocked on the door and Jim answered it wearing just his dressing gown, he looked like a mountain! He was well over six foot tall and very muscular.

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   After taking in his appearance he invited us in.
Once inside his room I pulled him over to the bed and stood on it, pulled his face to mine and gave him a long passionate kiss. After pulling away from me he offered us both Champagne, we both accepted, after polite chit chatthe subject turned to sex and while Dave sat on the chair in the corner I crawled over to where Big Jim was and pulled open his dressing gown.
“Oh my god, so that’s why you’re called Big Jim”
His cock was just hanging down the tip of it was about half way down his thigh and even soft it was really thick. I grabbed it with both my hands, fed it into my mouth and started wanking and sucking it to life. He just moaned as I felt it starting to twitch and swell in my mouth and hands. As it grew to its full sixteen inches I had to stop and climb up on the bed beside him to keep sucking and licking it. As I continued Jim worked his hands inside my top and knickers and started finger fucking my already sopping cunt, making me moan loudly between mouthfuls as he tweaked my nipples too!
He was so relaxed and confident in his manner that I goaded him by insulting him!
“The trouble with all you black men is you’ve been given fantastic cocks and they are wasted on you because none of you NIGGERS know how to really fuck a white woman!”
At the word NIGGERS He went rigid, I think that I hit a nerve using that word and it made him angry very quickly and he pushed/threw me of him and the bed easily, and quickly he was off the bed standing over me, grabbing my arm and pulling me up towards him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dave get up from his seat and start to move towards me, but in a movement I shook my head at him and held my free hand up gesturing for him not to intervene yet. He didn’t sit down, but he did stand still. Meanwhile Jim with his free hand ripped my tee shirt, skirt, bra and knickers from me, pulled me back to the bed and pushed me face down on the side of it with my knees on the floor. The next thing I felt was the huge swollen end of his cock being rubbed up and down my slippery pussy lips, covering it self in my cum.
“Dave come over here and hold this bitches arms down for me!”
Dave came over and grabbed my arms and stretched them across the bed holding me down. Then I felt Jim forcing several fingers into my cunt stretching it open until he was satisfied that I was open enough for him and he replaced them with the tip of his cock and started to work it into me. Stifling a moan of pleasure I gasped out to Dave:
“See I told you NIGGERS don’t know how to really fuck a woman!”
Jim Thrust the whole of his cock into me in one go, I saw red, screamed out in pain and passed out.

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   A few seconds later when I came round, Jim was fucking me as hard as he could and although it still hurt a little the pleasurable feelings soon out weighed the pain easily and I was soon climaxing, again and again and again. It seemed like ages before he grabbed my waist and started squirting his cum deeply into me! And gasping for breath, fell forwards and laid on top of me until he had recovered and pulled his cock out of me and sat on the bed next to me.
Still trembling from all the climaxes I’d just had I knelt down in front of him and took his rapidly softening sticky cum covered cock and licked all our mixed cum off it Mmmmmm, I’m getting all wet and horny just remembering how it tasted. While Jim recovered properly told Dave to strip off his clothes and
get on the bed with us. As he did his already rock hard nine inch cock nearly poked my eye out. Under Jim’s instruction Dave laid on the bed with his head near the end. Then he directed me to get on top of Dave in a sixty-nine position. Every movement that I made forced more and more of Jims cum to ooze out of me and by the time I was positioned over Dave’s mouth, Jim’s cum was smeared all over my thighs, pussy lips and stocking tops and started dripping from my still slightly gaping pussy onto Dave’s face. I couldn’t help my self I pushed my pussy down onto his mouth and growled at him:
“Suck the black man’s cum out of my cunt; I want him to put more in there again!”
I really love Dave sucking other men’s cum out of my pussy, feeling him sucking and licking cum out of me makes me cum really quickly, he doesn’t need to lick my clit, its just knowing he’s drinking other men’s cum from me is stimulation enough! After I climaxed again, Jim repositioned me so that my pussy was just above Dave’s mouth and then told me to start sucking Dave’s cock and then he fed his cock into me again, this time he took his time and teased me thrusting in and out making sure that every now and again his cock ‘accidentally’ slipped out and the tip forced its way into Dave’s mouth and back into my pussy again. Dave only lasted a few seconds as blasted his cum into my mouth, he was so turned on by licking both my pussy and Jim’s cock at the same time! This was the three way sixty-nine! After about twenty minutes Jim filled my pussy again with just as big a load of cum as he had the first time and he continued fucking me until he was too soft to continue. When he slipped out of me I turned around and took hold of his soft cock and helped Dave lick it all clean again!
Afterwards we all got cleaned up and drank more Champagne, during this time we talked again and Jim got his laptop out and a blue DVD that he had with him and we sat and watched that for a while until we were all horny again. This time Jim had another idea on how to use me as a fuck toy and told us what he’d like to do this time. Double penetration! Dave lay down on the bed and held his cock upright for me. I straddled him and lowered my still leaking pussy down onto his cock and covered it in a mixture of my and Jim’s cum before I slipped it into my tight little bum hole and worked it all the way into it. Next I lay backwards down onto Dave and Jim got down between my legs, lifting them up to lay against his shoulders he slowly fed his huge cock into me again! Oh my god I’ve just cum while I’ve been writing this down!
Unless you are a woman and have tried double penetration you can’t even begin to imagine how fucking good it feels, I started having multiple orgasms which never stopped until they finally finished fucking me and filling their respective holes with cum, and even then when I tried to walk from the bed to the bathroom I had a climax as my legs rubbed together and I fell in a heap on the floor and just had to stay still for a few minutes before moving again.

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   We all got cleaned up in the shower again and we all crashed in his room, it was one of those rooms that has a double and a single bed, I slept with Jim and enjoyed another deep fucking in my pussy from Jim and had my throat fucked by Dave at the same time in the morning before we left for home!
………… I wonder what the maid thought when she cleaned the room and found my shredded cloths in the bin??????