My best friend


I sat on my bed with my bestfriend, lamare. We were bestfriends since pre-k and always hung out.
We were watching "Wolf Cry" and sitting on the bed pigging out.
We talked about everything, friends our past exs and moments we remembered forever.
I suddently remembered my ex Ricky who died october of last year.
I started to cry, and lavon just heald me saying it was okay.
I pushed him away and said "You have no idea".
"I have no idea? You have no idea. "
"You dont know what its like to hide your feelings"
"I dont what? Well let me just show you what feelings i have had. "
lamare kissed me and pulled away looking at me as if i was supose to say something bad.
"Wow, lamare where did that come from?"
"From here"
He pointed to his heart, and i leaned in to kiss him back. Then he pulled off his shirt, and began touching me all over and he put his hand up my shorts andbegan rubbing my clit. I pulled off my shirt, and my shorts and he slowly slide my thongs off of me. He looked at me and smiled, then he took off his paints and pulled off his boxers.
He was still for a miniute and then went for the move. He slide it inside of me and began pushing in and out and began going really fast making it feel good.

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About after one hour later we stopped because we both cummed and was  really tired.
From there on out me and lamare had sex alot and our freindship vanished and our love apeared.
Remember take your chances and maybe it will turn out the best you ever did.