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I had been to Bagalkot after having a threesome with Geeta and Rukminifor Diwali wondering to meet Rukmini in Bagalkot but fate was different since Latika the sex queen was in my house who had to be pleasured and the festival would bring in more colours in opur lifes, and our house was full of relatives, my wife Kamala’s cousin had come whose name was Latika she and her husband stayed in Lucknow, she was a damn sexy woman who made me mazd wheniever I saw her, she entered the room wow One look at her and it sent my already rock hard cock even harder. She was wearing a silky nightie of yellow color. The nightie was a perfect see-through. Inside she was wearing a yellow color petticoat and a black bra. Her bra cups were clearly visible through her nightie. I was staring at Latika's anatomy which was more visible whenever she bent. Her breasts clad by the black bra were becoming more and more visible. I thought to catch hold of Latika from behind and had a good grip on her stomach. My dick was rock hard and I was not able to muster the courage to touch her stomach and controlling the pain in which I was reeling. She came near me and touched my feet since she was younger to me, I caught of her shoulders and made her get up and admired her beauty and also said after birth of baby she had become very sexy much better then before, she shied away.

At noon, I tiptoed into Latika’s room. She was fast asleep.

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   Latika was wearing a low cut red colored blouse with lemon colored - black border sari, she was looking like a fairy. I was staring at her partly visible boobs as the hem has slightly slipped off her left boob. I couldn't take my eyes away from the opening of her blouse, hoping that I would get another view. Latika was looking so sexy with her long black hair spread across her broad backside in a cascade. The sari has moved up to her knees revealing her long hairless legs. Her silky tummy was provoking with a deep naval. Latika was looking gorgeous. I thought this was the time to push her hard as I got hard on. I inspected all around the house and locked the main gate. Then I went into her bedroom and bolted it inside. I went closer to the edge of bed and watched her lustily top to bottom. I lost my control and gently pulled apart her legs and sat amid her legs. Then I slowly shoved my head in her petticoat and started kissing her pubic hairs directly as Latika had not put on panty. Latika woke up when I flicked my tongue into her vagina. Latika was totally shocked to see me licking her pussy.

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   I pressed her mouth thinking she would shout and told her "Don’t even think of shouting out! Nobody is around to help you out. " Latika asked me,”Why do you want to spoil my life? Don’t you know I am married? Please leave me Satish . ” But I didn’t care and replied, "it doesn’t matter weather you are married or not.    It is a matter of 1 hour only. " Latika urged, “But it is illegal. What would happen if somebody finds us out in this situation?” I assured her, “Don’t worry Latika! I have bolted each and every door. ” She looked at me openmouthed and said, “I think you have been planning to be with me in bed. But what makes you crazy about me? Moreover you have a decent and beautiful wife. ” I answered, “Ya! You are right Latika. But I have been dying to taste you since I knew it was you peeping into the keyhole when I was fucking my wife. ” At this point, her face went red with surprise and Latika enquired how I knew it was her. I boldly replied that I got a broken piece of bangle she wore near the door on the same day.


Latika tried to break loose my grip and get out of the bed. But since the sari was made up of slippery material, I pulled the hem of her sari and unwound it around her. She was now wearing a yellow petticoat below her navel and a low cut red colored blouse. I immediately removed the blouse and threw it away. It exposed more of her cleavage for me. Now I held her tightly from behind. She started struggling in my grasp. My dick was hard and it was rubbing against her ass on the fabric of her petticoat and from behind I was getting a better view of her breasts jumping in and out of her black bra owing to her rigorous body movements. I tried to kiss her. She tried to escape. I then pushed her towards the wall with her back touching the wall with both my hands holding her face tight so that she could not escape this time and I did succeed. I kissed her so desperately that one could hear loud sound coming out my mouth "ummm mmm mmm". Latika closed her eyes and pushed me with her hands on my shoulder; but I was a massive giant. I went on kissing.

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   I pressed her cheek to take her tongue out. As she did so, I licked it so badly. And even I made her to lick my tongue. Her hands were pushing continuously but that was of no use. . This went on for 10-15 minutes. As I left her she was breathing very fast as I didn’t allow her to breathe during the course.


All on a sudden she brought her hand behind and gave my dick a sudden and violent squeeze. I yelled

“OOOO!” and let her go.

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   She escaped at the nick of the moment. Now I understood that the bitch needed to be allegedly forced to bed. I went near her and gave her breasts a mighty squeeze. She yelled loudly

“OOyyeeee!”. I caught hold of her black bra from the front and told her behind, unhooked her bra and let it come off through her hands. She was bare breasted leaving the black bra in my hands. I was stunned. I was looking at her breasts, magnificent in size and shape with the same sized nipples as Rukmini Geeta’s sister. I took the bra to my nose and started smelling it. I noticed the size tag on her bra. It read 40 inch. Latika asked for her bra. I quickly put the bra inside my trousers and asked her to take it if she wants it.

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   She looked at me for a moment and approached me. I placed my hands on her breasts and started squeezing her boobs and fondling them. I pressed her boobs hard and started playing with her nipples. I tuned them and soon they became rock hard. I pushed her onto the bed. I was still clinging onto her breast. She was still wearing her petticoat. I untied the knot of her petticoat by my teeth and had it down instantaneously. I started tracing my hands on her boobs. She liked that tickling sensation. Then I went behind her and squeezed her boobs. She yelled aloud. She was moaning and biting her lips. I took out my cloth one by one and became completely nude. Latika could see a big massive tool nearly 7 inches long hissing like a snake.

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   I was breathing heavily. Her big boobs were available to me now. Now both were completely nude. I tried to kiss but Latika moved her face away as I came closer. But my dick was working hard as it rubbed on her cont continuously. My ass was moving like a wave to assist my penis to rub her cunt. . . . both hands were apart with fingers crossed and I was licking her neck and cheek. After 10 minutes her toes were moving in a up and down manner. I could guess she was also getting charged. . . .

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  . she was continuously weeping but cries changed this time. "Please ummm. . umm. . mmmm. . aah. . umm. . Ravi uuummmm. . ".

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   Both were breathing very fast now. . . she then gave a loud cry "aah. . aah. . aaaaahhhaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…"Yes she had an orgasm but still weeping. I did it for a couple of minuntes more and a loud moan came out "" aaaaaaaaaah. . aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…"


I asked her after sometime, "How are you feeling now?"

Latika replied, “Please leave me now. ”

I urged, “Opps! Nothing has happened till now!"

Latika said, "Look! You are inserting without condom. I’ll be pregnant if you shoot inside. "

I told, "No problem! You can take an Ipill, an emergency contraceptive. ”

She forced me to stop; but I stared licking her boobs once again to get charged. I was getting charged as I could see my dick was rising.


   She had no option but to let me have fun that night. . . . I then realised that I hadn’t got a smooch till now. . I got up and asked her to suck my dick.


My huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at Latika. The first thing Latika said was, “Oh my God! I can’t do this Satish please, it is so big. ” I said, “Don't worry, nothing will happen. You will enjoy it.

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  ” Then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I never expected to happen, Latika closed her eyes and was saying please please, while I put my hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, I heard Latika say mmm. . . mmm. . . mmm. . . . no please mmmm. . and then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth, it was great since and I let away a loud moan and kept my cock in her mouth, I could hear her voices of mmmm. . .

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  . mmm. . . and her hands was on my hands trying to stop me from pushing her face more, it was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against my monster cock, she definitely had her mouth wide open and only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth, then I said take more and pushed more in, till half of my cock went it, I felt the head of my cock push against the back of her throat, I stopped and put both my hands around her cheek and cupped her cheek, she was holding on to his hands, could see my Latika sweat and I was moaning and moaning and told her, “come on sweetheart do it faster and she immediately started taking my huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, when suddenly I pressed her face deep down and was grunting like anything and let out a moan aaaah, aaaah!!!

she knew I was coming, and Latika was struggling to move away, I was shooting my load down her throat, she somehow managed to remove her mouth off my huge cock and just then a huge glob of semen leave my penis and hit her face and lips and then her hair and chest and she opened her mouth and I   again pulled her towards me and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on my giant cock, I guessed she loved it too, after this my cock shrank. . . .


Now I started to work on her pussy.

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   I licked her again. I went in between her legs and started licking badly. Latika let out a heartily moan for the first time “ummmm ummmmm ummm". Her hands were moving on my head and her eyes were closed. I knew this was the right time to take her. I made her got up and asked her to sit in my thighs with her legs crossing around my back . . . and hands around my neck. I pulled her more towards me such that my dick was supporting the weight of her fleshy body. I then asked her to kiss me. She said, “Please Satish! I can’t do this. I can’t tolerate your painful penetration. " I got angry and again blackmailed her. .

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   She had no choice. . I then took out my tongue and asked her to lick it. . Both now were licking each other so badly there was no space in between us. I was still rubbing her cunt by his penis. . Both were breathing badly. . Latika could not control any longer and made her face move away. . . I asked her, “So, how big is your husband’s dick?" She was quiet. I repeated my question. Then she finally told, “Half of your size".

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  . I was so happy to here that. . I told her, "You are almost like a virgin. " I was breathing badly now. . . I then stared kissing her again. I opened her mouth and spitted inside and then licked it back. Latika didn’t want this at all. But she had little to do. I then asked her to do the same to me. . She had to do it. I opened my wide mouth so that saliva reaches as back as possible so that I can had a better taste of her juicy tongue and lips.

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  . . When she spitted and tried to lick it back, I caught her half tongue and didn’t leave it. She tried to pull but my teeth caught it and my tongue behind them was playing with it. . . . . . Latika asked me how I passed my time without Kamala in Hubli that is when told her that there are 3 lusty women Sunitha, Geeta and Sridevi who are always lusting for my body and they are sexy but not like you.   I said I will brief you of my experiences in Hubli later on.


This was the right time to get inside. I made a massive jerk and rammed my cock inside her. I saw her eyes were wide open but she could not shout as her tongue was captured. . . . Half of my dick was already inside. I waited for 2-3 seconds in that position and then gave a second jerk and this time I reached to her deepest position. Maybe, I was the first person to reach Latika’s end. I then left her tongues as I wanted to hear some cries that made me horny. And when I left, Latika cried out, “No No Aahhhh Ummmmm Ummmmm. . . I’ll die Satish ! Please leave meee. .

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  . " Since she cried with sounds, I stopped for a while because I had already anchored this was the best time to do anything since she cant move. . . . I started licking her and repeatedly spit inside her mouth and lick it back. . As she was crying, more and more saliva was coming out. Latika could realize my lust for her as I even licked her nostrils for 5 minutes. . . . I licked her armpits, ears everywhere. . .

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  . Meanwhile I saw the bed was getting wet. I could see fluids coming out along my dick as it was inside. I didn’t want to waste any time now. I started moving my ass up and down slowly. Whenever I used to pull out, Latika used to cry, “Ooohhh" and as I went in, Latika’s scream louder "Aahhhhh…"


So it was "Ooh Aah Ooh Aah " along with my breathing sounds "Huuh Huuh". I was breathing through nostrils. . . . Gradually I picked up pace.

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   Now I was nothing less than a beast. I was doing it badly. It was pushing against her womb and then I said, “Don't worry! It is up. ” Then I started pulling out slowly and pushing back in. Latika was still in pain; but she kissed me a lot and wrapped her arms around me. Then I started doing it faster and Latika was moaning Aaaawww, Aaaawww, Aaaaah,, Aaaammmaaa. . . Oooohh, Aaaaaiiii, Aaaaahhh, Rrrraaaavvviiii, Aaaahhhh, Sloww, Pleaseee. . . I started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips were damn red; but my cock was shiny as it was lubricated well. Then I started pulling it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 7 inches inside. Latika was crying and moaning and kissing and what not. I was shocked to see Latika enjoy and get the fucking of her life that no one else could give her.


   She was moaning and screaming, “No Raaaaavviii!!! Sloowww Please Noo, Aaahh Ooooh and kissing me badly. I at times bit her nipples when I was fucking her hard. It was wonderful to see her breasts bounce up and down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning opening her mouth and kissing me. I saw her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and milk it out. Aaaahh Ahhh Ooohh went on for 15 minutes and Latika tightly clenched me and bit herself. I guessed she came many times. She requested me, “ Satish ! Please stop now or I'll surely die. ” I just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then I said I'm going to come and she shouted, “No! Dont come inside!” “Not until that time it was over. ” I answered and moaned "Aaaaahh, Aaaaaaaah. . . . . Aaaaahhhhh, Aaaaaaahhhh Mmmmm. .

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I started kissing her again and made her turn aside to fuck her anal. . Latika struggled and begged me as usual and, said she had never gone for this before. I was even happy by hearing that. I said her, “Latika darling… Don't worry. There’s always a first time for everything. ” And I positioned my tool between her large buttocks. “Oh, No Ravi …please…. Why you are doing this to me?” Latika cried. “Do you know “Why”?” I answered and told, “This must have been a dream of all men irrespective of age. Even the friends of your husband would have been masturbating after a showcase of you. ” “I must fuck this big, protruding bum. And today I can’t spare the opportunity.

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   So, don't even think about getting away. ” I added. I held her hands firmly and pushed her to bed and give her buttocks a sudden thrust. Latika almost jumped and cried in pain. I was repeatedly pushing my tool inside Latika’s asshole. My 7” monster was disappearing more and more in-between her 44” ass. Those two were prefect match. Her cries got louder with each thrust. Her butt was shivering with pain. And finally I went all the way in and my balls were pressed against her butt. When I was successfully in, I released Latika’s hands. I put my hands under her chest and got hold on boobs. Then I lifted my lower body, took my cock half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Latika screamed and struggled hard. But I controlled her well and gave her another hard push.

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   Then I slowly increased the speed and started fucking her asshole. My monster was hitting hard against her big butt with Thump. . Thump. . sound coming out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down. Latika was moaning and crying because of fire inside and I was enjoying it. I became a machine and she got weaker and weaker. Finally I groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. I saw his lower body shaking. Yes, I was filling her with my thick cum. Latika was feeling cum inside her asshole for the first time in her life. With that, she lost all her power and fell down. Ultimately I got up from her body.

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   She was unable to get up due to her back pain. So, I had to take her to bath room and saw white thick cum flowing out of her butt crack and going down on her thighs. I turned on the shower so that water could flow o her voluptuous body. I applied soap on her body and rinsed her both holes with foam. When we came back, I noticed Latika was still in pain. Satish you have made my pussy and body paining, I asked her whether she was interested in a threesome with a lady named Rukmini who also is a damn sexy woman who will be seduced in her own house if you agree to and we both went to Rukmini’s house and knocked at the door to find Rukmini opened the door and looking at Latika asked who she is that is when told her that she is my Bhabhi from Lucknow and we had come planned to have with you a threesome, that is when Rukmini said she was dreaming to have it with me alone.    Story to be continued…………………