Charlottes Diaries (Part 36 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries Blank Sex Survey’s


Note: Question 10 only answer here the ones that you would like to happen that involve other people.
Question 13 only answer here the ones that you would like to happen that involve us only.

1) How do you like sex? (Tick all that apply):
a) Missionary position (man on top)
b) Missionary position (woman on top)
c) Doggy fashion on all fours
d) Woman on knees with body upright
e) Woman on tummy
f) Woman on top ‘G’ spot facing man
g) Woman on top ‘G’ spot facing away from man
h) Woman on top legs held open and off the ground, being pulled down for maximum
i) Woman on back legs up quite high (deep penetration)
j) Other please specify:

2)Do you masturbate when?
a) you are alone and horny
b) you are alone and want to relax
c) in front of your partner before you make love
d) in front of your partner while you are making love
e) in front of your partner after you have made love
f) other comments…….

3)Do you like giving blow jobs? (tick one)
a) Yes
b) No

4)Do you like being forced to give blow jobs, perhaps whilst tied up and helpless?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other ideas:

5)Do you like to have your cunt licked (tick one)
a) Yes
b) No

6)When having your cunt licked do you like (tick all that apply):
a) Having your lips sucked and nibbled
b) Having your clit licked
c) Having your clit sucked
d) Having your clit nibbled
e) Having tongue pushed into your cunt
f) Having finger/s pushed into cunt whilst tongue licks other parts of cunt
g) Other please specify:

7) When having sex do you like to be teased with a cock in any of the following
ways (tick all that apply):
a) Cock rubbing your cum up and down your cunt/clit
b) Just the tip pushing in and out of your cunt
c) Cock thrusting as deep and hard as possible
d) Long slow thrusts
e) Short quick thrusts
f) Angular thrusts to touch ‘G’ spot
g) Other combinations please specify:

8)Anal sex, once you are slippery and you have worked a cock into your bum hole you appear to get very turned on and carried away. Usually you climax before the man does, do you like this when (tick all that apply):
a) Feeling horny in cunt (not masturbating, but using cock in bum hole to make you climax)
b) Fucking self with a dildo or other phallic object in cunt, the extra stimulation of other hole makes you climax quicker / more forcefully
c) Fantasising that you’re being forced to service two cocks at once (the dildo being one cock in your cunt with either you or me fucking you with it and a cock in your other hole. )
d) Other please specify:

9)Does wearing sexy underwear turn you on during sex? (tick all that apply):
a) Help you fantasise during sex
b) Make you feel sexier and more turned on
c) Other (please specify):

10) Your sexual fantasies, what are they? (Please indicate which you like and also fill in others that aren’t on the list below, tick all that apply):
a) Making love with another woman
b) Making love with a prostitute (Female)
c) Making love with another man
d) Making love with a prostitute (male)
e) Threesome, you, me & another woman
f) Threesome you another woman and her partner
g)Threesome you and two other men
h) Threesome, you, me & another man (Him fucking you, you sucking him etc. )
i) Orgy, you and lots of other men
j) Orgy you and lots of other women
k) Orgy you and lots of other men and women
l) Being forced to have sex (Mock rape)
m) Bondage and forced to have sex
n) Bondage and forced to give oral sex (blow job)
o) Bondage and forced to give oral sex (lick cunt)
p) Bondage and forced to have anal sex
q) Bondage and forced to receive oral sex (lick cunt)
r) Being forced to perform sexual acts of any type (may be specified later):
s) Acting out or being a prostitute for a night
t) Acting like a porn star and making a porn movie
u) Being a stripper at a stag party, then fucking some or all of the audience
v) Being fucked by a man wearing women’s underwear
w) Being fucked by a She-male while your partner sucks her/his tits
z) Others (please specify giving each a consecutive letter as above):

11) Of the above which would you TRUEFULLY like to happen, (list all letters that apply:

12) If you were to fuck several other men one night would you want the pleasure of feeling your cunt full and heavy with the weight of their cum, with it running down your thighs or would you make them all use condoms? (tick one)
a) I would want my cunt filled with their cum
b) I would make them use condoms
c)It would depend on what I wanted at the time

13) Sex aids, do you like using them? (tick one)
a) Yes
b) No

14) Sex aids, do you like using (covered with a condom where applicable, tick allthat apply):
a) Vibrators / Dildos 7” – 10”
b) Vibrators / Dildos 11” upwards
c) Courgette
d) Medium cucumber
e) Large cucumber
f) Candles
g) Hand fuck, 1 finger
h) Hand fuck, 2 fingers
i) Hand fuck, 3 fingers
j) Hand fuck, 4 fingers
k) Hand fuck, whole hand
l) Hand fuck with slippery rubber glove on, 1 finger
m) Hand fuck with slippery rubber glove on, 2 finger
n) Hand fuck with slippery rubber glove on, 3 finger
o) Hand fuck with slippery rubber glove on, 4 finger
p) Hand fuck with slippery rubber glove on, whole hand
q) Hair brush
r) Double ended Dildo’s
s) Others please specify:

15) Other sexual fantasies that you would like to do just involving us (letters from Q10 and others please specify):

16) Other sexual preferences (Please specify):


Name: …………………………………………………. . ………. . Date: ……………. . …………

1) How do you like sex? i. e. What is your favourite position? If there are lots explain in detail.

2) How do you most like to be made to orgasm? (Just say your favourite technique.

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3) Do you masturbate?
a) Often
b) Moderately
c) Never, I have someone to do it for me
d) Other:

4) When masturbating, wanking, do you think of other……
a) Women
b) Men
c) Mixed groups
d) Other:

5) Do you fantasize about men?
a) Yes
b) No

6) Would you wear women’s underwear?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

7) Do you like pain, i. e. to be done to you, whipping etc?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

8) Would you like to be blindfolded and made to take what you were given?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

9) Do you use sex toys on yourself?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

10) Do or would you enjoy anal sex, with either a sex toy or another man?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

11) What is/are your favourite sex fantasy/s?

12) During oral sex, i. e. you receiving it, do you enjoy the head of your cock
a) Licked
b) Sucked
c) Kissed
d) Other:

13) When you are about to cum into someone’s mouth, do you enjoy pushing
their head down in a dominant manner?
a) Always
b) Sometimes
c) Never

14) Do you like women to be feminine, i. e. in what they wear and how they
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

15) Do you like giving anal sex and what does it feel like?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

16) Would you like to take pictures of two women having sex together?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

17) Would you like to film two women having sex together?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other

18) Do you enjoy being dominant or submissive the most?
a) Dominant
b) Submissive
c) Other:

19) Do you like your women to behave slutty and like prostitutes during sex?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

20. Would you like to mock rape a woman? (Remember to tell the truth).
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

21) Would you like to force a woman to suck your cock, i. e. during role playing
sex games?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

22) Do you like seeing your partner/wife having sex with other people?
a) Yes
b) No

23) Do you enjoy seeing women licking each others breasts / pussies etc. ?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Other:

24) Other sexual preferences/ Fantasies please specify:


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