Debi's Jungle Fever Pt 2


Since that first night talking about Debi's experience with the black guy she was dating in college, we revisited the subject a couple of times, usually when we were masturbating ourselves or each other.   That experience really served us well sexually! Whenever she'd relate the story again, she's invariably get very excited and end up masturbating to a big climax.   I asked her a couple of these times if she'd like to experience it again if the situation presented itself.   She'd never really answer, she'd just sort of smile.   But she also never said 'no' outright. A couple of years ago we went on a Caribbean cruise for vacation.   We has port stops at the southern Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Thomas.   We usually didn't do organized shore excursion tours through the cruise lines.   We preferred to do our own research and use someone local from the islands as a tour guide. For our stop in St. Kitts, I found some on-line reviews of a local who had a sailboat, and would take you to the neighboring island of Nevis to a tiny, secret beach nobody else knew about (or went to, anyway) that you could only reach by boat because of the thick forest which surrounded it.   That sounded like exactly the thing we usually loved to do on our trips.   A couple people  posted pictures of their trip with him, and it turned out he was a tall, really good looking and youngish black guy.

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    He looked very well-built and obviously worked hard for a living.   Just then, my mind jumped to Debi's story and my fantasy of seeing her with a black guy.   My cock got hard immediately.   I thought, I'll let happen whatever happens, but if I can help things along, I'll try! I e-mailed a link to the website with the reviews to Debi for her to check out.   I figured she might be less conscious if I wasn't looking over her shoulder when she went to the site, and I thought I'd probably make some comment that might put her off.   A couple days later she replied that she'd gone to see the site and that it sounded like a lot of fun, and we should do it.   She said the fact that he's such a good-looking guy didn't hurt, either!  That got my mind to spinning! The cruise finally arrived and the trip to St. Kitts was towards the end of the week.   The anticipation was killing me!  I decided against saying anything overt about what I was hoping to happen, and again I didn't want to get my hopes too high so I was disappointed.   Turned out I had no reason to fear! We had arranged to meet Chester, the tourguide, near the boat dock.   We found his sailboat easily and introduced ourselves.   He said that he would be taking another couple from another cruise ship along with us, and my heart sank a little.   I knew if we weren't alone with him, there was less than no chance anything would happen.   We waited for about 20 minutes, and then Chester said if they didn't come along in a few minutes, we would have to leave anyway.   Sure enough, they didn't show and so we cast off the dock.

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    My excitement level perked back up a little. It was a picture-perfect Caribbean day.   Chester had a stocked cooler onboard and Debi and I cracked up a few cold Carib beers for the 45-minute boat ride to the beach.   He soon removed his shirt to reveal an amazing upper body which I saw Debi ogling.   He then only had on a very small pair of shorts.   He had a great personality and was a very entertaining conversationalist, topped with a charming British accent.   And he was a shameless flirt with Debi.   (A couple of the on-line write-ups of his cruise from female customers did mention this, in a very positive way. ) Chester asked Debi if she wanted to steer the boat.   She jumped up and went to the giant wheel and grabbed on.   Chester said, "no, no, Miss Debi, not like that.   Let me show you. "  Planning to do this in the first place, I'm sure, he walked up behind her and put his arms around on either side of her, placing his hands on hers on the wheel.   He swayed slowly back and forth, the front of his trunks brushing against her sweet ass.   "You got to have a rhythm piloting her, she likes that.

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  " "I'll bet she does," Debi said laughing and pushing her hips back into Chester. Eventually we reached the anchor point off the beach and it was more beautiful than the pictures we had seen.   Definitely secluded, we didn't see another boat anywhere.   The beach was empty as expected as well.   "Alright," Chester told us with a laugh, "everyone abandon ship!"  He lowered the aft ladder to reel in the dinghy which was tied to the stern.   Debi and peeled off our clothes down to our swimsuits.   I noticed Chester stopped to watch Debi undress.   When she pulled down her shorts to expose her swimsuit, Chester said, "I was hoping you forgot to put something on under your shorts!" "The day is still young," Debi answered, surprising us both pleasantly.   Things were looking up! We all climbed into the dinghy and Chester ferried us in.   We jumped out into the shallows and took the short walk up to the beach.   He carried the ice chest in and set it in the sand.   "I'll be back on the boat, call out if you need anything," he said, shoving the dinghy off the beach. We spent an amazing couple of hours swimming, laying in the sun, just relaxing.   We decided to take a little walk into the forested area surrounding the beach.   Debi had had a couple cups of the rum punch that was in the cooler, and the combination of being tipsy and the hot sun meant she would be getting horny.

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   After we had walked for a bit, she called me over and started kissing me deeply, pushing her tongue into my mouth.   She ran her hand over the front of my trunks and rubbed my growing cock through the material.   I reached for the shoulder straps of her one-piece suit and pulled down her top, exposing her beautiful tits.   I started rubbing them and she moaned loudly as we continued kissing.   She pulled the front of my trunks down and fished my cock out, and stroked me to a full hard-on. "Too bad it's not big and black, huh?" I whispered to her, which made her smile.   "What do you think of Chester?" I asked. "Mmmmm," she purred back, "he's very sweet.   And he's nice to look at, too, which doesn't hurt. " Debi sucked my cock for a while as I played with her tits.   Eventually, she stopped and said, "OK, let's go back.   I want to get back on the boat. " We found our way back to the beach and signaled for Chester to return.   As he pulled the dinghy up toward shore, he said, "you disappeared for a while there!  Hope you were enjoying yourselves!  A little bungle in the jungle," he laughed. We cast off and headed back.

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    Debi got another cup of the rum punch and I took another cold Carib.   "I'm getting out of my wet suit," Debi said and grabbed her bag to head below deck to undress. Chester said to her, "it's awfully cramped down below, no room even to stand up.   You can stay up here in the beautiful sunshine if you wish, we won't mind!" "I'll bet you wouldn't mind," Debi answered laughing.   She thought about it, then shocked me by setting down her bag and just peeling off her suit!  In a few seconds there she was, totally naked in front of a virtual stranger.   My heart started racing and my imagination ran wild. "Damn," Chester said, "you're a very beautiful lady!"  Debi smiled back at him.   I could see her nipples stiffening.   She did make an attempt at modesty when she reached into her bag and put a very small beach wrap around her waist.   I say "attempt" because it didn't really her ass, and the fact that her tits were out for us to admire. Debi sat on a ledge of the deck just a couple feet from Chester.   As we started talking, the conversation turned to relationships.   Debi told Chester he was very attractive and said he must have a girlfriend.   "I have 10 girlfriends!" he laughed.   "There's plenty of Chester to go around!"  As he said that, he rubbed the front of his trunks which were bulging out a little.

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    Debi's eyes widened watching him. I took this as my opportunity to get things started.   "Speaking of relationships, Debi dated a black man back when she was at university," I said.   "She had a great experience with it. " Chester smiled and looked at Debi, her tits bouncing with every small movement the boat made.   "Was there plenty of your boyfriend to go around?" "Absolutely," Debi answered him.   "We had a lot of fun. " I decided to go for broke and said to Chester, "that was Debi's only experience with a black man.   And she's always been curious if his big cock was unusual, or if it's true what they say!" Chester let out a hearty laugh.   "I don't have much experience with black men, either, so I can't really tell you about the general population!  But if you're asking just about me,. . . "  His voice trailed off and he looked intently at Debi.   He again rubbed the front of his shorts, only this time he kept rubbing and slowly the head of his cock poked out the right leg hole of his shorts.   Debi's eyes grew wide as his dick swelled and continued to grow.

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    In a few seconds there was more cock poking out his shorts than were still inside his shorts!  "Is this what you remember?" he asked Debi. She just nodded and couldn't take her eyes off his cock.   "Oh, my god," she whispered.   After a few seconds, she stood up and moved behind Chester, and said, "both hands on the wheel, captain, you have a boat to steer.   It's my turn to show you how things are done. " He did as he was told and put his hands on the wheel.   Debi placed her hands on his waist and swayed back and forth as he had done earlier with her.   She pushed against his back, her naked tits pressed against his bare skin.   She slid her hands around to his stomach, and slowly down the front of his shorts.   Her right hand moved down to where his hard cock poked out of his shorts and she brushed her small white fingers over his tight, midnight black skin up and down the shaft.   Her touch made his cock jump and I thought I saw it grow even a bit longer. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly stroked him.   With her left hand reaching around him, she found the snap on the front of his shorts and undid it.   Then she reached for his zipper and slowly opened it.   I could tell she was relishing every second of this experience, every sensation.

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    She peeled his shorts all the way down and then resumed stroking him, this time rubbing both hands on either side of his enormous shaft. "Goddamn, Miss Debi," Chester panted, "that's so fucking nice. " "You have a beautiful cock, Chester," she replied.   "Believe me, I enjoy this as much as you do. " She pulled her hands away and sat in the seat immediately behind Chester.   "Captain, why don't we stop here for a while?" "You're the boss today, Miss Debi!" he replied.   He cut the engines and hit the controls which lowered the sails, and we glided to a stop on the glass-flat sea.   Chester turned to face Debi.   Despite the huge length (it looked to be 10 or 11 inches long) and girth of his cock, it wasn't weighed down by its size, but it poked almost straight upward.   I'd never seen a cock that big in porn movies that stood up so erectly. Debi admired his huge dong for a few seconds as it bobbed in the sea breeze.   She reached out and grasped his cock with both hands like a tug-of-war rope, pulling him in toward her.   The pedestal chair she sat on was raised up, but with Chester's height it put his cock perfectly at her mouth level.   "I'm going to suck your beautiful cock, Chester. " I stood up and moved near to them so I could watch her take that giant cock into her mouth.

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    She leaned her head forward and licked at his swollen head.   Just as she had described her experience in college, it didn't appear that much length would fit down her throat very easily, but she was going to enjoy it nonetheless. She fixed her lips over his cock head and slurped up and down over it, sucking in as much length as she could.   Chester reached up and stroked her hair, and put his hand behind her head, rubbing gently.   She hungrily devoured his cock, pumping it in and out of her mouth in a steady rhythm.   She reached down with her left hand and started playing with her dripping pussy, easily slipping three fingers deeply inside herself.   She let out a long low moan, partly muffled by Chester's cock filling her mouth. I peeled down my swim trunks, sat a few feet away and stroked my cock, watching my beautiful wife giving an amazing blowjob to this stranger we'd only met a few hours before.   It was every bit the mind-blowing fantasy I had imagined, and more. After a few minutes, Chester reached down for and pulled her left hand away from her pussy and toward his mouth.   He sucked off the juices which covered her fingers.   "I hate to stop what you're doing, Miss Debi," he said, "but I seriously need to pleasure you right now!" He took Debi's hand and lead her toward the aft section of the deck, to a long padded bench seat and sat her down on it.   He dropped to his knees, gently pushing her thighs apart.   He had easy access to her pussy as she had never put bottoms on after taking off her swimsuit.   I could see how swollen her clit was; I had never seen it so engorged as it was now.

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    He pressed his head into her lap and started licking her.   Debi laid her head back and cried, "oh, god, that's good!  My cunt fucking loves you, Chester!"  We all laughed. She motioned to me and gestured toward the deck next to her.   I stood up and moved to the spot.   She took my cock in her hand and started jerking me off.   "I figured you'd prefer a VIP seat to watch him eat my pussy," she told me.   She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked me, she was moaning loudly as Chester continued to masterfully lick her pussy.   He changed the angle of his body slightly so he could reach his hand between her legs.   He put his fingertips against her pussy lips and rubbed gently, and Debi began pushing her hips forward, trying to draw him in.     His fingers were covered in her slick juices and he began easily thrusting three of his long fingers in and out of her cunt.   That really drove her wild. She was squealing, "oh, god!  OH, GOD!" repeating over and over, her mouth still locked around my cock.   She then pulled me out and cried, "Chester, you're gonna make me come!"  He quickened his tongue flicks on her clit and his finger thrusts deep into her.   She let out a long, loud cry and she was hit by a tsunami of an orgasm.


    She grabbed his head and pulled him tighter into her cunt, bucking her hips hard and fast.   It seemed to last for 2 minutes as she was hit by wave after wave of ecstasy. I was jerking myself off watching Chester eat Debi's pussy, and watching her fuck his face and finally come sent me over the brink.   I said, "baby, I'm going to come, too!"  As Debi was still coming (she can multi-task!) she turned her head to face me and opened her mouth inches from my cock.   I jerked a couple more times and then started shooting my load onto her protruding tongue.   Stray shots hit her on the lips and cheek as she was still thrusting her pussy against his tongue, and violently quaking from her own extended orgasm.   She ended up with come running down her chin and neck, and covering her tits. Eventually, Debi came back down to earth.   Laughing, she had to push Chester away from her pussy when he persisted in licking her, because her clit had become hypersensitive.   "Stand up," she told him.   His cock waved in front of him, every bit as hard as we had seen it.   She sat up and again took hold of his manhood and pulled him in to toward her.   She rested his monster on her chest and he pushed her tits together, my come providing plenty of lubrication for his pole.   Debi tilted her head down to watch him fuck her tits.   Because his cock was so long, every thrust pushed his head up to her lips.

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    She slurped him into her mouth a full four or five inches with every upward stroke, so that half his cock was fucking her hot mouth while the other half was squeezed between her jizz-covered tits.   The feeling must have been incredible for him!  I was surprised Chester held out as long as he did!  Debi gave exquisite blowjobs. She tilted her head back and, looking intently into his eyes, whispered hoarsely to him, "come for me, Chester.   Come on my titties. " At that instant, Chester cried, "FUCK!" as come exploded out of his cock.   His first shot arched up the length of Debi's neck and covered her chin.   She quickly took him back into her mouth, swallowing earnestly with the next several spurts he pumped into her.   She then pulled her mouth off him again and watched as his hot come spattered with decreasing force onto her lips and neck.   As the last of his come bubbled out of his head, she sucked him in once more.   Chester stroked himself with his hand, milking a few more globs into her mouth, which she swallowed.   He pressed his come-covered fingers into her mouth and she licked them clean.   She was an absolute nasty mess!  I'd never seen one guy come so much, and she had even swallowed at least half of his load. "Eat my cunt again, Chester, will you please?" Debi asked him, leaning back in the seat.   He knelt down again and began to expertly lick her pussy once again.   It only took her about two minutes to reach another huge orgasm.

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    She was exhausted and covered with come, and we were both happy and unbelievably satisfied. When we got back home after the cruise, Debi said she had to tell me something, and hoped I didn't get angry with her.   She said she started corresponding with Chester several weeks before our trip.   She got his e-mail address from off his website.   After they got friendly, exchanging e-mail and doing some innocent on-line chatting, she told him about my fantasy and that she wanted to make it a reality; for her as much as for me, of course!  She said the e-mails and especially the chats quickly became very explicit, with her describing in detail to him how she would suck his cock and swallow his come. I asked to see the e-mails and chat transcripts she had saved.   She lead me to our computer, logged into her account and I sat down to read them, which she had moved to an inbox folder.   They had exchanged naked pictures (I had taken the ones of her a couple of years prior to that, some very explicit), and he sent her pictures of his cock, and a cellphone video of him stroking it and shooting his load.   As he came, I heard him say, "this is what you'll get in your mouth, Miss Debi!" Needless to say, my cock was straining against my sweatpants by that point.   Debi was watching for my reaction very apprehensively.   "You were afraid I'd be mad about this?" I asked her.   "I wanted to you suck off a total stranger!  Cybersex isn't cheating as far as I'm concerned. "  As I said that, I pulled my rock-hard cock out.   "Does this look like I'm mad?"  Debi laughed, and leaned over my chair and began giving me a great blowjob.   I started reading one of the chat logs (those were much hotter than the e-mails!) and I came pretty quickly.

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   It's been a few months since the cruise, and Debi and Chester still e-mail and chat regularly.   I read everything that's X-rated, and Debi happily jerks me off or gives me a blowjob while I read.   What more could a fellow ask for? Since then, Chester has told Debi that he has a few other "lady friends" like her that he met the same way.   We're now planning a week-long vacation in St. Kitts for next year and neither one of us can wait!  Debi's asking him for the other women's e-mail addresses so they can "compare notes" and maybe join us on vacation.   That should be a fun vacation!.

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