Ode To The Broken Hearted Submissive

Erotic Poetry


i glance about with wondering eyes Â
saddened and shaken Â
i raise my gaze up to the skies Â
seeking beyond the clouds what lies Â
i ponder my worth Â
to nobody there Â
from the moment of birth Â
did anyone really care Â
my gaze drifts to the sand Â
the cold sea nipping my feet Â
the shifting of the land Â
the depth there to greet Â
was this the way it was meant to be Â
lonely and alone in the sunset Â
welcoming the coldness of the sea Â
as it rises to envelope me Â
i think of the silent masses Â
that never gave a second thought Â
i watch as the time passes Â
my last breath in my throat was caught Â
eyes closing to the darkness below Â
the wetness of the sea rising Â
for it is my time to go Â
with no one realizing Â
myself i grant one last look Â
and then the waves cover Â
the sand below shook Â
and finally, it was over