Me and Allison


Topic: Me and Allison part 1 This is my first attempt at writing something of this nature, so please bare with me if you find any mistakes.   This is actually a work of pure fiction.   Any similarities between characters in this story and real people is pure coincedence.
  Have you ever met someone that you just couldn’t get out of your mind?  You know what I mean, someone you could not stop thinking about.   Someone that you desperately wanted to take to bed and just screw both her and yourself silly.   Well, this is a fantasy about just such a person.   Her name is Allison, someone I met quite some time ago.   The time frame and actual names have been changed to protect the guilty, namely me.
  Let me set some background before I get into the actual story.   Allison is the daughter of a good friend of mine that I had known for about 13 years.   Mattie and I met through the place where I worked at the time.   She came in to the store to purchase a gift and I happened to wait on her.   We didn’t seem to have exactly what she was looking for though.   She and her daughter both collected certain items and Mattie was looking for something special in that area.   I said that I’d see what I could do to find something for her.   It was for her daughter’s birthday and would be needed within 2 weeks as a present.


    I said I would check our other locations and let her know if I came across anything.   She left her phone number so I could reach her when I found something.
  About 3 days later I actually found what I thought she wanted at one of the chain’s stores in the next county.   I asked if I could get them to transfer it to our location and they said no problem.   When it arrived, I called Mattie and told her what I had found.   She said it sounded perfect.   She said she was unable to pick it up as she had seriously sprained an ankle and could not drive being in a soft cast at the time.   I said no problem, as we would hold it for her.   At this point she said that it was needed sooner than originally planned as they were having to go out of town and would be gone during the week of the birthday.   She then asked if I would mind paying for the item and then bring it to her home and she would repay me for it.   I checked with the manager and he said that it would be okay, as long as I didn’t use the employee’s discount to purchase it.   I relayed the okay to Mattie and said I could drop it by that evening if it was okay with her.   She said that would be great and would be expecting me after I got off work at 6:00 PM. and gave me the address and directions.   She also mentioned that her daughter would be the one to let me in and to just say that I was delivering something to her Mother.

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  When I arrived, I was met at the door by a very attractive young lady. That young lady turned out to be Allison.   I guessed she was about 18 or 19 and reminded me of a TV star I had had a crush on for some time.    I told her who I was and why I was there.   She let me in and said her Mother was in the den resting her foot.   As she led me into the den I couldn’t stop staring at her.   She had shoulder length brown hair and was about 5 foot 4 inches tall.   I had noticed her brown eyes when she greeted me at the door.   I had also noticed that she probably had about 34 B cup size breasts.   She was a real attractive young lady.
  Now I am not an overly attractive guy, about average.   Don’t get me wrong, I am reasonably fit, as I am retired military and kept up my morning workouts.   I am 40 years old, 5 foot 8 inches tall and about 175 pounds with dark brown hair and blue eyes.   I had had a Van Dyke beard for a while, but had recently shaved it, keeping just the mustache.   But, I just knew there was no way I could get anywhere with her, being better than twice her age.

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    But, a guy can dream, can’t he.
  Entering the den, Mattie greeted me asking if it was okay that she not get up.   I said no problem and walked over to hand her the package I carried.   She then introduced me to Allison and then had her go get her purse from her room.   I watched her as she left the room wishing she would notice me.  Mattie coughed to get my attention and then thanked me for the trouble I had gone to to find her what she was wanting.   I said she might want to take a quick peek at it while Allison was out of the room; just to be sure it was what she wanted.   She cracked the lid on the box just far enough to see it, then closed it and said it was the very thing and would do quite nicely.   As Allison returned and handed her Mother the purse, Mattie said that I might like something to drink and would she please get me a Coke or whatever I’d like.   I said that I would prefer iced tea if they had any.   Allison said they sure did as they actually drank more tea than soda.   At this point she left for the kitchen to return with a tall glass filled with ice and tea.   I was asked to sit down and get comfortable until I finished the tea.   I sat opposite Mattie on the sofa and to my surprise Allison sat down next to me.   I had figured she would have something to do and not stick around.

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    As we talked I mentioned that I was retired Navy.   At that, Allison got quite interested and said that she had been thinking about enlisting in the Navy since she could not find a college she wanted to attend at this time.   As it turned out I was wrong about her age.   She was actually 22 and had been living with her father in Florida for the last couple of years.   They had had a big disagreement about something so she moved back in with her Mom.
  We talked for some time with Allison asking all types of questions about Navy life.   I answered them as best I could and said that I would do it all over again if I had to.   I had traveled quite extensively during my Navy career and had been to a lot of foreign countries that I would probably have never gotten to if not in the Navy.   Allison was really paying close attention to everything I said about the Navy.   As we talked I finished the tea and then said that I had better go, as I still had to get home and figure out what I was going to fix for supper.   Allison showed me to the door and then thanked me for the information about the Navy.   As I walked to my car to leave I took one last look back at the door.   To my surprise, Allison was still standing in the door and waved bye.   Driving home I kept thinking about Allison, but figured I’d probably never see her again.   While at work over the next couple of weeks, I often thought of Allison and what I would love to do with her.

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    I eventually gave up that idea as I knew they were out of town.  
  The next day at work the phone rang and the manager answered it.   Then holding the phone out he said it was for me.   I took the receiver wondering who would be calling me at work.   All of my friends knew I was not to get personal calls at work.   You can’t imagine how surprised I was when I heard Allison’s voice on other end.   She said that while out of town, she and her Mom had talked a lot about the possibility of her joining the Navy and she had made a decision and wanted to let me know what it was.   I said of course I wanted to know and waited for her to tell me what it was.   She said that she wasn’t going to tell me on the phone and wanted to meet me after work somewhere.   I said there was a nice coffee shop a couple of stores down from where I worked and would meet her there at about 6:15.   She agreed and hung up saying see you then.   I was in a daze the rest of the day until I left work and walked to the coffee shop to wait for Allison.   I was surprised to see her standing by the door already waiting on me.
  As I got closer, I saw that she was wearing a dark blue skirt and white sleeveless blouse and sandals.   I really got a surprise, when I got close enough; she stepped in and gave me a quick kiss, not on the cheek, but on the lips.

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    Stepping back I shook my head and opened the door for her to enter.   I followed her in and we found a booth and sat down.   I told her to order what ever she wanted as it was my treat.   She said like hell.   She was the one who called and wanted to meet, so she was paying.   I started to protest, but she held up her hand as said that I had helped her make up her mind about enlisting and so she was paying, or else.   I asked, or else what?  She said she’d give me a good spanking if I didn’t let her pay.   Hey, what was a fellow going to do?  I didn’t want to make a scene in here so said okay, fine.
  We had coffee and each had a slice of pie to go with it.   She said that she had decided to enlist and would be signing her papers next week and would be leaving for boot camp 2 weeks after that.   As we ate our pie, drank the coffee and talked, it started to rain and gradually got heavier.   When we finished and Allison had paid the check, it was really coming down.   I asked where she was parked and she answered that her Mom had dropped her off as her car was in the shop.   I told her I was glad to take her home and that I was parked just around the corner in the employee’s lot.   Taking her hand we dashed out into the downpour and around to my car.

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    Since there had not been any rain in the forecast and neither of us had an umbrella, we both got a complete soaking.   I unlocked the passenger side door and opened it for her to get in.   Then I went around to the driver’s side and got in myself.   We looked at each other and just starting laughing.   It was at that moment that I noticed that Allison’s blouse was almost transparent from being wet.   I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples and areolas were plainly visible beneath the fabric.   At this my cock started to lengthen down my pants leg and becoming   somewhat uncomfortable.   I didn’t want to adjust myself and draw attention to my growing hard-on.   I forced myself to look out the windshield as I started the car to take her home.   But, the sight of those breasts kept running through my mind and I had a difficult time concentrating on my driving.
  I did finally make it to her place and pulled in the driveway.   It was still raining, though it had let up a good bit.   So, we sat there hoping it would stop so Allison wouldn’t get any wetter going to the door.   She chatted a bit as we sat there waiting.   Finally she said that it didn’t look like the rain would stop and needed to go in.

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    I said that I’d wait until she was inside before leaving.   Just as she was getting out of the car it started raining heavier again.   She said that I might as well come in and wait since it was coming down in buckets and was afraid I’d get in an accident driving home.   Now her blouse had dried on the ride here, but was now getting soaked again and becoming transparent again.
  She said she wasn’t going in unless I came in with her and asked if I wanted to be the cause of her catching pneumonia and not being able to go into the Navy.   So, I got out of the car with a stiffening hard-on and followed her to the door.   She unlocked it and stepped inside motioning for me to come in.   I stepped inside and was again struck by the sight of her nearly naked breasts beneath the wet blouse.   I stammered out a question of what her Mother would think of my coming in at this time of night.   She answered that her Mom was visiting her sister and probably either wait for the rain to quit or not come home until morning.   She now led the way into the den and went over to the fireplace to start a fire.   After getting the fire going she said she’d get a towel so I could dry off some.   I jokingly said that I’d have to get out my wet clothes in order to dry off.   This was said to her retreating back as she headed down the hall toward the bathroom.   She flung back (looking over her shoulder) to go ahead, she wouldn’t care as she planned on changing out her wet clothes anyway.

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    I said I had nothing to change into and would leave my under shorts on so as not to embarrass her.   Therefore, I proceeded to remove my shirt and hang it where it would dry from the fire.   I hopped around getting my shoes and socks off, as I didn’t want to sit on the furniture and transfer wet from my clothes to them.   I was still hopping around trying to remove my last sock when she retuned with towels.   She stopped and starting laughing at me asking if I knew how funny I looked doing that.
Looking up at her I promptly fell on my ass, which made her laugh all the harder. Having finally gotten the sock off, I sat there looking at her.   She had changed while out of the room and was wearing a terry cloth bathrobe. It was loosely tied at the waist and the top portion slightly gapped open showing her cleavage and an ample of amount breast.   To my disappointment, the lower section did not gap to show me her lower charms.   She walked over and bent over to hand me the towel she carried.   At which point, the top gapped even further allowing me a glimpse of a naked nipple.   Dropping the towel in my lap, she stood up and went over to sit in the sofa.   She said I better get my wet pants off before I soaked the carpet.   Still sitting on the floor I wiggled out of my pants and tossed them over in front of the fireplace.

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    Sitting there in just my boxer shorts, I tried to conceal my grow hard-on that was now trying to push through the fly.   As I sat there with my hands in my lap I looked at Allison sitting on the sofa.   The robe had parted some around her legs and I tried to see under it to determine if she was wearing panties.
  She caught me staring and asked what I was doing looking up her robe.   I tried to stammer out that I was sorry, but since she was so good looking and sitting there in that robe, I couldn’t help myself.   While I was trying to say my apology, she leaned forward and the top gapped open again.   I never could manage to say anything, as now both breasts were visible inside the robe.   What I hadn’t noticed was what she was looking at while I was looking at her.   As it turned out, she was getting a peek at the tip of my cock now sticking out of the fly of my shorts.   Feeling embarrassed at getting caught, I finally managed to say I was sorry.   She said why be sorry when she was looking at what I had while I was looking at what she had.   I then tried to cover myself with the towel to hide my cock.   She said that since my boxers were wet also, I should take them off also.   But I have nothing to put on instead, I said.   Well use the towel then, she replied.


    So, with the towel draped over my legs and hiding my crotch area, I wiggled out my under shorts and tossed them over with the rest of my clothes.
  She sat there and laughed at me the whole time I was getting my shorts off and not noticing that the belt of the robe had come loose and the front was hanging even further open.   This just caused the towel to stick up in the middle like a circus tent and my cock was the center tent pole.   Her laughter slowly subsided and she just stared at my lap as I stared at her.   This soon brought on another bout of laughter but this time from both of us.   Allison said that since we both were trying to see what the other had, why not just take everything off and let each other see what they wanted to see.   This said, she stood up and let the robe fall off her shoulders and drop to the floor.   I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and stared at the most beautiful vision I could ever remember seeing.
  She now walked over and stood in front of me, her pussy at just about my eye level.   I gazed at a neatly trimmed patch of hair that left her pussy bare, but had just a small thin strip of hair above.   I hardly heard her ask if I liked what I saw.   Then pointing at my lap she said that she knew some part of me did whether or not I could talk to admit it.   Looking down at my lap, I couldn’t remember ever being so hard and the towel was really sticking up in the middle.   Allison then leaned over and grabbed the towel from my lap leaving me almost as naked as she was.   I say almost, because I don’t shave my pubic hair as she does.


    I said I hoped her Mother didn’t walk in at the moment.   Her answer was that she knew Mattie would not walk in on us because she called her while getting the towel for me.   Mattie was going to spend the night at her sister’s and therefore we had the place to ourselves until about 9:00 AM.
  I asked her if she had planned this from the start.   The answer was yes; all but the rain and it had just made things easier.   Again I questioned her, asking if her Mom was aware of her plans.   Once again she replied, yes and her Mom approved.   Her Mom said she was a grown woman, she could do as she wanted; just don’t flaunt it in front of her.   With that answered, I reached up and pulled her down onto the floor with me.   I then proceeded to take her in my arms and kiss her.   As our tongues dueled over which was going to be in who’s mouth, I tentatively reached out and cupped her left breast in my hand.   While I was doing that, she was reaching into my lap to get a grip on my stiff cock.   She broke the kiss and said she was going to call me her ringmaster and would love sliding up and down my tent pole.   I answered that it might be somewhat difficult, as my pole wasn’t greased.
  Allison said she could take care of that and proceeded to slide back on the floor until she was lying with her head in my lap.

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    She looked up at me as she slowly ran her tongue up one side of my pole and then down the other, back up that side and down the first.   All I could do was moan at the pleasure I was experiencing from her licking.   She said that that was just the preliminary lubrication.   With that she opened her mouth and proceeded to engulf the head of my cock.   There was no words to describe the sensations I was feeling at that moment, I just moaned a bit louder.   Now she ran her tongue around the head, which sent shivers of ecstasy up my spine.
  Now I wanted to return the pleasure she was giving me and said so.   Her response was to lift her mouth off of me and said, no she had me where she wanted me for now and I could like it or leave.   Who was going to argue with that; I leaned back and enjoyed every second as she again took me in her mouth.   This time she just kept going down until I could feel the back of her throat witt the head of my cock.   I thought there was no way she would take the last inch and a half of my 6 1/2 inch pole, but she proved how wrong I was.   She just swallowed and slid on down until her nose was being tickled by my pubic hairs.   Again I could do nothing but moan with pleasure.   She slowly lifted up and pulled me from her throat, only to slide back down to the very bottom again.   I knew that if she kept that up for much longer, I was going to cum down her throat and I had other plans for where to shoot my first load.

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  I said she had better stop if she didn’t want to be drowned when I came as I expected to give her a really big load.   With that, she removed me from her mouth and finally said that it was my turn.   I jokingly asked for what as I had eaten a slice of pie earlier at the coffee shop.   She reached over and punched me hard in the arm and said that what she was offering was a totally different type of pie.   The type she had for me wasn’t as filling as what I had before and had far fewer calories as well.   So, I kept up the joking and asked where was this delicious pie she had for me.   She lay on her back with her legs toward me and spread them as far as she could and just pointed to her pussy and said, here it is, sorry it isn’t cherry, but it was still good enough to eat.   I asked for a fork and she said that I’d not need one; I’d be able to just lick it up.   So, with the jokes finished, I decided to have my second helping of pie for the night.
  I stretched out on the floor with my head between her legs and then inched forward until I was nose to lip with her pussy.   AHH, the aroma of it was heavenly as I deeply inhaled her essence and my mouth began to water.   Guess I was hungrier than I thought I was.   I used my fingers to gently spread her lips so I could just see the pinkness of her insides and the beginning of her clit peaking out from its hiding place.   I leaned in and lightly ran my tongue from the bottom up to just short of her clit.   MMMMM, I mumbled as I tasted her juices for the first time and I will say there was a lot of it.

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    So, I just dove in and lapped it up like a man dying of thirst from crossing Death Valley without a canteen.   I purposely did not make contact with her love button, as I wanted to drive her as mad as she had me.   Shortly she begged me to make her cum.   I said she was going to have to wait a moment as I had other plans on how to make her cum the first time.
  I looked up at her with her juices running off of my chin and just winked at her as I moved forward.   I stopped long enough to pay homage to her beautiful tits by kissing each nipple and run my tongue around each for a minute or so.   She finally had enough and pulled me up by my ears and said that if I didn’t fuck now, I had better leave so she could go find someone who would.   Again, I wasn’t going to argue with her and eased my weight onto her making contact with her pussy with the tip of my cock.   She reached down and took hold of me and ran the head up and down her slit a few times before settling it at the very portal to heaven.   I started to slowly enter her, but she grabbed my ass and just pulled me down on top of her forcing me to shove my entire length into her.   I just lay there for a minute savoring the feel of her inner sheath holding me tight and do mean tight.   Though she had let on that she was not a virgin, she sure hadn’t had had many men, as she was a tight fit. But, it sure was a beautiful fit and felt great.   After a couple of minutes she pushed her hips up and said, now fuck me good.   I want to remember this while at boot camp at Great Lakes, Chicago.

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    With that in mind, I set out to give her a fucking she would never forget, let alone just until boot camp was over.   I pulled out until just the head was still in her and then slowly pushed back in.   I pulled out and pushed in nice and slow until she begged me to fuck her faster and harder.   Being an accommodating person, I picked up the speed and force of my movements.  Soon she was moaning and shaking her head from side to side with her eyes squeezed shut.   Finally she said she was about to cum and wanted me to cum with her.   I said I’d pull out and cum on her belly as I wasn’t wearing a condom. Don’t worry; I’m on the pill, cum inside me.   I want to feel your cum splash inside me.
  With that I sped up some and just as she let out a scream that she was cumming, I did too.   It was just as large a load as I thought it would be.   I just kept cumming and cumming.   I was buried as deep as I could get inside her and there just wasn’t enough room for me and all of the cum I gave her.   It started to ooze out around me and run down the crack of her ass and puddle in the carpet.   I finally stopped cumming and rolled off of her to lie beside her.

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    She said we would need to wipe the carpet off when we were finished.   I asked what she meant by, when we were finished?  She replied that she still hadn’t gotten the desert she wanted and we might just be adding to the puddle in the carpet.   I just shook my head and asked her if she ever quit.   She answered, no, not until she was fully satisfied.   With that she again turned around and took my now limp cock in her mouth.
  It was difficult to believe, but I was starting to get hard again already.   I had never gotten another hard on this soon after cumming.   Just goes to show what a determined woman with a talented mouth can do to raise the dead.    As she proceeded to bring me back to life, I grabbed her hips and turned her around we were in a 69 position.   As I drove my tongue into her, I tasted my own flavor mixed with her’s.   I could taste my saltiness mixed with her sweetness and loved the taste.   This time there was going to be no stopping either one of us from drinking the fluids we desired.   She bobbed her head up and down my pole and I kept licking her pussy.   Soon it appeared that we might be a contest to see who could make the other cum first.   So, I drove my tongue in deeper and faster and also took her clit in my lips and sucked on it while moving the tip of my tongue across it.

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    She was deep throating me and running her tongue around the crown.   One might say it was a tie as she started spasming on my face just as I shot into her mouth.   She kept sucking and swallowing the same as I did what she gave me.
  Spent, we rolled apart and just lay there calming down from our orgasmic highs.   Soon Allison got up saying she needed to go pee and headed toward the bathroom.   I also needed to pee and got up and followed her.   When she came out, she said she’d use the towel I had had draped over me to clean up the cum from the carpet.   But luckily, she only had one spot to clean up as she had not let any of my juices from her oral loving fall onto the carpet.    When I returned to the den, she had finished as best she could with the carpet.   We may need to have this professionally cleaned.   I can’t quite get all of it out and Mom might have a fit if it shows.   Maybe we should have moved into my bedroom before going as far as we did.   Looking at the clock on the wall, I noticed that it was now almost 2AM and said that I had better leave.   Allison said that if I must okay, but she didn’t really want me to.   I said I still needed to get a couple of hours sleep and staying there would not let that happen.

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    I did have to go into work that day, but thankfully not until noon.   I slowly got my dry clothes on and headed for the door.   Allison said we still had three weeks before she left and we needed to get together again before then.   I said that we definitely should and she escorted me to the door, still wearing just a big satisfied smile.   I drove home thinking of what would be better than what just happened if we did get together.   Well, that is another story and I’ll save that for later.
  If you would like more of “Me and Allison” please LMK and give me good reviews.   Any comments, whether positive or negative are welcomed.   How else am I going to learn how to improve my writing?  Send comments to AT1retired@aol. com
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Kenya is a country that never fails to capture the hearts of its tourists with its beautiful landscapes, wide range of wildlife, and lively cultures. Kenya is a unique country in a lot of ways, but one thing that stands out is its beautiful and varied women, who are often called Escort Kenya or Escort girls Kenya.

Escort girls Kenya
When used in this way, the word "escort" does not always mean something wrong or illegal. Instead, it shows how important it is for these women to show visitors their country's rich history, customs, and attractions. They are the hosts of their home country, Kenya. They show visitors around the vast savannahs, the busy cities, and the quiet coastal areas while embodying the beauty and spirit of Kenya.
Escorts in Kenya
Kenyan women are known for their stunning beauty, which comes from a mix of different ethnicities. Their faces show the many different cultures that make up Kenyan society. These cultures include Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kamba, and many more. Their friendly smiles and open attitudes make them the perfect travel partners for people who want to see more of the country.
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Tourism is a big part of Kenya's economy. Every year, millions of people visit the country to enjoy its natural beauty and cultural diversity. Kenya has a lot to offer every kind of traveller, from the majestic Mount Kenya to the awe-inspiring Great Rift Valley, from the busy city of Nairobi to the quiet beaches of Mombasa.
Kenya has exciting safari tours in national parks like the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Tsavo that are known all over the world. Here, you can see amazing animals like the "Big Five," which are lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceroses.People who are interested in culture tourism can learn a lot from the different Kenyan tribes and how they do things. Visitors can take part in traditional dances, try out local food, and learn about the towns' long and interesting histories.Kenya also has a lively nightlife, with Nairobi being the place to go for fun. From lively clubs with Afrobeat music to classy bars with food from around the world, the city has something for everyone.Escort girls Kenya are a big part of getting people to visit Kenya. Not only do they show off the beauty and history of their country, but they also show the spirit of hospitality that Kenya is known for. They are the link between tourists and the real Kenyan experience. They show tourists the country's many sights and give them a look into the country's heart and soul.In the end, Kenya is a country with many different things to see and do, from its beautiful scenery and wildlife to its rich cultures and lively nightlife. With their beauty and charm, the Escort girls Kenya add to the charm of this East African gem, making it a place that tourists from all over the world must visit.
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