A 30 yo woman and a 17yo boy become neighbours and lovers.


I am 17 and last month a new neighbour moved into the house next door. It was college vacation and as I was home I introduced myself. She asked me a couple of times if I could do a couple of small jobs for her that were a bit heavy for her. I didnt hesitate as she is very nice and is about 30. She told me she is divorced. She is very good looking with a great figure, wears very short shorts, and shows lots of breast. I can see right down the front of her top when she bends over and can see her tits. They are not real big but very firm and she doesn’t wear a bra.  Her name is Laura.
Yesterday she asked me if I knew anything about the pool filters in her pool in the back yard. I do as the previous neighbours let us use their pool any time we liked and I did quite a bit of the maintenance on it and know exactly how everything works.
In the process of showing her what I was doing she was bending over watching me and caught me looking down the front of her top. She said I have seen you looking down there a couple of times you must like them. I went red with embarrassment. Then without a word she took her top off and said actually I believe you will see a lot more of them as I quite often swim and suntan in the nude. I am not easily embarrassed so it will be better that you know and see them openly and you wont be embarrassed if you see me nude.


   I had already noticed her desire for nudity but I still didnt know where to look, I wanted to really look and touch them but I was so embarrassed. She laughed and said it fine with me, and I can see I have not only embarrassed you, but things are also looking up down there as she could see the bulge in my shorts as well.
Don’t worry she said I have seen it all before, my former husband and I often visited a nudist club and I don’t get embarrassed at nudity. I stammered and stuttered and went back to showing her how to operate the filter etc. After a while she said look its all too complicated for me. I think it better you keep doing what you did for the last lot and you can use the pool like you did before. Its just that you will see me naked a lot so don’t be embarrassed. How about your parents how do you think they will feel about me getting around nude. I said hell mum will hit the roof but I am sure dad wont mind, but mum will keep an eye on him for sure. She said I will have to break the news to them so don’t say anything until I have told them.
That weekend Laura did exactly that and mum got all fired up and said I was not to go into her place. Dad said nonsense that I am almost 18 and it won’t harm me to see her naked, better it’s in the open than peering through fences or from behind curtains. Mum was not really convinced and a few days later asked me if I have you seen that women next door naked yet. I said yes twice and it doesn’t seem to bother her. I had seen her laying on her lounge by the pool completely naked and once actually rubbing her self not realising I was watching.

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   I didn’t tell mum I had seen her masturbating.
That day I couldn’t help myself and slipped my pants down and began to masturbate as I watched Laura rubbing and fingering herself. I had never watched a girl actually masturbating before and it was fascinating watching her rub around the top of her cunt and slip a finger or two into her self, then she started to get worked up as I do when I am getting close and she pulled her knees right up and spread her legs and then slipped her thumb into her bum hole two fingers into her cunt and then rubbed her clit with another. With her other hand she pulled and squeezed her nipples for a moment or two, then she started lifting her bum up and getting really worked up and then I saw her tits twitch a couple of times and she pulled a face and her body spasm’d a few times as her tits continued to jump and then she just collapsed. As she was cumming so was I and my cum was spurting out of my cock like it was a fire hose as I frantically pulled on myself and it was splashing all over the place on the carpet, how I wish it had been in her.  Mostly I came into a tissue or my handkerchief, the only time I used to let it fly was if I wanked myself in the shower and then watch it all go down the drain. That night I masturbated twice more remembering her orgasm and the way her body reacted, it was fantastic. I lay on my bed and when I came I let it splash all over my stomach.
A couple of days ago I went in for a swim and she was out. Then she came home and must have seen or heard me in the pool and came out, she dived in and when she surfaced it was obvious she was topless and bottomless too when I looked. She kept her distance at first but ended up swimming up to me and we had a conversation. She said why don’t you join me and get those swimmers off. I have seen it all so often so you wont embarrass me. At first I was reluctant but she kept trying and after a bit convinced me, so in the end I did –under water. Mum was out at cards so I knew she wouldn’t see me with her like that.

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   I got fairly firm underwater and started to do a few laps and she joined me. After the first lap it subsided and I was fine. We got out and it was then she actually saw me nude completely and I saw her looking at my penis and immediately it swelled a bit to being firm but not actually erect. Then she said, you are nicely built for 17. Circumcised too and that’s the way I like them, they look so much nicer. Again I was embarrassed and she said don’t worry you will get used to me in time. I have always had a forthright approach, actually I like you, you seem to be pretty well adjusted. Do you have a girl friend? I said not at the moment but I am working on it. There is a girl in college I like and she seems to like me.
She didn’t bother towelling off as I was doing and just lay on the poolside lounge and said come and join me and patted the side of her lounge. I sort of laughed and said I think I might embarrass myself if I sit there, and she said it wont bother me I have seen it all before many times and many men. I couldn’t take my eyes of her naked body and particularly her pubic patch as she had obviously reduced her hair if not earlier that day, then in the last day or so as she had no stubble. It was just a small triangle above her slit which was very visible. She had nice full lips on her vagina and her labia did not protrude like I had seen on some porno girls who exposed it all. Her breasts were not big but nicely shaped.

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   I had noticed them before when she was standing up and she had a nice uplift and her nipples were right on the tip and nearly always firm and her areola a nice dark cherry colour. She was laying back and even then they looked nice and I thought about what it would be like to suck on them. As I did I got hard and she immediately noticed and calmly said don’t be embarrassed obviously you like what you see as it must have been more obvious than I realised as I eyed her off laying there.
Then she said have you ever had sex with a girl before. I said no I was still a virgin boy. She said now that’s sad - in a nice way, and then we will have to see what we can do about that. After I didn’t reply she said how do you feel about that. I went bright red all over and my cock firmed up and got bone hard and it showed. It was sticking up and I tried to put my hand over it but she said stand up and let me see that manhood of yours, you cant keep it covered forever. I said God no, I am embarrassed enough as it is. She said well it wont embarrass me and I would really like to see it, for a young guy you are actually doing things for me. I was in two minds but I thought hell what have I got to loose only my virginity and I dont give myself a hope with her. I stood up and let my cock show it self off. She sat up and said ‘That’ - is beautiful, you have a beautiful cock, I love it and put her hand out and touched me. I thought I would cum on the spot when she put her hand around it and squeezed it.

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    Look she said it is showing me how much it likes me and with a finger took the now flowing pre cum that was beginning to drip in strings from the eye of my cock and sucked her finger. This is wonderful, I am impressed she said as she slid her fingers along the length of my cock and milked the pre cum out of me and took another finger full and sucked it off her finger. Very, very tasty she said I guess what follows is even tastier. I could not believe it she was actually playing with my cock and drinking my pre cum.   My cock was so hard it was jumping as she ran her finger around the rim of the glans and fondled my balls gently with her other fingers. I said - Oh shit take it gently - I don’t think I can control myself any longer I think I am going to embarrass myself even more.   With that she put her head out and took my cock in her mouth and I couldn’t control myself and after her lips closed over my cock and she slipped her lips down and then back up along the length of my shaft and fondled my balls I blew my load of red hot creamy cum hard and fast into her mouth. I couldn’t remember an orgasm like it before, the force that expended my semen was beyond belief and I guess it came out in three or four powerful bursts.   She swallowed and sucked me till I was completely dry and my cock had suddenly started to soften into a useless lump of meat.   As she let it fall back between my legs she said now that was something else, I haven’t enjoyed doing that for ages and you have the tastiest cum I know.   I really enjoyed that but the only trouble was you were a bit quick. After a few more time I believe I may even get five or ten minutes of having the pleasure of your cock in my mouth before I get to taste that wonderful baby juice you make. I was still trying to recover, my breath was coming in short bursts and my heart was beating like a drum. She laughed and said I guess that was the first time for that too by the look of things and all I could do was nod and gasp out yes. I gather you enjoyed it.

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   By now I was getting myself back together and sat down and I said does that mean I am no longer a virgin, and she said no – you have that in store – and so do I. Toby, promise me I will be the one who gets that privilege from you, believe me I really want to be your first real woman and I promise I will make it wonderful and the very best time you can imagine. Promise me you will share that with me. All I could do was say meekly – if you want me to I will. It’s a promise she said and I replied it’s a promise. Now she said let me show you how I like to be pleasured without actually having sex, and she began to masturbate.
She rubbed herself for a minute and then said ok now lets see how you can perform miracles on me. She took my hand and guided it to her cunt and said now just with two fingers open me wide - I did and I could see right into her. There was this clear fluid like precum all over the insides of her and it made her cunt shiny, beautiful isn’t it, she said  as I stared at the most beautiful pink flesh I had ever seen, I was fascinated. Now she said look at the top of my opening and she spread her legs even wider opening her cunt for me to see even more. See that little bit at the top - well spread that bit open wider there and you will see my clitoris. I did exactly as I was told and my cock had now regained its full length and was hard once more. Now she said gently put your finger on it and very gently rub it a bit. I did and she let out a soft moan and lay her head back, oh Christ she said I didn’t realise how touchy that was, I think I am a bit like you today I will cum off in a flash the minute you start. Now she said just slip two fingers into me and then with another finger just rub it softly.

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   I followed her instructions to the letter and I could not believe how easy my fingers went into her warm and wet cunt she had open for me. There she said that feels absolutely great now rub gently on the nob of my clit and you will have me screaming for mercy in a minute. I began to feel her internally and could not believe how nice it felt and that my fingers were actually inside her and I began to rub them up and down like I knew a cock would rub if I had been fucking her. As I did I rubbed her clit like she told me and then she said take your fingers out and suck them and I didn’t hesitate, they were now dripping with her cunt juice and I was so randy she could have asked me to suck her bum and I would have. I tasted my first woman and the juice from her was unlike anything I had tasted before, it was a bit slimy or slippery had a reasonably strong taste and had a musky smell but I would have eaten shit then and not only did I suck it all off but went down and wiped all around her now soaking wet cunt and sucked my fingers dry again before going down for more. This time she said ok now slip those fingers back up me again and I did exactly what I was told. This time sort of scratch me with your finger on the front of my cunt – you will feel a sort of a pad just inside and up a bit near the top of my slit. Don’t use your nails though you might make me bleed. As I did that she winced and said right on it my darling, that is my G spot and I will explain that to you later, in the meanwhile remember where it is.
Now she said just work your fingers into me and touch my clit and if you really want to you can go down on me and see how I taste. Keep your fingers in me and just suck on the top of my clit until you get used to the feel and taste of me. As I said, I was so randy I didn’t give it a moments thought, I just went straight down and put my mouth over her slit and stuck my tongue on her clit. Her skin was so smooth and having no hair there made it very easy and I did that for no more than a minute and I was just getting the hang of it and she lifted her arse right up moaned and bucked her arse up and down and virtually screamed suck like you have never sucked before, right there, and I did what she said and she bucked and bounced and her body flinched like I had electrocuted her. I was having trouble staying on her then she wrapped her legs around my head and I was trapped between her legs and my mouth hard and fast over her cunt and all I could do was suck and lick her cunt and I cannot remember a more amazing sensation. My cock was now bone hard and bouncing about as I tried to hold onto her cunt with my mouth as she held me there and wriggled and squirmed about as her orgasm took control of her like mine had done five minutes earlier.

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She let go with her legs grabbed my head and pulled me to her and she kissed me like I had never been kissed before. She nearly ate me and I could feel her tongue in my mouth and I responded with mine. I had never felt the passion before like I was feeling now. My mouth was working hard at kissing and tonguing her and my body was pressing down on her and we were both a bit slippery with sweat or from the pool I didn’t know or care, it was wonderful my cock was rubbing between us near her cunt and what with the kissing and the rubbing and the overwhelming sensation of being with her like that I came again, spurting cum all over her stomach and between us. I went to break the embrace but she just held my head to hers and slowly we slowed down the kissing and finally she broke away and said that was the best orgasm I have ever had you were magnificent. I said I am sorry I couldn’t control myself and I came all over you and she said that proves we really have something between us we are going to be doing a lot more of this between us believe me. She said you are not going to believe this but even my husband could not make me cum like that – you were wonderful. I looked into her eyes and smiled at her and said I liked it too and it was my first time doing that - what happens after this. She grabbed me and we kissed again and spread my cum even further over the two of us.
We kissed again for a minute or two, even though she was much older than me it didn’t feel like I was kissing an older woman it was even better than I had ever kissed another girl.
She said come on we had better get that wonderful bay juice off us and took me by the hand and we jumped into the pool and we both washed my cum of ourselves. She said that is the first time I have had a guy cum on me like that, I am impressed. I said I couldn’t help myself it just happened. She said don’t worry I hope it happens more often.
Once we were clean we got out and this time neither of us towelled off but she held me and we kissed standing up and our wet bodies rubbed against each other and again it felt great.

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After a minute of kissing and once more I had a boner, I said I can not remember my cock being so hard for so long, this must be a record. She said how often do you masturbate and I said a few times a week until you moved in then it was almost every day seeing you. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. She said funny thing I have been thinking about you a few times and I have been doing it a bit more than normal myself. I said gee do married women masturbate and she said you have got to believe it, even when I was married I would.
When I married my husband I thought we were in love but his sexual performance was pretty ordinary, he came very quickly and I rarely got to orgasm with him so I had to do it myself. Then I found out he was having sexual experiences with other men and after that it was the end for me. He began wanting me to have oral and anal sex with him more than he wanted vaginal sex. He even bought me a strap on cock so I could have anal sex with him. I didn’t like that at all. I did not enjoy being another man for him. It took us three months to realise it was not working as he kept seeing men more often and in the end I kicked him out.
Now I have you and I have had more fun today than I had ever had with him. We are going to get along fine. The only thing is that we will have to be extremely careful as far as your parents are concerned I am sure they would be horrified if they knew what we had done so far and you are still a virgin, but that wont be for much longer, we are going to have the night of nights and I am going to have the honeymoon I never had.

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   Somehow we are going to have a weekend together somewhere and we are going to have sex non stop for two days and nights. My cock was now dripping strings of pre cum again and she noticed and took the drips on her finger and sucked them dry. Then she did it to me, and I pretended to taste my precum for the first time. I had done it often and have even drunk my own cum. A couple of times I have lay back with my legs over my head and masturbated and when I came I let it spurt into my mouth. As a boy I had sucked my friends cock a few times but it was before we could cum but we stopped before we actually started cumming.
By now we were sitting and talking and my cock had got soft again.
Then she said lets talk about you and your virginity we have got to get that over and done with sooner than later. I want to make it good for you so lets make it one evening soon. Do you think you could organise to go out one night and sneak in here and we could make a night of it and get you home later on when we have both enjoyed ourselves?
I said that wont be a problem because my parents usually go out on a Friday or Saturday night with friends or for a meal. Good she said next time you know they are going let me know and I will make the preparations for you to be seduced by the woman of your dreams. In the meanwhile you know what its like to be with me and you can imagine what having sex with me will be like. You can masturbate a few times just thinking about it because I will be.
I said what about condoms and she said you can forget them, I am safe and I still use the pill because I always planned to get together with somebody sooner or later. I didn’t plan on being celibate until I met my next man.


   Don’t worry you wont have to worry about creating little bastards with me or having to marry me if you get me pregnant, and how I would love that, imagine you and I making a baby together. I couldn’t imagine anything nicer than the product of lovemaking with you.   I said shit don’t joke, I cant bear to think about that and as much as I would want to marry you if that happened all hell would break loose in this town. My sweet darling boy, she said how wonderful to even think about you and I being married, I couldn’t think of anything nicer at the moment, I have had more sex pleasure with you today than I have had for a year or more, in fact I cant remember ever having more fun before.  Actually it was better than fun, it was the most satisfying sex I have ever had, and we havnt made physical love with you yet only foreplay. Then she obviously shivered as I saw he breasts shake and her nipples got really hard and had goose bumps over her. I said are you cold and she said no I just cannot imagine my life without you now and that’s a bit scary at this moment. She took me in her arms again and we kissed passionately again and this time I saw tears run down her face. I said whats the problem why are you crying? and she said it is nothing more than deep emotion and the pleasure you have given me already, I want you more and more. We continued to hug and kiss and I put my hand on her breast and she lay back and I kissed each nipple and then down between her breasts and around her belly button and then my passion directed me down toward her vagina and I kissed the insides of her thighs and then as she opened her legs even wider and then with two fingers opened her vagina for me I place my mouth over her now wet pink tunnel of exquisite pleasure and sucked her juice from her and then licked each labia lip and put my mouth directly over her entire opening and slipped my tongue into her and sought out her clitoris to rub my tongue over. My fingers replaced hers to hold her open and she then used hers to squeeze her nipples as I looked up to her face. I had read about this happening and had never imagined I would be doing it myself particularly with an experienced and older woman, I had imagined that any girl I tried this on would reject it unless she was a slut and had done it many times before with a lot of guys. I was in seventh heaven.
After a minute or two she relaxed and was just enjoying me sucking and rubbing my mouth and tongue between her legs over the most wonderful and tasty vagina I had ever experienced even though it was my first it was so much better than I imagined. Then she said lets do it 69 and I knew what that was so I got off her to position myself for it.


   No she said I want to be on top, you just might force that wonderful penis right down my throat when you cum and choke me. Having no experience I was happy to oblige and then I lay down and she positioned herself over me, and I looked up to see her open cunt being lowered down to my lips as her mouth closed over my cock I had no problem continuing my previous sucking of her cunt. Actually it was better because as she reacted to my stimulation she moved her cunt about and I could tell where she wanted me to treat her opening to the pleasure she enjoyed. I was learning fast and my mind was filled with the disbelief that I had found a woman that actually wanted and was enjoying me having sex with her. The fact she was about 13 years older than me didn’t bother me, she showed no signs of concern that I was so much younger, all she wanted was high quality sex and for a novice I seem to be keeping her more than happy. I just wondered what actually fucking her would be like and if it could be better than this.
We seem to be giving each other little messages by the way we performed on each other and I soon realised she would do something with her mouth around the rim of my cock or rub her tongue over the tip of it and I would respond in a similar way by licking her labia or taking a lip between my lips and squeezing it and even getting her clit between my lips and rubbing my tongue over her captive clit. Inserting my tongue into her was another favourite of hers and I soon got the signal that she wanted me to do that then and there. Pretty soon the two of us were giving and receiving the best oral sex imaginable. Seeing we had both cum a couple of times already we were able to make this pleasure last a lot longer than before but pretty soon I could take no more and I began to wriggle my ass and she opened her mouth and said cumming and I nodded as I licked her and then I felt her manipulating her cunt on my mouth and she was working herself up to her climax as mine took control of me and I began to spurt hot wonderful creamy semen into her mouth as she forced her cunt down on my mouth and began to have another most vigorous orgasm and my mouth filled with her juices which she seemed to have turned on. I gulped as much as I could down and worked my face all over her cunt in the euphoria of a joint orgasm. My face was covered in her love syrup and I could feel my balls still trying to pump the remnants of my semen from my prostate into her warm and wonderful hot and steamy mouth as she tried desperately to suck me dry and wrap her tongue around my shaft.
She rolled off me and stood up and spread her legs over my face again, and her cunt was now wide open and quite red rather than pink as I had worked her over quiet vigorously. She said look at me, I have never ever felt like this before.  Never have I enjoyed my orgasms like I have today, if I had my way I would move you into my bed and we would never leave.

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My cock was now completely deflated and rolling about between my open legs and then she stepped away and then knelt beside me and kissed my face and licked her juice off it and said I gather you like what I provide for you and I said I gather you don’t mind it either and she said no I often take all I produce and suck it off my fingers. My former husband did do it for me but never could he enjoy me like you did today. This is crazy but I believe I love you more than I ever loved him and this is our first time together. I said I don’t really know the feeling of love but if it’s the feeling I never want to be apart from you then I love you as well.
The two of us kissed again and just quietly kissed each other lightly all over our face. It was not passion this time but a deep feeling of wanting to be together and enjoy just laying together naked and alone. Somehow I was enjoying just that without the desire to have sex again with her.
We remained like that for about half an hour we were not only exhausted with the emotion of having sex like we did, but just happy to be there in each other arms together.
I eventually got to sleep with her and that will be the subject of my next edition of my life and love of Laura.