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It was 3 o?clock in the morning and Victoria woke up to that familiar tingle in her pussy. Getting out of bed and walking out onto her balcony so she wouldn?t have to worry about her mom or sister coming in to find her. Removing her nightshirt and panties she laid back into the lounge chair with legs spread open. Victoria started by running her hands all over her tummy stopping to play with her belly button then she moved her hands up to her breast. Sliding her hands up under her breast Vicki laid her head back to enjoy the feel of her breast in the hands. With palms opened Vicki slowly moved her hands over her erect nipples in a circular motion, she then started to knead and pull them. With eyes closed she let out a small moan of pleasure. Vicki started to think about the one cock she?d ever seen her neighbor Mr. McCain. Once at a pool party it had popped out of the leg of his swimming trunk. She imagined him sitting stroking his dick watching her as she played with herself. He beckons her to him she seductively crawls over to him and he offers her his cock. She cautiously gave his cock a quick lick she watched a drop of precum traveled down his shaft. Sticking out her tongue she licks it up marveling at its sweet and salty flavor. Ever so slowly her left hand journeyed down to caress her hairless mound. Stroking her pussy nice, easy and real slow, her fingers traveled up and down her entire slit she moaned and thought to herself how good this felt.

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   Her pussy felt so soft and smooth, and oh so hot. In her mind Vicki had just slid Mr. McCain?s dick into her mouth she started by just sucking the head but inch-by-inch he feeds her more of his cock, the suction of her mouth and tongue increases. She strokes the rest of his shaft while she bobs up and down on the bit that was in her mouth. As she thought about this she inserted a finger in between her lips she was surprised at how wet she was already. Getting her index finger nice and wet she started moving it up and down her lips finally resting on her clit. Using her index finger Vicki made slow circles all around her hard little nub. Slowly at first but as the tides of pleasure race through her pussy she rubs down harder and faster on her nub. Back in her deepest thoughts Mr. McCain started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. His strokes were slow at first but as he moved on his pace became faster and more erratic. He grabbed her head and started to really fuck her mouth, Vicki was choking but she continue on. Slamming his cock into her mouth while he held her head firmly between his hands. He cried out and started grasping as jets of hot liquid cum spewed out from his cock head and into Vicki?s waiting mouth. Vicki tried her best to swallow it all but it was too much.

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   Softly uttering moans of pleasure, Vicki suckles and pulls on her nipple. She feels the tides crashing together inside of her pussy. Her whole body starts to tingle; she then whips her finger in and out of her snatch real fast lifting her hips to meet the thrust of her fingers. ?Mmmmmm oh yeesssssss that?s it,? ?Oooohhhhhh Mr. McCain yes yes. ? Vicki writhing in ecstasy lets out a small cry as she explodes into a mind-blowing orgasm that leaves her weak and breathless. As she regains control of her body she sees a sudden movement of light. Someone had been watching her the thought both excited and frighten her to know someone had been watching a very private moment. The movement had come from her neighbors the McCain?s house. I wonder whom it could have been she wonders to herself. Maybe Mr. McCain the thought that it could have been him was enough to get her pussy hot and dripping wet again. ?What am I getting myself worked up for Mr. McCain would never give me a second glance?? Feeling the effects of such a powerful climax Vick yawns and gets up and heads back to bed. Sleep comes as soon as she touches her pillow.

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  Ryan McCain was 35 married with 2 kids Scott 16 and Nico 15 he was 6? 2?? 210 lbs. , not a blemish on his smooth hairless body except for under his arms, he had a surfers built his chest was well defined and so was his abdomen with a perfect six-pack that most guys would be envious of. He was also well endowed with a long and meaty 10 in. cock. He had blue eyes with specks of gold that sparkled when he smiled, short spiky blonde hair, and cute cherry lips. Unknown to Vicki it had been Ryan that had been watching her stroking his big cock as he watched the horny nineteen year old. He had been out on his balcony reclining in his favorite chair looking up at the sky when he heard the sound of a door being open he turn to see a vision of pure beauty little Victoria Andrews in all her glory. She had been a stead image for his jerk off sessions lately. Victoria intrigued him he wondered how someone so beautiful that could get anything or anyone she wanted could be so shy and quiet. As long as he had known her she probably only said a handful of words to him and they had lived beside each other for 10 years now. Everyone male in their little community wanted little Victoria Andrews and ever female envied her of that. He affectionately called her lil gg or the ?Good Girl? because of the way she acted and the fact that she always did what he asked of her, he wondered if that was still true. He thought back to what he had overheard his son and a few friends of his say that Victoria was still a virgin and how one of them would like to be the first one to tear that caramel pussy up. That?s when he began to really notice her. She had really grown up quite nicely.

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   Her pouty full lips begged to be kissed and fucked, her breast were the perfect size not too big and not too small, then there were those legs that appear to go on and on, and last but not least was her firm tight ass that seem to draw, tease, and sway seductively in front of you. What he noticed most about her that turned him on even more was the childlike innocence to her, that suggested that butter wouldn?t melt in her mouth. What he wouldn?t do to get inside of that mouth to have it suck and taste him. As he thought about all this his dick became almost instantly hard. But he would never be able to get inside her she was after all the lil gg. So imagine his surprise when she began to take off her clothes and fondle her sweet perky young breast. If he wasn?t fully hard before he certainly was now. Using his telescope for better viewing he watched her rub her hands around her nipples. The sight of her playing with herself had him reaching into his boxers for his dick giving it a few tugs. Looking through the scope he saw her slid her hand to her cunt lips sliding it up and down. His cock begged to be released from its confines. So he pulled it out and tucked his boxers? waistband under his balls. He closed his hand around his big dick and began to stroke it. His large balls jiggled between his legs as he pumped. Positioning the telescope just right Ryan watches as she starts to rub her nub in slow circles then picking up speed as her pleasure increases.

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   Gripping his cock at the base with his left hand he begins stroking the top 5 inches with his right hand. Leaning back into his chair Ryan continues to watch Vicki, he bents his knees and begins slowly thrusting his hips (as if he was sliding in and out of her pussy). He watched as she put two fingers inside of her cunt and started to thrust her hips as she approaches her climaxes she calls his name softly, his legs stiffen he grunts and moans with pleasure silently and starts to shoot his load. Pumping the last remaining drops of cum from his balls, Ryan wonders how he was going to get inside of lil gg?s virgin pussy because now more than ever he had to have her and have her he will. As he pulls his boxers back up and goes in he thinks to himself, but how?To be continued or not?This is my first attempt at a story. Please be gentle, any input would be greatly appreciated. If you think I should continue with this story please let me know. . is the best online escort service in Belgium!

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