The Box

Erotic Poetry

I set few rules for you,
But every time I return
You have Disobeyed.

Sometimes You Confess,
But Often It is you’re Actions,
You know what awaits

Tired, Dreary I Return,
Weeks have passed,
It has been moved!

You know you are not Permitted,
Such Release is for me to give,
You whimper.

Tied you offer no resistance,
The Cat lands fourteen times,
Once for each day you may have disobeyed.

I caress your back,
You arch meeting the Touch,
Slowly I enter you.

You rock back eagerly,
We breathe as one,
Once again joined.

Forgiveness is sweet,
Your body shudders,
Tis mine to give.

'Thank you master,
Such Lovely words,
You drift off to sleep.

Morning comes early,
You sleep soundly,
You are Beautiful.

I pack my Things,
I head for the front door,
I pause....

Should I hide the Box?
No, I will leave the Temptation,
Be Good, I smile wolfishly.