In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Eighteen

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter Eighteen

On August 3rd the lady’s week out finally came.

They didn’t pull out of the Campbell’s drive until 10:00 and the drive to Miami Beach took over 10 hours with the many “pit stops” and lunch and dinner. So it was late when the packed rental van pulled up to the front door of the house they had rented. They knew it wasn’t on the beach, but as it turned out it was only about a ten minute walk to South Beach.

The house was an old, a not terribly well maintained, two story. With no central air, several windows were filled with air conditioners. It was clearly renovated to be a party house. The first floor was mostly one big room, with pillars where the walls had been taken out. There were four stained couches with pull out beds, a cheap dining room suit but a new big screen TV. Upstairs were only two rooms; one rather Spartan room with a double bed and one well decorated big room with a king with a mirror above it. The ad had specified newly redone bathrooms. And that seemed to be the one brightest spot. In contrast to the generally shabby appearance of the down stairs the bathrooms were gleaming and brand new. The down stairs bathroom was cheaply appointed but new. The purpose of the double sized shower stall with two showerheads was apparent to all.

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   Similarly, the large garden tub in the much larger and better-appointed upstairs bath appeared to be part of the party nature of the house.

After the generally poor condition of the place was apparent Trisha said emphatically “I am so sorry. It didn’t look like this on the net. ” And she flopped on one of the couches. “What should we do?”

Bonne kept looked around, “I don’t know there is anything to do. I looked at the hotels around here. It would cost more per night to put up the eight of us as it is costing us for the whole week here. ”

“But it’s so sleazy. ” Trisha moaned.

Mandy gave them a sly grin “Wasn’t that the point?”

They both laughed because she was right.

On the trip down Bonnie had laid down the law. “You are never to go anywhere alone. NEVER! And three is better than two. Even if that guy is super cute and hot you don’t go alone, and besides no guy would turn down a second hot girl. Second always, always, always use a condom.

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   I know because you are all on the pill, in spite of my advice, you don’t always use one among your little group, but these guys may fuck a dozen different girls a week, you can’t take that chance. Agreed?”
“Agreed” answered the three older girls firmly.

“Now Sarah and Katie, I’m not suggesting you do anything with guys, but if you do the same rules apply. ”

They both said “OK”, Sarah with much more enthusiasm than Katie. “And you two also” Bonnie said to Trisha and Marcy “Both rules go for you too. ”

“Agreed” they said somewhat red faced.

While the adults were discussing the problems with the house, the teenagers were delighted that it looked like a party house.
“This place just screams “Get laid here’” Misty mused

“Can you imagine how much fucking goes on at this place?” Haley gushed as she pulled out her bag from the van. “And I don’t plan on ruining the tradition. ”

“I guess we’ll sleep in these pull-outs down here” Caitlin said tossing her bag on a dresser.

“Yea, we’ll leave the upstairs for the old folks” Sarah said as she led Katie to a sofa-bed at the far side of the room.

The older teens looked at each other but Haley was the spokesman “We’d love to have you down here, but if fucking makes you uncomfortable you might go upstairs. ”

“I don’t think they’ll mind. ” Misty said after seeing the look of rejection on their faces “My mom says Sarah and Katie know full well what might happen. Anyway with Trisha my mom and Sarah’s mom upstairs, there may be more messing around up their as down here.

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Sarah added “If my mom has her way they’ll be more. ”

The girls were still laughing when the three moms came through the room with their bags. Bonnie had heard most of what the girls had said so as she passed she said “There will certainly be more upstairs, you can count on it. ”
The girls began to howl with laughter having been caught.

By the time they were unpacked it was nearly 11:00 PM. A couple of the girls wanted to go out but that idea was quickly quashed.

When Misty, Sarah and Haley opened up their laptops they did find they did get a signal for their wi-fi, as the brochure had promised.

While the girls downstairs talked and showered, the three upstairs relaxed in the big garden tub for a good long time before retiring, still naked into the big king-sized bed. Though Bonnie was ready for a good time with these two women, after just a brief period of kissing and fondling they were all asleep.

The next day the sun rose early and hot. Bonnie was awaked when the door burst open as six girls clad only in bikini bottoms flooded into the room.

Misty’s voice rose above the cacophony “All right you three, house rules are no close doors, just like at home. ” And she ripped the sheet back to expose the moms’ nakedness.
“Sooo, what you guys been doing?” Haley asked

Bonnie spooned up to Marcy, gripping one of her breasts “Actually not as much as I’d hoped. We were just too tired to mess around.

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“Oh, soo sad. ” Sarah said in a stylized pout.

“But it’s time to get up. Were ready to go” Misty said “See, we all have on our swim suits” as she motioned to first their bottoms then to their non-existent tops.

Sarah rejoined “I wanted to go to Havisau Beach, but they all were being prudes and wanted to go to South Beach”

Caitlin reasoned “No, it’s not we are being prudes, we just want to go to SoBe today. You can be sure we will spend several days at the nude beach. Besides we are practically naked now. ” Then looking to Bonnie who was slowly sitting up “Are you sure we can wear thong bikinis downtown?”

Bonnie, now pushing the other women off the bed said “Yep, you sure can. ”

Caitlin got up and smiled “Well, maybe walking around town like this will be as good as being nude on the beach”

“But you have to wear a top until we are on the beach” Bonnie said as she walked out the door on her way to the bathroom.

It still took them an hour to get hair and make-up ready.

Parading down the side street they were a sight even by Miami Beach Standards. At the head of the little parade was Bonnie. Like all but Katie, she had a deep, all over, tan from the many hours of sunning by her pool. She wore her waist wrap over one of the thongs she bought last year and matching tank top. Her long slim figure belayed her forty plus years as did the so noticeable bouncing boobs under the thin tank top.

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   Flanked on either side was Trisha, her curves more mature looking but with her ample cleavage spilling out from the tiny bikini top no less attractive than Bonnie. The waistband of her silver thong rode much higher than the low-rise shorts she wore. And on the other side, Marcy put on a confidant face in her silk turquoise sarong but inwardly she felt naked and nervous with only a thong she’d barrowed from Bonnie underneath. Though she still regularly was hit on by guys a dozen years her junior, she felt like the ugly duckling after the house full of naked and almost naked people all morning. But she kept up a confident face.

Behind the grown women as they emerged from the side street onto a main drag, cars bumper-to-bumper slowly moving one lane in each direction were the three rising senior girls. The three Euro Clubber’s, only wore their thong bikinis also put on a brave face to masks their insecurity about wearing their matching thong bikinis.

Misty had been here before, but the others looked down the street at the endless line of designer shops on the sides of the broad sidewalk. Following the adults, they crossed that street and onto a busier sidewalk then to the end of the road turned right paralleling the beach. This sidewalk was totally filled with people. Misty, Haley and Caitlin felt more exposed than they ever had naked by the Campbell’s pool. If it had been any one of them alone they would have pulled the towel from their tote bag and covered up, but none would admit their discomfort. But after two blocks of good looking guys straining to check them out Haley’s discomfort had faded, and by the time they crossed the street and began encountering other teens and women dressed as they, it was entirely gone from all three.

The whole time the two sixteen year olds were following the three exposed seventeen-year-old asses. Both had opted to wear shorts over their swimsuit bottoms.

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   Katie wore the only regular bikini. Of the eight females, only Katie really was uncomfortable being exposed. She simply thought her body was substandard, where as the truth was her figure was, out of her normally frumpy cloths turning heads even here at South Beach.

Fronting the street was a large park shaded by coconut palms. The park was crisscrossed with concrete sidewalks created a patchwork of grassy areas, most with people sitting and talking. On the sidewalks, several teenage girls on rollerblades laughed and talked. It was not the fact they were in tiny thong bikinis that got Sarah and Katie’s attention. It was the fact they were allowed to blade on the sidewalks; something expressly forbidden at home. At the edge of the sand was a pubic shower. No walls, just a bank of shower heads spraying down on those leaving the beach. None of the group missed the fact that a deeply tanned young woman, casually untied her top and let it flop over on her stomach as she rinsed, then just as casually retied it, put back on her sandaled and walked toward them. Though it was true they all planned to sun topless, but the casualness of it just shocked them.

Crossing the wide expanse of sand, the girls and women took in all the sights. Hundreds and hundreds of people were as far as they could see in each direction. Great looking guys, and sexy girls relaxing, playing and flirting under the Miami sun.

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   The big pastel panted lifeguard stands as well as the size of the beach itself was amazing to all even Bonnie and Misty (who had not been to this area last year). To this group, a trip to the beach meant the islands off the cost of South Carolina or Georgia, narrow beaches hemmed in by the trees and/or houses with dozens not hundreds of people. Also new to them, was that about a third of the girls who looked to be under twenty five or so, were sunning topless and about the same percentage wore thongs. Since that younger age group made up over half the people on the beach it meant a quite a few; however, it appeared more rare for those same women to be up and around topless.

The older women quickly realized that they were a tiny minority. There were a good number of mothers, none who looked over thirty, with young children but even in that group few wore thongs and fewer were topless. Bonnie felt a pang of apprehension. Last year at the condo most of the women of all ages went topless at the far pool and even on the beach right in front of the hotel. Even those she thought most definitely needed some covering up. But here it was clearly more of young-people’s thing. But she hadn’t even brought a top.
As Misty and Sarah had made it clear to their mother’s that they were not to come within 100 feet of them at the beach. “Mom” Misty had said “We really appreciate you bringing us, but on the beach pretend you don’t know us. ” Bonnie did understand and agreed so was they walked in the bright sand, the girls quickly put a distance between themselves and the older women. The truth was that Bonnie was glad she and her friends weren’t going to play parent at the beach.

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   Nothing would make her look older and less sexy than to have those simply beautiful, nearly naked girls calling her mom.

So when the teen crew found a spot near the water’s edge and began getting comfortable, the mom crew staked out some sand further up the beach. Far enough away for no one to suspect they were together, but near enough to still see them. Laying out her towel, she mused “I know they’re nearly grown, but a mother’s protective instinct dies hard. ” The other mom’s laughed and agreed, Marcy rejoined “But mine is just barley 16, so I don’t plan to let it die just yet. ” They laid out their towels and began applying sunscreen while covertly watching the girls.

Misty was the first to toss aside her bikini top and run to the water in what was just slightly more than nothing. Only a step behind her was Haley, followed closely by Caitlin and Sarah. Katie did not follow suit asthey waded in cautious and timid at first, but soon were apparently having quite at time.

Meanwhile, Bonnie had dropped her wrap but found it surprisingly difficult to pull off her tank top and had it not been for the fact that she could feel Marcy eyeing her she might have left it on. She had become, like it or not, the leader of the adult version of the Euro Club, so it was with no small part of her feeling old and out of place, she pulled the tank over her head. Looking around, she then began to feel silly, like last year, no one noticed or cared what she wore. Beside her Marcy stopped pretending to untie her sarong, and let it fall. Laying on their towels only Trisha still had on her top when Bonnie closed her eyes and relaxed.

She must have dozed off because she was startled by water falling on her.

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   She looked up and Trisha, now topless, stood over her dripping saying “Come on in the water with us”

It took Bonnie a moment to realize where she was and what Trisha was asking.

“There are some good looking guys out there” Trisha added
“OK, OK, I’m coming. ”

Slowly getting to her feet she looked over to where she remembered the girls to be. She was surprised to notice what was a comparatively sparsely populated part of the beach was nowcrowed by good looking guys and a good number of teenage girls, all dressed as was the Euro Club. A group of buff guys were throwing a Frisbee to Haley and Misty. A couple of younger teenage boys were evidently trying to teach Sarah and Katie how to skim board. On the beach, Caitlin sat with a group of teens talking under an umbrella.

Bonnie was pleased to see they seemed to be having a good time. Directly in front of her were, two very nice looking middle-aged men, oddly in Speedo type swim-suites. When Trisha introduced her, their German accents explained why the unusual dress and as it turned out Otto and Hans were Swiss, not German. They were brothers on vacation from Zurich. Bonnie soon found that except for their accents, their English was excellent. Bonnie and the others ate up their attention and their never ending stares.

Marcy pulled a tiny digital camera out of her bag, and so posing added to the frivolity.

As the sun rose to its zenith, it was time to go.


   Otto and Hans asked to go with them but Bonnie wasn’t about to get picked up her first morning on the beach. It was clear that Trisha and Marcy had other ideas as they gave the guys their cell numbers.

When the guys left, Bonnie told Trisha “Marcy and I were told to stay away from the girls, so could you go over and tell them it’s time for lunch. ”

It took over an hour but finally the whole crew had changed into shopping clothes at the house and returned to the main drag looking for food and hot shopping. The food was good, but not great.

Caitlin was going on “I wasn’t sure about going like this in public, but it was so cool. ”

Though Katie had not taken off her top she agreed “Me too, I never thought I’d feel conservative wearing my smallest bikini. When I wore that bikini last month to Suzette’s party it was a hit, but now I’m going to have to get me something new before we go back, and maybe I’ll push myself and not buy a top for it. ”

“Shopping time!” Caitlin almost shouted.

“I told Hans and Otto we’d be back out at South Beach by 4:00” Marcy said firmly.

“But when do we get to go to the other beach?” Sarah whined.

After which quite a discussion about plans ensued. Finally it was agreed they would split up. Those who wanted to go shopping for just a short while and then go back to South Beach would go with Marcy and Trisha. Those who wanted to go shopping a little longer then go to the nude beach would go with Bonnie.



As it turned out the group split almost evenly, Sarah, Misty and Haley came with Bonnie the Katie and Caitlin went with Marcy and Trisha. Bonnie got a kick out of Sarah and Haley as they squealed with delight at new finds. When they went in the designer shops they all gasped at the unbelievably high prices.

“$90 for a thong panty? They gotta be kidding. ” Haley whispered

“I don’t think so, no here” Bonnie whispered back
Other shops were just the opposite, for instance Haley bought a bikini for $8 at one shop and Sarah bought a silk sarong for $12. All three girls bough beach towels with pictures of hunky guys wearing thongs. Haley clearly bought the most ending up with three bags before the headed back to the house. In addition to the towels, the girls bought swimsuits, wraps, a mini dresses, sheer blouses and suggestive tee shirts.

”What will your mom say?” Bonnie asked when Haley bought a tee shirt printed with“You missed me Topless: South Beach. ”

“If she even noticed she wouldn’t say anything” Haley said with a shrug. “She’s too busy with her own love life to worry about mine. ”She said with a bit of anger.

By the time they arrived at the house it was past five and they could see the others had come and gone. The girls tossed their bags beside the others and striped out of their street clothes.

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   It was decided that they would not even bother with bringing swimwear, but just wrapped their new sarongs around their naked bodies. Bonnie had simply gone with shorts, tee-shirt and a big floppy hat. In the beach bag was Cooper’s good digital camera. She had agreed to take candid photos of Misty, and Misty planned to do the same for her. It would be no problem getting one of the many co-travelers to take photos of the two of them together. Misty had told her she wanted at least 50 photos to send to Richard Kyle.

Before they walked out the door she sat them down and, with special emphasis on Haley said “Now I want it clear that you do not have to go if you don’t want to. You understand there will be lots of naked men there. ”

Haley asked sarcastically “And is that supposed to be bad?”

Bonnie just said “I just felt I should say that. And for my money naked men are not a bad thing. Especially if they are as hot as we saw last year, but don’t expect to get to much attention. Most of the guys are gay. ”

Misty and Bonnie only partially knew the way, but fortunately all they had to do was keep the ocean on their right and after 10 minutes, they came to a sign that said Havisau Beach Parking. The big parking lot was full and it took some time to find an empty slot. The path went under the road and down a bit before Misty saw the sign that read “Warning: Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers”

“Mom, get a picture of us in front of the sign.

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  ” Misty insisted. So the three girls grouped around the sigh and Bonnie pressed the button on Misty’s little digital camera.

“OK, and one without the sarongs” Misty ordered. So without so much as a discussion the three teens were nude standing around the sign. A couple of boys were skating down the sidewalk and almost fell over. Though technically being behind the sign they were in the nude area, in practice the nude beach was over the boardwalk, not visible from the main sidewalk.

Bonnie was amazed that none of the three even began to try to seek cover. Haley and Misty stood on either side of the more diminutive Sarah. Both stood firm. Their fully tanned “C” cup breasts accentuating the curve into their waists and young flat tummy’s, though side by side it was more apparent that Misty’s curves were softer than Haley’s hard body. Leaning on the sign to the right was Sarah, clearly younger but not less attractive with her naturally wavy sandy blond hair draped over her shoulders partially covering her pink nipples. Bonnie clicked off several photos while the skate boarders stood catatonic.

The beach was even more crowded than Bonnie remembered it. Just like at South Beach the big pastel colored lifeguard stands dominated the view. It was a good two hundred yards from the dune to the water.

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   Most of the crowd was down by the water; however there were several groups laying out in the dry sand.
Without warning Sarah dropped her beach bag and began dancing around with her arms out stretched “This is so great”.

Bonnie picked up her bag and they kept going while Sarah flitted around like some sort of fairy. They past a bald body builder type doing some sort of martial arts practice. His dark skin was covered with oil with his very large penis standing nearly straight out from his completely hairless, body. Bonnie wasn’t sure if he were Hispanic, mixed race or just very light skinned African American, but whichever his body was a chiseled masterpiece. To Bonnie it seemed obvious he was gay, but to the girls he was just an incredible hunk of man. Misty and Haley tried to keep coy as they looked at him, but Sarah who was dancing as she walked, almost ran into him as he did, what appeared to be karate forms. She stopped cold inches from him. He stopped also. For a second he glared but then her pixie like charm took over and he opened into a broad smile.

“YOU” Sarah said in a breathless voice “Are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen” and she very visibly looked up and down his glistening hyper muscled body. Bonnie had now stopped as well looking back to see Sarah looking positively tiny in front of this great big man.

In a deep rumbling voice and only the slightest Latin accent he said. “And you are the most darling wisp of a young woman I’ve seen in a long time.

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  ” She blushed and looked down, but looking down, almost at near breast level was his big thick organ, so she looked up and asked. “What is your name big man?”

“My name is Jake but most people call me by my stage name Rock. ” Sarah started very fast “I’m Sarah, my friends and me, we are from Georgia. ” She motioned for Bonnie and the others to come over. “I’ve wanted to come to a nude beach for a long time. I’m so excited, now I can call myself a real nudist. See I go naked at home and at my friend’s pool, that ‘s her” she pointed at Misty talking a mile a minute without seeming to breathe “That’s her mom and our friend Haley. What do you mean your stage name?”

“I’m a dancer and when I dance I don’t use my real name. Would you and your friends like to join me. ” He said waving to the ground around him.

Bonnie put out her hand “Hi I’m Bonnie”, Jake (Rock) shook her hand and said “Sarah here says you are this good looking girl’s mom, I can’t believe it; sister maybe, but not mom. ”

It was Bonnie’s turn to blush, “Yep, she’s mine. ”

The girls spread out their towels, and got out the sunscreen. Bonnie, very conscious of being the only clothed person in sight quickly remedied that and relaxed listening to the girls ask Rock questions.

“Where do you dance?”

“Well about half the year I’m on the road doing clubs all over.

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   But the other half of the year I’m here. I do about four different clubs here in town. ”

“Why, what is the difference between one club an another?” Misty asked

“Well, I’m not sure your mom would appreciate it if I got more specific”

Misty plaintively said “Oh, come on, she won’t care. ”

“Yea, Mr. and Ms. C are very open about sex. ” Haley added “ Last month at a pool party, she walked right out to the pool, buck naked to give condoms to us so we could have a safe orgy at their house. ”

Followed by Sarah “and last night she and my mom did it while we were in the next room”

Bonnie cut in “No, we didn’t do it last night” then paused “But we probably will tonight. But the girls are right you can’t’ offend me”

“Well” Rock said leaning back “I guess you are an open group” As he lean back his penis now stood straight up toward the sky. The girls eyed the slightly curved scimitar as he continued to talk. “Well the club I work at every weekend is downtown. It is very upscale. It has a floorshow and both male and female dancers. It caters to a very cosmopolitan crowd of both men and women a large percentage of them are business travelers. I make good money there”

“Do the men pay for you to dance as well as the women?” Bonnie asked without thinking

“Yea, it’s the only place like it in the country, though a couple of years ago I did a European tour and there were a number of clubs like it.

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   It’s like there is no gender line, everyone just enjoys all the dancers. ”

“Do you have to wear a thong or do you go like this?” Haley asked “Because I would have paid money to see you like this”

He smiled a big toothy smile. “Yea, here in Miami I get to show off my wares, but in most of the country I have to wear a g-string. ”

“That would suck” Haley said, “So where else do you work?”

“On Monday nights I work at a gay club and I also work private clubs and events. ”

“Are you straight, gay or bi?” Haley asked just as Sarah asked, “What’s a private club?”

“Slow down little girl” he said “So many questions.

Bonnie stepped in. “OK girls. You may not be wearing clothes, but you still have manners. ”

Haley quickly tried to undo her indiscretion “Oh, I wasn’t’ trying to be nosy, but what do you do at the clubs?”

“I’m sure you’re too young to have gone to a strip club, but strip clubs are just bars with naked entertainment. They make their money by alcohol sold by the glass even in Miami. The dancers make their money by tips and by giving private dances. ”

“So they pay you to give you a blow job?” Haley asked

“No, no nothing like that. There are very strict rules, most important is the clients are never allowed to touch the dancers, Even at a private event is like you’re like a bachelorette party. “

“How’s that different than just hanging out here” Haley said

“It’s a matter of style. Here I’m just chill’n talking to you lovely ladies.

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   But there the point is to turn the girls on”

“But you can’t touch them?” she pressed

“I have some license to touch the client but they can’t touch me. ”
Rock stood up, and began dancing and said “Imagine were at my Miami club” With Bonnie and the girls sitting he towered over them but as he moved around he squatted so his crotch was head level to the sitting females. “See, if they buy a special dance I come to them and do this. While I do I am allowed to touch the women” and he one by one ran his hands across Bonnie’s face as his penis swung just inches from her lips.

Then he came back to Bonnie for a second round, this time he says “I can touch them almost anywhere” as he squatted low and briefly cupped both breasts in his large hands. The hair stood up on the back of Bonnie’s neck as she felt her nipples instantly go hard and her pussy tingled. As he slowly rose up the head of his phallus followed where his hands had been, up across her left nipple, across her breastbone and up the left side of her neck and cheek. Bonnie had to hold her breath to keep from reacting. She could tell he must make good money doing this.

He stepped back. “I better stop before the life guard kicks me off the beach. But you get the idea. ”

Bonnie, heart racing said “Yea, I get the idea. You’d have every penny I have on me. ”

For a long time they all sat and talked but after an half an hour or so the girls went off to play in the surf before the sun was completely gone.

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   The crowd began to thin some and at exactly 6:30 the lifeguards picked up and left.

Even after all that time his penis was partially erect. While the girls were gone she got up the nerve to ask. “How do you keep it up so long” motioning to his penis.

“It’s a learned professional skill. I had to learn to keep it hard for hours at a time for the show. What man or woman wants to see me soft. Well that is one of the reasons I come out here, to practice. . And it’s a great pick-up place. ”

“For guys?” She asked

“Not always” and he gave her his grin.

She sat back and asked a question she had not earlier. “Do you ever fuck the women who buy a dance?”

“No. No sex for money, but tips are welcome, and if you can imagine how drunk rich women tip. ” He said, but then he continued, “Besides the fact it could get me thrown in jail and the club to lose their license, it’s bad business, even if I don’t take money.

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   It’s a fantasy the women want, and the best way to burst a fantasy is to live it out. ”

“Wow” was all she could say.

“This Sunday I’m doing a special show on one of the gambling cruise ships. Why don’t you come see me dance? It’s not my normal routine as it’s off shore. You’ll love it, and I won’t take a tip even if you ask. ”
He then reached into his bag and pulled out a business card that only had an address on it, nothing else. Then took a pen and asked “How many are in your group who are 21 or older?”

“That would be three. ” Bonnie answered.

He took the pen and wrote Special Comp- 3 and signed it then handed it to Bonnie.

“Now be at the dock at 8:00 on Sunday night. Give this to the steward at the gangplank, he’ll give you some chips and a key to the VIP sweet. Just plan on coming to both shows OK?”

“I’ll take the card, but I’m not promising we’ll be there. ”

“Oh, you’ll be there. ” He said once again using that grin before pulling on his shorts and tank top to leave “I’ll see you Sunday and let the girls know if they’ll come back in a couple of years I’d love to have her come to the also. ”

After he left Bonnie took the camera and went down to the surf.


   As they had stopped to visit with Rock well back behind the life guard towers, she had not seen the majority of the people on the beach, except as they passed to leave.

Surprisingly almost all the hetro couples she saw were in there 40’s or older, but the gay couples tended to be in their 20’s and 30’s. There were a good number of groups of girls and what appeared to be hetero guys from the late teens to the mid 20’s. She could clearly see two groups of guys watching Misty, Sarah and Haley play in the water with a group of five guys, all clearly teens. And as she got closer she could tell the playing had progressed to groping with all five guys sporting full wood and it was apparent that the game was they guys were moving up behind the girls to impale them, but fortunately the girls were still just laughing and swimming or splashing away. She knew this game would come to a climax soon; a climax that could make babies.

“Time to go” she yelled as she lowered the camera at water’s edge.

She guessed the girls also knew it was time to end this game because there was no hesitation before the three were saying goodbye to their new friends and heading out of the water. When Misty made it to her mother, she said “Leave’m hard, right?”

Bonnie slapped her on the bare ass and said, “You learned well”

They stopped and got a couple of pizzas on the way home. In the van Misty and Sarah sat in the back seat of the van while Haley sat up beside Bonnie talking non-stop about her sexual experiences and what she hoped to do this week. Looking in the rearview Bonnie could see the friendship developed between Misty and Sarah over the summer and the sexual comments she had heard between them was bearing fruit. She saw in an embrace as the streetlights illuminated them.

Haley had tried to call the other group at the house, with no success. When they arrived back at the house, it was empty. So the four dug into the pizza and turned on the big TV.


   Flipping through the channels, they couldn’t believe that there were no fewer than five adult channels, though they figured out that two of the four were Spanish language.

“Now what does it matter if they say ‘fuck me’ in English or Spanish?”

They left it on the Playboy Channel (English version) because as far as they knew you couldn’t even get it back home on cable. Bonnie took the one easy chair and the girls took one of the couches not opened into a bed. After eating Haley announced she was going upstairs to the garden tub, get relaxed and get herself off. “It’s easily big enough for two, anyone want to join me”

She got several “Maybe latter’s” but no takers.

The TV show was sort of a “R” rated version of Candid Camera. The girls didn’t see much after Haley left. Bonnie only watched from the corner of her eye as she pretended to watch the TV. It was obvious to her that Sarah was the initiator, but Misty was very receptive. No sooner had the water started upstairs, than Sarah began nibbling at Misty’s neck. The nibbles quickly became deep tongue kissing. Misty had never even kissed anyone with her mom in the room before, let alone have sex.

Bonnie saw Sarah’s hand slide though the wrap of the sarong as the tempo increased. The deep and passionate kissing, augmented by Sarah’s ministrations under the sarong, continued until the TV show changed to a special on Miss July. The changing of the show must have been a cue for Sarah to untie her sarong and let it fall to the floor and she just pushed the ends of Misty’s to the side until she was completely uncovered as they moved to a laying poison on the couch with Sarah on top grinding her mound into Misty’s.

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Bonnie was fascinated as the minutes ticked by and they simply stayed in that position. Slurping sound came and went. She even thought Misty climaxed at least once, but they just continued in the same unhurried manner until the front door opened and the other three teenagers noisily piled in the house. Sarah appeared to intentionally delay rolling off Misty until it was clear to all what they had been doing.

Not commenting on Sarah’s intentional flaunting of her Sapphic tryst, Caitlin just said to the now standing Sarah “Look what your mom and Trisha brought home” when they came to the door followed by Otto and Hans. Caitlin and Katie together told Sarah and Misty how the men had taken them all to an amazing restaurant in downtown Miami. Caitlin then said “That’s why we are late, and now it’s time for Hans and Otto to get their thank you for dinner. ”

Trisha was already at the base of the stairs with Hans’ in tow, said “They would have gotten this thank you even if they hadn’t bough us a fabulous dinner” before heading up.

Marcy didn’t even comment that her daughter was standing there nude in the presence of these men as she and grabbed Bonnie by the hand “Come on, you gotta come with us” and pulled her toward the stairs.

“I’ll just stay down here and let you have the fun” Bonnie said even thought she very much wanted to join them.

“No way” Marcy insisted, “If nothing else I need you to take pictures. Mike only agreed for me to come on the condition I send him pix. ”

“OK, OK. Let me get Misty’s camera” Bonnie said as she lifted her surprisingly tired body out of the easy chair.

Misty pulled the camera from her bag and handed it to her mother “Have fun and don’t’ do anything I wouldn’t”

Bonnie thought of making a witty comeback but she was still working on one when she turned to go up the second flight to the second floor.

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  As she made the turn the temperature and humidity rose sharply, though she could hear the hum of the two window units in the bedrooms.

The second floor was not as large as the first due to the slope of the roof. Directly in front of the top of the stairs was the open door to the large newly remodeled bathroom. Bonnie supposed it had been a bedroom before the remodeling as it was nearly exactly the same size of the unused bedroom on the left. The light spilled out the door illumining the short, poorly lit hallway. To her left the dark unused room and to her right the door stood open to the bedroom she shared with the other two moms. The room was relatively large and newly decorated in a East-India motif. The four poster king sized bed with a rattan headboard with a faux mosquito net draped down from under the ceiling mirror and wrapped at each bed post. The room also had a pair of dressers a rattan love seat and a round table with matching rattan chairs. It was the photo of this room that led them to rent the place.

Trisha and Marcy had been wearing very low cut, light summer dresses that Bonnie had never seen before. She assumed they had bought them during the day. Before she entered the room, she could see Otto, in his boxers meticulously folding his slacks. “How Swiss” she thought.

Standing at the doorway she raised the camera and centered the frame on Hans sitting on the side of the bed suckling on Trisha’s breasts still cradled in the half cup bra they had bough at Victoria’s secret in the spring.

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   Marcy advanced toward Otto pushing her pink thong down over her hips as she walked. Pushing Hans down on the bed, she straddled him and began to kiss him aggressively.

Bonnie watched and shot some photos as the last of the clothes came off and both Trisha and Marcy sucked cock for all they were worth. Neither man had a particularly large tool so both women were taking nearly the entire organ in as they went down. Bonnie opened the box of condoms and tossed one beside each couple. Bonnie watched as Marcy’s labial lips opened wide in her direction as she sucked the life from Hans. Her lips were so smooth. She had never looked closely at Marcy’s cunt before. Bonnie knew she had spoken of having her hair permanently removed by electrolysis but had never seen it close up.

Laying down the camera she reached out and ran her fingers directly over Marcy’s labia. It was so smooth. She took her other hand and ran it over Marcy’s ass and legs. All was smooth and soft. She slowly and gently explored all that Marcy exposed. Tenderly running her fingers over each small lip and around the clitoral shaft she teased before pulling back the cover skin and massaging the sensitive and unusually large penis like clit.

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   Upon Bonnie’s first contact with her skin, Marcy had let out a gasp, when the fingers reached her clit she groaned deeply. The sexual tension between them had been building for weeks, and now it burst like a breaking dam.

Bonnie could stand no more, she pulled off her clothes and pressed her face between Marcy’s upturned ass cheeks, driving her tongue as deep as she could into the wet canal. She reveled in the pungent taste and smell of a woman who has been outside all day. She was so overwhelmed she lost all sense of time and space. Other than her large clit, all of Marcy’s sexual parts were smaller than either Tina’s or Trisha’s.

She was not at all ready to surrender her newly found pleasure zone when someone physically turned Marcy over.

A thick Germanic accent said “time to fuck” and with that Bonnie was nearly pushed off the bed as Hans mounted Marcy. The mood broken she went back to shooting pictures. First she shot a dozen of Han’s as he stroked in and out of Marcy, making a point to catch her expressions of pleasure. Then she went around the bed and began to shoot Trisha as she rode on top of Otto.

“Join us” Trisha said “Sit on his face while I fuck him”

How was she going to resist, so down went the camera and she climbed on the bed, stood on her knees and lowered herself onto his mouth. He wasted no time before pressing his tongue to her clit and she wasted no time in leaning over to press her lips to Trisha’s. It was pleasant and joyful rather than intense as she and her closest friend kissed and caressed each other astride a man they hardly knew. She pondered on why this was so pleasant.

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   It took just a moment for them to change places and relished in the different sensation at being filled as opposed to being directly stimulated.

“Mom” a whisper in her ear intruded into her bubble of bliss “Where is your harness? Caitlin wants to borrow it”

Releasing Trisha’s nipple from her lips she turned her head to see to see Misty at the edge of the bed leaning over to whisper. Standing in the doorway she saw Sarah, clearly focused on watching her mother as Hans held her legs up as she lay on her back taking his slow strokes.

Trisha’s eyes opened, but they were glazed over and she was still in her own world.

Bonnie was a bit annoyed at Misty disrupting her pleasure. She hissed, “It’s in the top drawer of the dresser of this dresser. ” She pointed to the dresser on which she had left Misty’s camera. She then noticed Sarah still standing in the doorway watching her mom and Hans.

Bonnie’s anger subsided and she mouthed in a very tiny whisper “You like watching her?”

Sarah’s head nodded “Yes”

Turning back to Misty and in a voice barely audible she said, “OK get what you need and get out. I’m just going to pretend you were never here, so if you go or stay don’t bother us”

Without a sound Misty did as she was told. Bonnie resumed rocking back and forth on her knees and leaned forward to kiss Trisha. She focused on again finding that pleasure zone and after some focused effort it returned only to be shattered by the flash of Misty’s camera. Her first response was to stop kissing Trisha and yell at her daughter, but instead she enjoyed the special pleasure of knowing being watched. It was kinky and a bit bizarre that it was her daughter watching her do this man, but she had no intention of letting anyone know she knew Misty was watching and for all she know neither of the others would know she had even been in.

When Otto said something in German, both men began to move and Otto said “We switch now.

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  ” The girls were not in the room when Bonnie rolled over and began to kiss Marcy. She had been riding Otto for some time and it was no surprise he wanted to do Marcy doggie style. Bonnie wanting more of her smooth pussy said “Here, let’s do what Sarah said you like so much, We can do 69 while he does you”

“OK, but I’ve always been the bottom” Marcy said as she got in the doggie position over Bonnie.

“So this is something new” Bonnie said looking up to her small lips, spread wide by the man’s penis as it pressed into her.

In the morning, the teenage girls once again woke up Bonnie and her fellows, but not quite so early.

“Well you can’t say you weren’t having sex last night. ” Haley exclaimed
“Damn, you guys were way into it before I got out of the bath. I thought I was wild, you three are animals. ”

Languidly, Bonnie said, “Oh, you think so?”

“Yea, but you need guys that can keep up with you. ” She continued, “I mean you guys did like 90% of the work and still those guys were totally spent in less than an hour. ”

“And how do you know that?” Trisha said with a start

“Cause I didn’t’ go downstairs after my bath, We watched from over there” She said pointing to the other bedroom at the other end of the short hall. “You really didn’t know we were there?”

“We?” Trisha asked followed by Marcy’s entrance to the conversation

“You’re saying you and someone else watched me do those things?”

Though Marcy knew she had been watched, she thought it proper to pretend she didn’t know.

“Mom, you know full well I did too” Sarah piped up. “and it was so cool watching you while Misty and were messing around at the same time. ” And she turned around and kissed Misty on the lips.

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Marcy was clearly mortified. It was like she wanted to play nice southern mom on one hand while laying nude on a king sized bed with two other moms while their daughters and their friends chatted about her committing adultery with two different men. Bonnie, not knowing Marcy had known the girls were watching last night, watched and fearful that Marcy might come apart said “Go on down stairs girls. We’ll meet you in a few minutes”. She gave Misty an “I’m serious” look and Misty herded the girls down. “Marcy, are you OK?”

She took a good while to answer. “Yea, I guess so. ”

“You don’t sound OK?”

“I guess in one night I’ve gone from talking about being totally open to really being it. ”

“But you told us all about your exchange student?” Trisha added. “Yea, but I attributed that to unforeseen circumstances. But yesterday I went topless at a public beach and then had sex with two men I don’t know. . while my daughter watched. Part of me said I should stop, this is so wrong, but I was so overwhelmed by the excitement”

She looked as if she were about to cry. Bonnie sat down beside Marcy and held her tight.

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“Did you enjoy yourself at the beach and last night?”

”You know full well I did. It was great. But Sarah?”

“Sarah is not hurt. She chose to watch, you didn’t force anything on her. She is sexually mature; she will do what she wants. ”

”I know”

“They had started pretty good before you got back and from what I saw Sarah was in charge they whole time. ”

Then Marcy began to cry again “I know. I saw. I watched them. We watched each other. I’m sick and perverted. ”

“What are you talking about. You didn’t even see them when they came in the room”

“It was later, when you were under me. Someone turned on the lights in the other room. I looked over and saw Misty and Sarah doing it.

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   I tried not to look but the whole time Otto was doing me I kept peeking over. ”

“Yea, they were getting busy before you guys got home. They did it with me sitting not ten feet away. It was a little uncomfortable for me too. ”

Marcy became very intense and said “You don’t get it. I kept looking over until just as Otto was cumming in me I looked over and Sarah is sitting on top of Misty watching me. We stared at one other the whole time he is grunting a groaning into me. Then he flops off me looking half dead. I was just about to go shut the door when Sarah smiles at me and gives me thumbs up. ”

“I guess I missed all that. ”

“Yea, I could feel you and if you didn’t have me coming out of my skin the rest wouldn’t have happened”

“The rest of what?” Bonnie was now fully perplexed. She knew full well what happened until they both collapsed with exhaustion. When Otto had pulled his spent penis from her, Marcy had sat up on Bonnie letting the pent up lubricants run down into her mouth as she made love to Marcy’s baby smooth lips. Bonnie was sure she brought Marcy to four climaxes before they quit”

“We watched each other. I watched Sarah as she sat on Misty’s face and she watched me as I sat on yours.


  ” She paused and then said “You were great, amazing even, too much so for my good judgment . . But I came so fast because as because I was watching Sarah and I knew she was watching me. ”

Bonnie thought quickly. She did remember that it was a turn on the day Misty watched her fuck the pool man. She also knew full well she liked to be watched and the better she knew the watcher the better she liked it. She was forming her words when Marcy said “Do you know how many times I came?” Not waiting for an answer she said “They came one after another, it was like six, before I went down on you and three more afterward. The whole time Sarah and I were watching each other. Even when I went down on you I kept glancing over to see her down on Misty glancing up at me. ”

Bonnie could not think of the right words.

“I don’t know what to think about myself. I’m sick I know it, but It was so amazing. You, me, Sarah, Misty and oh yea Haley taking pictures - it was all too much. Too much. ” She said as her body collapsed into the soft bed.



Bonnie wrapped her arms around her “You didn’t do anything wrong. Sarah and Misty came up here, we didn’t go down to see them. Then they stayed to watch, most of the time you didn’t even know they were there. Misty and Sarah made the choices. And like I said before, it seems like Sarah was in charge the whole time. It was Sarah’s game not yours, so don’t even think you were taking advantage of her. ”

She smiled as her concern faded “That’s Sarah. She’s always playing the tune and I dance to it. Hell that is why I’m here, she wanted to live like Gerta, I guess she should be happy now. ” Bonnie took her by the hand and said “Yea, she should, so come on lets go get cleaned up”