Doctor,Patient Nurse:


Topic: Doctor,Patient Nurse:I'm the Patient and I just went in for my monthly checkup only to find out that My Doctor aint in another Doctor had taken over for Him. I go into the Office as usually and sit on the table as I always do. Then I hear a voice at the door saying I will be with you in a sec. I go OK. A few minutes went by and the New Doctor walks in Immediately we look each other in the eye and smile. Then the appointment begins. Once again I hear the New doctor say remove your shoes. I do as He says. The He comes over to Me and tells Me to assume the laying position on the table I do so I never have to do this at any of My other Doctors appointments. I'm just in a cute skirt and a sexy tube top. Then i fill His hand inside my pussy since i'm not wearing any undies. By this time i'm filling aroused and then I hear His sexy voice once again saying baby if your hot remove ya top and I do so. The He goes dam baby your insides fill so good. Let me remove ya skirt and He dose so. I am now laying on the table fully nude. And now the Hot doctor is getting red and He takes all his clothes off and now Hes nude.

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  We once again make eye contact and we both say dam look at us all nude. And i'm siting up now and smiling and once again I hear His voice saying sexy move over to this chair and I do there he was with His dick up and says How good I been and have a sucker on Him and I start at the Tip and worked all the way down. Now He says lets get on the couch and once there He puts his dick inside my pussy and we start fucking like crazy. Oh dam were really doing it and then walks in His hot nurse and She looks at us and He says you want to join us and She goes yes. Dam Shes a hot blond like I am and nice firm tits but bigger and Her pussy inset shaved oh dam it looks nice like that. Now all three of us are nude and just siting on the couch. When the Nurse says I want you Doctor to stick your cock In your patients ass and I will put my pussy in Her face by this time i'm sucking on the Hot nurses clitoris and have my face in her warm hairy pussy it smells so wonderfully. Dam i'm loving this threesome a lot. Now i'm all hot and wet only to find out my checkup isent over yet. The Nurse goes time for your breast exam I go cool so She comes over to Me siting on the table now she is fondling my tits dam Her hands fill so good on my tits. Then she goes i'm going to suck on your nipples to see how sensitive they are I go suck on em and now Her mouth is around my whole nipple oh man and now the doctor is smiling ever brighter. He comes up to both of us and joins in on the action. Now His cock is all the way up and the Nurse is siting on it and Her dildo is up my ass dam it fills so hot. The I hear the Nurse telling the doctor dam your patient is so fucking great I wonder if I can get Her Information He gose you sure can and She leaves the office and Smiles at Me and I smile back at Her. Then the doctor comes over to me and asks for one more thing to suck Him off more and I did and He let His cum go all over Me and Says dam baby your monthly exam turned out Great and same time next Month I go no I got a Hot Nurse I have a date with at Her Place.

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