'If you can find me, you can have me'


It was another dull day in the office, and I was very easily distracted by her. I just couldn’t help but stare; the curve of her ass, her cleavage tempting my eyes, those beautiful red lips. I had slept with Kaitlin before, after a few drinks on a works night out. Now as my eyes pierced into her I was remembering what a great shag she was, how that night she had begged me to fuck her harder, she was pure filth and I loved it!
She looked up at me, and embarrassed I quickly looked away. A couple of minutes later my phone beeped. The text instantly made my cock stiff, It was Kaitlin: ‘So horny x. ’
I was feeling cheeky so decided to play the game. ‘You’re looking so hot today, your tits look amazing x’
I anxiously awaited her reply, and was totally caught off guard by what she sent, a photo looking straight down the top of her shirt. Fuck me what a pair, the perfect shape. Her low cut bra left little to the imagination, but I couldn’t quite make out her nipples. ‘Got anything else to show me? x’ I replied.
Boy did she, the next photo was of her sweet, smooth pussy! Straight up her skirt, no knickers, just her cunt glistening from the flash of her camera phone. By the looks of it she really was horny! I responded with my own photo, a shot of the massive hard on she was giving me! I saw her check her phone and she got up. She didn’t even look at me as she walked around the corner. Then came the reply,
‘If you can find me you can have me x’ I knew exactly where she’d be. It was 2 o’ clock, time to refill the photocopier.

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   I knew as I always watched her bend over to fill the draws, I’m sure she got off on the fact she was showing the whole office her ass. I stood up, trying to hide my hard on, and headed for the store room.
She was waiting for me. As I walked in and closed the door, she smiled at me. She turned around and lifted up her skirt. ‘Be quick, I’ve got loads to do. ’ Her 3 inch heels and those long, shapely legs put her at the perfect height as my trousers dropped. I pressed the head of my cock against her sweet pussy lips and she seemed to suck me in, like a vacuum. Fucking hell she was so wet and my cock filled her instantly. I slipped all the way in and paused, savouring the feeling of her soft cunt. She wasn’t content to savour the moment, she had already began bucking back against me. I grabbed a hold of her firm ass and started to drive my dick in and out of her. She was trying not to make too much noise but every now and then she let out the hottest little moans and gasps. She grabbed hold of the shelf to steady herself, and tossed her long blonde hair to one side as she turned around to look at me. I’d found my rhythm, thrusting in and out of her, her pussy was on fire!
It didn’t take long for her to climax, she was playing with her clit as I fucked her and the feeling of her fingers flicking against my balls meant I wasn’t going to last much longer.

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   I put my arm around her waist and thrust deep into her. I felt her pussy tighten and her mouth fell open as she moaned aloud in pleasure. Kaitlin hopped off my knob and turned around, kissing me with the sexiest little grin. She started to undo her shirt as she got to her knees. She unclasped her bra, those luscious tits bouncing free.
‘I know exactly what you want’ she said, the words sent a tingle down my spine. She looked straight into my eyes as she took my cock into her hands. She had come all over my dick so the feeling of her fingers wrapping around my wet shaft as she cupped my balls with her other hand tipped me over the edge. With just 3 pumps of my cock I was coming. ‘Fuuuuck,’ I groaned as my sperm hit her right in the middle of her chest and ran down between her tits. It splattered across her breasts and over her pert little nipples. Her tits were covered in my spunk, she was milking me for every last drop and only let my cock go once I had started to go soft. Kaitlin reached for some toilet paper and cleaned herself up. I pulled up my trousers and slumped against the wall trying to catch my breath. She re-hooked her bra, buttoned up her shirt and shook her ass in my face as she straightened her skirt.


   She gave me a kiss, ‘Thanks, I think Ill be horny again about the same time tomorrow,’ she said with a cheeky smile as she left. I returned to my desk, I’d not even been gone 10 minutes!