Friends Punishment


Topic: Friends Punishment..This is story bout my best friends punishment sex, anal & enema.
so one night last week My friend asked me if she could go visit a friend of hers she was younger then me my friend is 18 im 26 I told her yes you can go but be home before mid-night, she never did come home that night, not till round 11am in the morning, then i found out she had been drinking and smoking when i told her to NEVER do that and other stuff she did, Little did she knwo the puinisment i had in store for her. 
I had made her to to the bathroom and made her get totally undressed, I told her now bed over the tub I went to teh closet to get the 5qt enema bag and i filled it with warm water used a thick nozzle, put lube on it and started to shove it in her butt, the nozzle would not go all the way in, almost not even half way, she had a major blockage,so i started to push the nozzle again the blockage harder & harder, she started to move around and trying to get away i tired her up and kept on pushing the nozzle harder & harder against the blockage, i held it there for a very long time, I then used my a shower shot enema thing, to get the blockage out it worked well, then i went back to using the bag and shoved the nozzle in her deep & hard made her take the hole bag, then made her hold it for a while, then gave her few more after that then brtought her into her bed room where i layed her on the bed
i put 3 fingers deep into her butt and moved em around, she did not like that, then i shoved my penis deep & hard into her ass and fucked her very very hard, she was in pain and asked why are you doing this i said back to her because you didnt listen to me this is a punishment i fucked her harder & harder in the ass, then i fucked her very very hard in the pussy she was in pain, but i kept going, i did it for bout an hour then after that i said hope you learned your lesson, and next time you better listen to me or ill do this all over again to you, 
she learned her lesson well, from that time on she listend to me and was a good teen girl