Doing Christina Milian pt II


Todd didn’t think things could get any better as he pushed his cock up Christina for the second time.
Suddenly someone pulled the shower curtain open. Well the game was up, surely that was her boyfriend Nick. Todd took his dick out of Christina (who was still smiling) and was about to turn around to face his nemesis.
“SOS, please someone help me. ” There stood 18 year-old Rhianna in the revealing outfit from her latest video. Todd’s penis throbbed. “Oh Christina, I got your call. Came as quickly as I could. ”
Todd looked at Christina beaming. She had set up the threesome! Giving her a peck on the cheek, he got out of the shower and came up behind Rhianna.
Todd ran his hand up her heavenly thighs towards her tight ass before squeezing it while they kissed. Rhianna ground her pert ass against Todd. He responded by brushing his cock against her right leg, showing his carnal desires.
Rhianna then took off her belt and putting it around Todd’s neck, pulled him towards her as they kissed fully embracing each other against the wall.
Todd ripped off Rhianna’s skirt, stockings and top.

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   He noticed how large her breasts were for such a young ‘innocent’ woman. They entered the shower again.
Christina and Rhianna felt each others beautiful bodies as Todd undid the teen’s lingerie. Finally she was naked.
“Bet you’ve dreamt of this” said Christina as she pressed her body against Rhianna and they groped. Christina stuck a finger up Rhianna and it came out drenched. “Oh she’s ready” she murmured lustfully.
Suddenly Christina and Rhianna got out of the shower and ran to the bedroom. Their stud followed and his jaw dropped at the sight of the two black beauties grappling and groping on the bed.
“Well aren’t you gonna join us?” said Christina. Todd ran and jumped onto the bed. Immediately Rhianna spread her legs seductively for him. “Give me some of that South Texas meat big boy”.
He mounted the horny teen and slammed his cock deep into her pussy making her yelp. Todd realised he had just broken her in.

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   “Well you gotta lose it sometime” said Rhianna. Todd smiled and started pumping her.
As Todd fucked the sex symbol, Christina sat over Rhianna so she could suck on her breasts. Rhianna wrapped her legs around his back as she continued to get drilled into the bed. “Oh god! Oh sweet jesus! He’s incredible!” she shouted. Christina smiled at her and nodded acknowledging.
Todd was in ecstasy, boning the beauty and pulled Christina closer to him. She started licking his motioning cock making him moan, as he continued to fuck Rhianna senseless.
“Oh! Oh baby! Do me harder baby!” shouted Rhianna. Christina knelt down to suck on her nipples as Todd felt his cum rise.
His thrusts got more violent, and Rhianna was begging him to stop, which only turned him on even more. “Aah! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” said Todd. Rhianna’s whole body bucked and she came all over the bed.
Todd suddenly withdrew his dick and Christina reading his mind grabbed Rhianna as they knelt down on the floor facing each other, with their sexy legs interlocking.
Christina and Rhianna looked up, eyes closed and holding their breasts upwards as Todd came all over their horny bodies, spilling cum all over their breasts and thighs.

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   The last jets of spunk hit each of the babes on their hair and faces as he emptied himself.
Todd wiped his cum covered cock on Rhianna’s face, while Christina licked it clean before the trio gathered in an exhausted huddle on the floor.