The Faceless

Erotic Poetry

Topic: Whore of the FacelessAs I lay in this hotel room, whiping seamen off my lips,
I gain no pleasure from the bucking of our hips,
Another fourty dollars, another hit of smack,
is well worth the puddles of cum that pools on my back,
He's left his wife with the kids back at the house,
all for that pretty asian whore who does that one thing with her mouth,
I'll suck you off, I'll even take it up the ass,
We'll fog up the windows if you help me pay of my next bag of grass,
You don't mind the incision left by my c-section scar,
so long as I make the decision to do it in your mother's car,
Pussy's always hot you've always got to have it,
so you'll be back next sunday, to help support my habit,
moist and soaked, and leaking wet,
for that satisfaction you and your wife can't get,
I don't see faces anymore, at least not on my Jons
just use me, and leave so I can shoot up before the dawn.
They may as well all be the same like the chime of that damn church bell,
But that preacher will keep me company while I'm burning in hell,
A sinner playing a saint,
you don't see me pretending to be what I ain't.
I'll show my tits for a couple dollars,
I'll blow you for five
I'll do those things that you can't get from your wives,
But though I can no longer tell you appart, from my dull glazed whore eyes,
When you face your final justice, from him you can never hide.
My snatch is streatched, my holes are wide,
and it won't be long before a new girl catches their eyes.
I'll be desperate and alone but thats not so bad.
Even though I won't remember your face, I'll be the best that you ever had.