Beauty at my doorstep


I was sitting in my Telephone booth, we have got a small shop which houses  an internet cafe, a telephone booth, a library and some gift items like greeting cards. she entered on a sunday afternoon,  i was all alone and feeling bored she  asked in a heavy accent whether i got a friendship card, i pointed her towards one row. she picked up a greeting card and started writing on the card, after a while she came to the counter and paid the amount, she turned to leave and then threw a flirtatious smile towards me and then gave the card to me and went away.  The card contained a phone number with a question "Will you be my friend?" This was proving to be a good day, i tried to recall the girl who just offered me friendship, she was of average height with a cute chubby face, she must be around 5ft 2 inches with a voluptuous body. attractive for sure mind boggling, No. I waited for 10 mins and then dialled the number mentioned in the card. "Hi, Mona this side" the voice was special and had a sweetness in it.  "It's your new friend" i said, trying to sound casual. After a few minutes of discussion i offered her to meet at lake side, which she agreed immediately.  We met at a cafe overlooking the lake, we chatted for more than an hour, she mentioned that she stays with her mother not far from my house and her mother also knows about my family. we discussed about movies and songs, likes and dislikes, start signs etc. it started to darken when i suggested her to take a walk in the garden near the lake. while walking our hands touched each other casually several times and she did not mind that, she was walking closer, emboldened by this i holded her right hand while walking.  she doesn't seemed to mind this, we were now at a dark corner in the park overlooking the lake and full moon hanging over her head, it was romantic and making me fall in love.  We stopped and i turned facing her, i kept my left hand on her back pulling her towards me and whispered. " I want to kiss you " i asked " What are you waiting for, go ahead" Came the reply I wrapped both my hand around her pulling her tightly, i first kissed her on her cheeck, one each side .

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   then i kissed her eyes and then i touched her lips, a very gentle kiss. she closed her eyes and left her body suspended on my hand. in the next kiss i opened her mouth with mine and then kissed her deeper, the third kiss went deep and long when it broke Mona was breathing very heavy, she moved away and was looking drowsy, i supported her with a hand but she ran picked her bike and went away.  I ran behind her and then tried calling her several times but she didn't pick the phone, i was feeling confused and sad. i was in love and wanted to be with her again.  next day she called and explained that she was feeling guilty and scared, but now it is better and she is alright now. I asked her if we could meet again. she mentioned that she is alone at home and i can drop in for a coffee. that was all i needed. i forgot all the anxiety and walked over to her house, which was only two blocks away.  She opened the door let me in and paused in front of me, she was looking gorgeous in a frock reaching her knee, she was plump but her figure was in proportion to her height.  I embraced her and she immediately hided her face in my broad chest. she dragged me towards the sofa and by the time we dropped on the sofa we were kissing passionately, all the inhibitions and fears have been replaced by passion and both of us were rolling over the sofa trying to drink love from each other. her frock has inched upwards exploring her thighs, she has a darker complexion, not exactly black but a shade darker than myself. my right leg was now between her legs and touching her sensitive organs and her undergarments.

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   my hand was exploring her back and moving up and down touching her shoulder and making circles on her body she is not used to beauty parlour, her body was raw and she has never used hair removal cream, as i could see very light hairs on her leg and also light growth on her back. but this was looking promising because she was never kissed before. an untouched and unspoiled beauty with raw sex appeal. My dick was now touching her belly and trying to wriggle out of the unwanted clothing, i was fully aroused by now and  mona was horny too, but to avoid any guilt in her mind i decided to take a break and increse the foreplay time.  i touched her gently on her underarms slowly caressing her breasts. her breasts were slightly bigger for her physique, which make her look a little fatter, otherwise she had a flat tummy and very thin legs, chubbiness is only at the upper part of her body. i rested one of my hand on her thighs so that she gets used to my presence around her hot parts, i was also constantly kissing her on face. a phone rang and she rose to pick it up, her mother was on phone as mona was answering in monosyllables, i embraced her from behind kissing her ears and whispering sweet things simultaneously pinching her breasts. she was trying to wriggle out but my hold was tight, it was difficult for her to stiffle her laughter.  After putting the phone down she launched herself on me hitting me with her soft hands, we fell down on sofa and she was on top her breasts were squeezing and my legs were stretching to meet hers. i then pinned her hands behined and kissed her again, rolling my tongue deep inside her, she was now licking me passionately and i really loved when she pushed her wet mouth deep inside me, for a second i closed my eyes and i was all fluid floating in air with  her. Sofa was smaller and sensing my uncomfort she stood up and lead me towards the bedroom. "It's my mom's but this will be comfortable as mine has only a single bed. "There was a study table at the corner of the room and a double bed in the center, mona sat on the study table seductively spreading her hand inviting me in her arms. the way she was sitting , her frock was raised up to completely display a embroidered pink panty which had a dark spot because of the juice flowing out.

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  i kissed both of her hand and then removed my t shirt exposing a spotless chest which is shaped with hard work at gym. i moved closer to let her touch and fondle with my skin and my dick got closer to her panty, my dick is now knocking at her door with a solid hard on and constantly pushing her g spot  to arouse her further. my hand moved from her thigh to her buttock and then under her frock first time making contact with back of her body, an electric shock went through her body pulling her even closer and she was now trying to dig deep.  now my second hand also raised her frock above navel and circling around her shoulder, back, thighs and buttock.  this game continued till i bended and kissed her navel and then a little down moving towards the hidden treasure, excitement was building up and her face was showing it. my hand unzipped her frock from behind and then i slid it from her shoulder dropping it down and exposing her bigger than normal breasts barely covered by a shiny pink bra. the breasts were hard and they were definitely not designed for a smaller bra , hence the tit of the left breast was jutting out which i immediately sucked. the sucking dropped mona dead, she left all her inhibitions and relaxed in my hand banded backwards making me suck her even more.  we moved on the adjacent bed to continue further, while standing near the bed looking at mona i could not believe my luck, she was lying there in her pink suit waiting for me to make my next move. i dropped my jeans and moved on top of her, it was important that penetration is slow because it is her first time and sometimes pain can be a little unnerving. so i kissed her right at the center on her pussy bringing a shreik of joy from her, i kissed her on and around her panty and sensing her shyness did not remove it immediately , instead i moved towards the upper part of her body and started sucking her nipples, the right hand was moving slowly inside her pink panty and trying to get closer to the cavity. as soon as the finger touched her clitoris the pleasure erupted, at this point i quickly slided it out of the way, playing with clitoris continued bringing tears from her eyes and more saliva from the pleasure cave. i kissed her deep so as to reduce the shock and simultaneouly removed my franchie, now my six inches dick was out but before taking it in i needed to ensure her comfort, so my playing finger made some circles around the pussy and then dived in the cave, mona shouted and arched , i supported her and calmed her, the finger is now comfortably placed inside and making the motion of a piston, this was enough to make mona's mind comfortable with a foreign object in her body and now she is ready for bigger things. I shifted between her legs spreading them wide, my hand were below her buttocks to ensure a push if required and my mouth was on her fully exposed breasts, my pennis touched her wet opening making contact but not being pushy, after a few touches to clitoris and making sure there is enough lubrication i gave a little push to set the head of my tool rooted in her. now a larger push was required and this needed to be done in one shot because she was really tight, even after so much of lubrication her vagina was like a narrow valley, not giving enough space.

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   I pinched her nipple one with my hand and other with my mouth that was a little painful for her and that made her thrust upwards, in one instance i pushed hard and simultaneously holded her buttock so as not to giver her room to go out of the path, she shreicked and her mouth opened wide with shock , my six inches rod was completely inside her and she was confused with the combination of pain and pleasure, the rupture inside her has brought a relaxation in her body and her face had a hint of smile in a few seconds. after a few seconds i started throbbing up and down making her gyrate with me, she was now enjoying it immensely, her heart was calm and her face had a serenity. the tightness in her was generating heat within me which came out and went inside her bringing a deep sense of fulfillment in both of us, i felt a sense of completeness, we slept near each other for a long time she still holding my penis in her body and we both loved the sensation and aftershocks. this is a beginning of an affair that is going to make a number of nights brighter with love. [email protected] co. in.

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