Injury gone right


A few months ago I decided to pick up Tae Kwon Do at a studio near my university. I needed something else to help keep me in shape, and I figured it would be a nice way to learn a little self defense. I had been studying at this studio for a few weeks when all of a sudden one of the prettiest girls I've ever met walked in. Her name was Sarah, and all I could think was DAMN. I spent a little while talking to her, just small talk, then I commented on where she went to school. She kind of laughed a bit, I thought I had made a mistake and estimated her age a bit low. She looked young, good, I figured around 19. I live in a college town, so I figured she'd been in college like me. When she laughed, all I could think was 'oh uh, I'm a creep, she's still in high school. ' Turns out, I was wrong. She was 27, worked as a physical therapist nearby. I was stunned, no way was this girl 27. We kept talking, a little flirting going on, but then I felt disappointment. . . I noticed a ring on her left hand.

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After that I kind of cooled it with thinking about her. At least, when she wasn't around. But every time that I came in for a lesson and she was there, I could feel my heart skip a beat. She'd always flash that beautiful smile at me. Always say hi, that silky voice making my knees go weak a bit. But always, I'd glance at her ring.
 But anyway, after a few months at the school, I was promoted to the next belt level and allowed to start sparring. My first day, who did I end up sparring but Sarah. I couldn't help but take it easy on her, even though she didn't take it easy on me. Right after she rocked me with a hell of a side kick I realized, there's something a little sexy about a girl who can whoop your ass.
A few weeks passed and occasionally I'd see her on sparring day, and we'd fight a bit. And then came last week. I had slowly been going a bit harder on her, and last week I had had a really rough day. I started out against one of the black belts and I started getting really frustrated. I got a little too rough, a little too much into it, but he was a black belt so he was used to it.

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   Next I moved to Sarah. She wasn't a black belt. And I had forgotten that. She started off hard, kicking me hard and making me a pay a bit. Then she kicked me and I blocked her foot. A little too hard. I cracked her shin hard with my forarm, and just dropped her to the ground. My instructor yelled at me for a bit, but I helped move her off to the side. I took off her shin pads and her foot pad and took a look at her leg.
First thing I thought was of me kneeling in front of her, sliding her pant leg up, my fingertips brushing her smooth legs, looking up at that face of hers. Then I got back to what I was doing, looking at her leg. I left a nasty looking bruise already, but I didn't seem to mess it up too bad. I apologized to her profusely, then got back in the ring for a few more rounds, which my instructor decided to go against me.
At the end of the lesson, after my head stopped hurting from his kicks, I got changed and headed out to the lobby. There Sarah was sitting, having changed out of her uniform.

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   I apologized to her again, asking if there was anything I could do to make it up to her. She smiled at me, and said, "well, I didn't get a chance to eat anything, you buy me dinner and we'll call it even. " I didn't wait for her to say it again.
We went to the diner across the street and talked for a while. Before I knew it, I checked my watch and realized it was about 1am. We had been sitting and talking for a good 3 hours. I paid and we got ready to leave, and she was mentioning her hour drive home and how tired she was. I offered her the couch of my house, told her I would appreciate it, another way to make it up to her. She accepted and I just drove her back to my place, leaving her car at the studio. We had another lesson early in the morning, so she would just pick it up then.
We got back to my place and I showed her around. She had been a little extra flirty tonight and it was fun. I showed her around and finally she asked to see where I'd be sleeping. I smiled and took her downstairs. I share a house with 3 of my friends, but the house only has 3 rooms, so we converted the basement to my room.

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   I take her downstairs and she was amazed. I had finally finished setting the place up as my room and a mini gym. She laughs as she sees my hanging punching bag and decides to get another little workout. She starts hitting it, and I head over to turn on my workout music and set the lights.
I installed some black lights, I find that it makes my workouts more fun. I play some music, she starts hitting, and I can't help but watch her. She was wearing dark sweat pants and a white shirt, her blonde hair held in a pony tail. She turns and smiles at me, the black lights lighting up her smile. I put my hands up, guarding myself as she playfully starts hitting me. I block a few, then before I know it she moved in and learned one of the takedowns we learned in my extra MMA classes. She wrapped her arms around me, hooked my leg, pushed me over and before I knew it, she was on top of me, mounted.
My mouth was open in shock and she took advantage. She popped me on the nose, not hard but certainly not light. So I did the first thing I could think of and pulled her head down to me, cutting the distance so she couldn't throw any more punches. Except I wasn't quite paying attention and pulled her head to mine.

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   Her lips to mine. I didn't try, but I pulled her down into a kiss. She stopped fighting me and stayed in the kiss for a bit. Then amazingly enough she started kissing me back. My arms reached around her, pulling her close to me, and her hands went to my head, playing with my hair. She pulled back and smiled at me.
"Good takedown, but you didn't prepare for the counter" I said, as I tucked her arm, bucked her and rolled over, me between her legs. I leaned back down and kissed her deeply. Her legs wrapped around me, her kisses getting deeper and rougher, her hands pulling on my shirt, lifting it up. I lean up, her legs still wrapped around me, pull my shirt off, and move back down to kiss her. She rolls me over, straddling me again, this time I let her. She leans up on me and takes off her shirt too, her white bra glowing in the blacklight. She kisses me, smiling as she pulls back and slowly kisss her way down my jaw, down my neck, and slowly moving down.
I can feel her tongue as it moves down my chest, her bra as it lightly touches my stomach, as she pulls out her hairtie, her hair draping across my body. Before I know it, she's pulling down on my gym shorts.

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   I look down at her shocked as I feel her hand gripping my hardening cock. I can't see anyything, the mix of her hair and black lights making her invisible. But I can feel her. I can feel as she takes the head of my cock in her mouth and flicks the tip with her tongue. I can feel as she shoves it all the way down her throat, her deep throating my 8 inch dick. She keeps bouncing up and down on my cock, her hand jerking my the bottom of my cock as she sucks on the head. She pulls off and starts licking my balls as she jerks my cock. She moves back to my dick, sucking it hard, and I feel myself ready to come. I put my hand on her head and tell her I'm about to cum. Her reaction is to just move faster, and that turns me on even more. I erupt in her mouth and I can feel her swallowing as I cum. She picks her head up and smiles at me, and I can see a bit of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth, shining in the black light.
She stands up over me, turns around and bends over as she pushes down her pants, her sweats moving down over that wonderful ass of hers, showing off the thong she has on underneath it. She pushes them down to her feet then kicks them off, then slowly peels down her panties, bending over as she does. Then she straddles me, my half hard dick in front of her as she starts rubbing her pussy.

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   She slips a finger inside of herself, pulls it out and using the same finger, wipes up the last bit of my cum on her chin and licks hr finger clean. That sight makes my cock hard again, making her smile. My rock hard cock right in front of her, she scoots forward a bit and slowly sits on my dick.
The greatest feeling I ever felt. Her tight warmth envelops my cock. She lets out a gutteral moan as she does. After what feels like the most pleasurable eternity, she has me all the way inside her. She starts rocking her hips back and forth as she posts her arms over my heads. I lean up and kiss her, and I can taste traces of our juices on her lips. My hands reach up to her sides, slowly sliding down to her ass, cupping her, rubbing and squeezing the best feeling ass I've ever grabbed. I smack it slightly and she moans louder, smiling at me. I roll us over so I'm on top, and I feel determined to just destroy her pussy. Slowly, I pull out, til just the head is in, and I thrust forward hard, knocking her forward. She wraps her legs around me and pulls her self back, sinking my cock back into her. I grab her hips and start rocking her against me as I thrust in and out of her.

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 This goes on for a while, her moaning loudly, screaming practically, her hands grabbing my forarms, scratching me as I keep thrusting into her. I lean down and kiss her, or try to, as she is panting so much that she can't close her mouth to kiss me. She arches her back and screams loud. I can feel her pussy clamping down on my pussy. I try to hold off and cum in her, filling her pussy. I fall down on top of her, kissing her deeply, as I end up rolling over off of her. I put my arm under her head and pull her close to me and we fall asleep on the floor.
I wake up a few hours later to a hand rubbing my balls.
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