My boyfriend(?)George


This is my first story so it might not b 2 gud,lets hope not,this is real,
I was 17 years old,I hadn`t had a boyfriend all year because of George. George was the sports type of guy,he was into hockey, basketball,wreseling,and long distance running,he was also the quarterback of my school`s football team. As you can tell he is muscular,and tall,he comes from Canada,he has black curls of hair about an inch long each,big brown eyes,and pale skin.
I am not into sports much,I was the girl who everyone called as a tutor,i am short,brown wavy hair,brown eyes,tan skin(for I am spanish)and since it seams important my chests are about the size of a tennis ball. I was 17 at the time,and so was George.
My parents used to tease me when I had George over to study,George owed me his grades,i made sure he got a b- or a b+. He was very phisical,he liked hugging,hand holding,and sometimes swinging me around when we hugged.
I had long ago gotten used to this,because I was with him so often. He had always gotten a bit nerveous when people paired us together,i would always blush and c what he would do. He would laugh and deny it. He liked me,i liked him,we both knew this. George and I had been friends since we were in 5th grade,though i was a bit chubby back then we would always sit together,we would laught together.
Oddly enough we had 4 classes together,luch and `recess`too.
Today at `recess`(as we call it,inside joke) we were sitting there talking,we were looking into each others eyes,(It was the polite thing to do)when suddenly the talking stoped. I got a bit nerveus,and my butterflies flying around likecrazy. I looked away,though i felt his eyes hot on me.

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  I quickly worked up the nerve to look at him.
He put his hand gently on my chin,and pulled me in. HE WAS GOING 2 KISS ME! When he suddenly stoped. For a momment we sat there in awkward silence.
"Ohhhh yeah!I knew it!Danilla&GEORGIE SIITING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G"chanted Joselin. I quickly shushed her,I needed to set things straight.

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