the Journey chapter 1

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the Journey chapter 1
by lethrman
not your typical western. . . .

It was months before we reached our destination into the promised land of opportunity, far to the West.
We set out from our little town of Mapleville in North Carolina in the late of winter when the snows were melted.
We had hoped to be across the country by mid summer and a small cabin erected by springs end; meat jerked and some vegetables for the root cellar.
The year next we'll add on extra sleeping quarters and maybe a loft.
The going is a lot tougher than any of us could imagine.
The wagon train wasn't large; thirty families & fifteen other men making their way west.
Matthew is the wagon master. He's a tall man of about 6'4 and lean; a rugged man you could tell ya just didn't want to get angry, but he is kindly and knows how to run things with a whisper.

There was more than enough to do during the day & after supper like check the wagons, teams and the other livestock, so there was little time for much else but bed down as morning came early and you wanted to be cracken the whip by sun up.

Six weeks on the trail we come to a small river with a waterfall up stream. We set up camp early as a reward for having pushed hard and meeting this goal sooner than expected.
The kids played and the women went up to the falls to bathe; a luxury that was far in between.

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  there were other creeks, streams and water holes to 'freshen up' in but not for actual bathing.

I slipped out of camp into a thicket behind the wagons and made my way up to the falls. As I get close, the sounds of laughter and giggling could be heard. I crept up to the water, overlooking it from a small hill behind a bush. Sitting on a fallen tree and peered through the brush. Being only 20 feet away, my heart took an extra beat at the sight of all these women in various stages of undress. Some were topless with just their knickers on, others were naked. The youngest I'd say was 14, the eldest in her late 40's perhaps.
The redheaded woman is Mrs. McNealy (Kelly). She is absolutely gorgeous, in her 20's with red nipples standing high on breasts that weren't large but a good handful. Long legs run up to a well formed, firm ass with a flat firm stomach leading down to a red bush above what I can guess would be a soft vagina. She's a bit taller than my wife.
The tinsmiths wife, Rebecca, is about 30, has three kids, but doesn't show it (this trip has helped all the women look much thinner than when we started), light brown hair with an ample bosom showing off dark nipples. She is shorter than my wife but a great set of legs and as from what I can see through her wet knickers.

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Candice, 'Candi,' is married to a young man named Robert that wants to go west to build a ranch. They're both 19 yo. She is blonde with blue eyes, young firm ass and breasts. She is taller than Kelly with a light patch of blonde hair that does nothing to conceal her delights.
An older woman in her 40's is washing Candi's back and seems to be taking a bit longer than she should, not to mention taking a few liberties with her ass as she soaps it up, down her thighs, then up her sides to the bulge of her young breasts, then back down to her ass and between the cheeks. I can see her legs give a little and part slightly at her hand as it slips lower between her thighs. Candi shudders as nipples grow harder than the cold water has already made them, then the woman starts to rinse her off.
Then I spot Meagan. She is the youngest woman here with budding breasts and an almost hairless pussy. Her young body is very tight and slender, ready for marriage.
The woman, oh, I remember her name to be Ruth (after six weeks I have met every one in the train, but have not had much time to associate with those not near me in the line of wagons), moved from Candi to Meagan and slips up behind her. Ruth soaps up her back and down her sides. My cock is straining against my pants, so I pull it out to relieve the pressure. Absently, I slowly stroke it as I watch. Ruth slides down to Meagan's ass, soaping her taut cheeks and she steps slightly to the side (as if to give me a perfect show), as her left hand slides up around just under Meagan's small mounds and her right hand slides the rag between her cheeks, then back out and over her outer thighs to the front of her legs.

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  They are the closest to me and the rest of the women are busy washing each others hair. Ruth turns her and I have a perfect view of young Meagan's front as Ruth's hand slips between her thighs causing them to part as she scrubs her legs down to her feet. I see her other hand is on the back of Meagan's thigh, the fingers moving upward to a very nice tight ass and disappears behind her where I can't see. As Ruth stands, her right hand comes up to Meagan's pussy and she pushes the cloth between her legs and rubs it against her lips causing her knees to give a little. I can see on her face that it has a very intense affect on her as her mouth opens and her eyes shut, her chest heaves as she sucks in a deep breath & exhales. Ruth turns her again and rubs the cloth down between her ass cheeks again and buries it between her thighs as she rubs it quickly between them.
Meagan throws her head back and reaches behind her to grab Ruth's arm, but Ruth reaches around with her other hand and rubs fingers over her clittie. Meagan again reaches for that hand & I see Ruth move it and she runs her right hand, from behind, through to the front and I see her fingers as they slide through to the front and I see her fingers slide through and cup her vulva, her fore arm sliding between her cheeks and lips sending a shock of lust into little Meagan's stomach.
Ruth slides her arm back and forth a couple times before removing it, glistening with Meagan's juices. As Ruth rinses Meagan off, I see her ass and pussy are rinsed exceptionally well. Meagan sits down into the cold water then lays back.
What a beautiful sight.
Ruth moves on to another woman and begins to wash her back.
Only Meagan was brought to a sexual peek, the rest just to a sexual arousal.
There will be plenty of moaning in camp tonight.

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I spot my wife and wonder why I hadn't found her by now. My guess is that I already know what she looks like, 5'6 with dark brown hair & eyes, large breasts for her size, but still very pleasing to look at; dressed or undressed.
This journey has done her figure good.
She has firm legs that lead up to a very shapely ass and a pussy that is always tight and ready for my cock.
We met when she was 15 and I was 17, got hitched six months later.
it has been a year since us meeting and here we are.
No kids as yet, but we hope to fill up the new farm with laughter.
I watch as Jennifer soaps herself after getting her hair washed, across her breasts and stiff nipples, down her taut stomach to her thighs. As she bends over to wash her legs, Ruth slips up behind her. Jennifer is startled and starts to raise up but Ruth puts her hand on her back to push her back down. She soaps her back & rubs the cloth over it, across her shoulders, then slides it down to Jennies ass, her hand still on her back as the cloth moves over the mounds of her cheeks. Jenny is turned so I can just see her ass. Her firm hanging tits jiggle as she continues to lather and rinse my wife's legs. Ruth's hand slips into the valley between Jennifer's thighs, but the hand on her back keeps her from standing. Somehow I see her hand dip low, back up, then slide back down several timesRuth's left hand slides down and brushes over Jennie's breast and nipple as her other hand slides the cloth up over her back again, then rinses her off, running the cloth back over Jen, down between her legs, spreading her lips, over her tight, wet pink hole, up over her ass several more times before rinsing off her back and her ripe tits.

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To my surprise, with a wicked smile I know all to well, Jenny stands, takes the soap from Ruth, lathers the cloth and begins to wash Ruth's back. Sliding down to Ruth's ass, parting her cheeks, slipping between them and washes her from back to front making Ruth's legs spread even wider.
Ruth turns, says something to Jen and she rinses Ruth off.
They walk to the shore where their towels are.
Watching as they dry each other off is exciting my cock even more.
They grab their clothes and start off further up the trail.

Let me know if this story is of interest and I will write more.

Disclaimer: this story is fictional and any resemblense to any wagon train, company or livestock is purely coincidental and they don't care. . . they're dead; rest their souls. .