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 I am a 29 year old art teacher at a school that will remain nameless. I am an art teacher at a school that will remain nameless. Being an art teacher is pretty cool, you get all the really creative students, the hot girls, you dont need to worry about grading stuff or dressing up for work.
one day i was leaving for home. I locked my classroom, grabbed my bag, and headed out to my car. I unlocked it and sat in the seat. I was reaching toward the back to put my bag behind the drivers seat when somone tapped my leg that was still sticking out of the open drivers door. I looked up into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. It was one of my students, Iren.
Iren was beautiful. She stood about 5'5". She was in the 9th grade, had beautiful brown eyes, dark brown hair that fell between the shoulder and elbow. She had a wonderful tan, and a nice set of C cup (my guess) breasts. She was wearing a blue and white cheerleaders uniform under a half-zipped cheerleading windbreaker.
I was 6' tall, weighed 161 lbs, had blue green eyes, short brown hair, fair skin with the remnants of childhood freckles on my face. I must admit I wasnt bad looking, but in the presence of this goddess of a girl i felt like nerd with a crush.

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   I didnt have a crush on her though. She was a student and i was a teacher, and nothing more. Sure i got the occasional boner when i saw her, but i would surpress it.
"Umm, Mr. Thompson?"
"Yes?" I replied
"My mom was supposed to pick me up today but she called and said she couldnt and to get a ride. Nobody was available so could you give me a ride home, it is quite a ways off, but you are the only person around who i know, because all the people who could give me a lift have gone already. "
"Sure, it would be a pleasure. "
She gracefully walked around the car and got in the passenger side. Immediately i felt an erection coming on and tried to concentrate on the car company logo on the steering wheel.
"Thank you so much Mr. Thompson. This isint a suck up but you are my favorite teacher, you are like so cool and rebel like. Hahaha" she chuckled.
"Wow"i said "what a compliment!"
the car pulled out of the parking lot and i got onto the road. Iren had removed her jacket and was sitting in the seat next to me in naught but a cheerleading outfit that showed just enough clevage to spur my erection to being just visible as a lump in my pants.

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   I quickly laid my free hand across my lap holding it down. Unfortunately, this only made my erection bigger and I subsided. Now there was a large, noticeable bulge that i tried to ignore and hope it would go away.
Several minutes passed in silence before Iren began to rearrange her skirt on her beautiful muscular thighs.
"How was the game today?" I asked.
"We won. " she replied "it was great. "
The bulge in my pants was so big now i couldnt believe she didnt notice.
"how many games undefeated for us now?"
"three. We are unbeatable!" Iren giggled.
In the middle of her giggle she sort of trailed off and i looked at her. her eyes were looking out of their corners at my bulge. After a few seconds I said;
"Excuse me for that Iren. "
"I dont care Mr. Thompson.

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   Let it stand natural, its because of this uniform isint it?"
"Yes i replied. You are a very good looking young lady. " I mumbled.
Iren kept staring at it. Her hand was in a fist on her right knee and the other was on the arm rest between us, kind of ceaselessly moving, her eyes on mine, which were looking at the road ahead.
"Mr. Thompson, if you really find me that attractive, can I. . . . . . . umm. .

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  . . . . see it?'"
"What?" I stammered
Before i could say anything else her hands were undoing my belt.
"I always noticed how you got a hard on around me. Its only natural. "
My pants were open and as she fumbled with my boxers i felt some precum drift out of my dick. Her hands reached inside and pulled my dick upright and her mouth inched closer to it.
Wonderful sensations of sexual pleasure exploded in my brain as her wonderful lips closed over my penis. Iren's tongue corkscrewed around my shaft and taunted my tip. She began to pump her head up and down up and down on my dick. As this went on such spasms of pleasure were coarsing through me that i nearly went off the road.
The feeling of having to urinate, but a warmer and stickier seemed to be inside my cock as a pressure seemed to build at the base of my cock as i pulled the car off to the side of the small road we were on. I reclined the seat and removed my seat belt as Irens head pumped faster and faster so fast that her hair was tangled and twisted from the constant motion.

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   Without stopping, her right hand came up and swept the curtain of brown over her right shoulder. From what i could see her eyes were closed.
The pressure in my manhood was suddenly released as i felt the wonderful feeling of ejaculation. I could feel my sticky cum dripping off my 7 incher and coating her mouth and throat. A few drops leaked out of her lips, swiftly persued my her tongue. I had my eyes closed as her mouth parted company with my still-rock-hard cock.
"how was that?"
"wonderful! was that your first time?"
"yeah, i was worried that i wasnt doing anything right, but wow. . . . . i loved that too!"
I reached over and kissed her, feeling my cum on her lips and tasting the salty taste. My hand scurried over her shoulder to her zipper in the back like a large pale spider. She didnt break the kiss as i unzipped her skirt. She lifted her sweet ass up off hte seat so the skirt could slip off her butt and legs.

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   She pushed off her sneakers with the toes of the other foot. she came across the center console and straddled me, her hands came to the waist seam of her uniform top and lifted it over her shoulders.
My hands unbuttoned my shirt and i removed it. Irens mouth came towards mine as my hands arched around her back and slowly removed her purple bra. She slid her panties off and slid my cock out from under her and lined it up with her pussy. She then said,
"Mr. Thompson, remember that i am a virgin, so go easy. "
"Of course!" i replied.
My cock entered her tight pussy. It felt like jamming your cock into an extremely tight synthetic sock dripping with moisture. The ridges of her vaginal walls caressed my dick as my manhood stretched them open. Iren was moaning as my dick penetrated deeper until it reached her hymen. The tissue was stretched open and my path was clear. My tip reached her cervix, my testicles were drawn up to my body, the skin of my scrotum contracted and wrinkled up at the base of my shaft. Slowly Iren began to bounce up and down on my shaft, slick with her saliva.

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   As she moved faster the walls of her pussy softened and became moister. I began to push my dick up as she came down from a bounce and that seemed to drive her over the edge.
'Yessssss! Oh Yeah. . . . . oh oh oh umm. . . . . . . .

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  umm. . . . . yeah umm. . . . . . oh. "
Like a garden hose, her juices came flooding out, lubricating my cock and washing over my pelvic area onto the seat, but i didnt care. She bounced harder and harder and my dick slammed into her cervix like a piledriver on an I beam. She was moaning and moaning and alternately screaming as one hand was massaging her clitoris and the other up feeling her breasts.

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   I rolled a nipple between my thumb and forefinger then finally i cummed again and she screamed as my cum ran up into her uterus. She dismounted my semi erected cock and got dressed. I massaged her left breast all the way back to her house, and before she left the car Iren gave me a swift kiss and her soaking wet panties.