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I had been working for too many hours recently, I was continuously worn out and would drop off to sleep anywhere any time. I know at that time I had been neglecting Paula and the kids but bills had to be paid. We had even had to take in a boarder Frank was eighteen and studying hard at Uni, he was at least a quiet guy well mannered too. He never seemed to go out with girls didn't smoke and didn't drink. One thing he did do was excersise, running, bike riding, weights as a result he had a bloody good body and from the way he looked in his bike shorts he hadn't been hiding behind the door when cock were being handed out. Paula had commented more than once that some lucky girl was going to be happy.
I was quite certain that with looking after two tearaway tots Paula was not going to be trying anything on with our boarder. Two months later I was a wreck as soon as I sat down after teaI was asleep, leaving Paula to put the kids to bed and do the washing up. At least she had Frank to help with the washing up, as I dozed off I heard Frank comment  "He's gone to sleep again". I awoke after a couple of hours to find Frank brushing Paula's hair as they watched the TV, their seemed to be something sensual about it, but I probably imagined it. I commented it was about bedtime and we headed off to bed, five minutes after my head hit the pillow I was asleep.
On the weekend I went to work on the Saturday, leaving Frank studying and Paula taking the kids to the beach. The only difference to the rest of the week was I had half a dozen beers before falling asleep. This time I had a strange dream Paula was kissing Frank in front of me, not just a friendly kiss but a full french kiss. Frank was saying "its okay he's dead to the world" before returning to kissing her. I woke later to find Frank again brushing Paula's hair though this time she was in a robe, if I had thought about it I would have wondered why she was already undressed.


   I had a coffee to help me wake up but I still felt like death warmed up hardly able to keep my eyes open, I said goodnight and went to bed, Paula joined me a little later.
My dream was a little strange, some was creeping into our bedroom and whispering and the bed was squeaking, stupid bloody dreams it was Paula getting up to go to the toilet. The next morning was Sunday, I woke up at about nine the bed alongside me was empty and cold. Just then Paula came in, she looked a little tired but when she saw me awake she said coffee was on and the kids burst into the room. I wondered about the cold bed but the kids must have been up early and she had gone to keep them quiet. At breakfast Frank looked a little tired but when I mentioned it he said he had been up half the night studying. After a fun family day I went to bed early again ready for work the following day. Paula came to bed late I thought I heard whispering outside the bedroom door just before she came in, but as she was already undressed ready for bed I must have imagined it.
By Tuesday I was back to sleeping in my chair as soon as I finished tea. Frank and Paula came in to watch TV later sitting next to each other on the sofa, I wasn't fully asleep.
" He's dead to the world again" Frank whispered. "How about a kiss"
For a second I thought I was in a dream.
"we shouldn't be doing this" Paula whispered.
Between my nearly closed eyelids I watched as Frank and Paula kissed, a long sloppy kind of a kiss. I noticed his hand reach for her breast, first gently then he held it firmly giving it a squeeze.

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   I might have expected a slap but none came just a soft moan.
"How about a fuck, I've thought of nothing else since Saturday night"
My ears pricked up after that, so thats why the bed was cold.
"We shouldn't have done it, you know that"
"Yes we should, you loved it and I loved it too. The way you sucked my cock was fantastic".
"Flattery will get you everywhere, and its such a lovely cock" Paula whispered and I watched as she gave his cock a friendly squeeze through his trousers.
I made grunting sleep noises not wanting to do anything to make them think I wasn't dead to the world. I also positioned myself a little different so that my growing bulge would not be noticable.
Paula stood and gave Frank a quick kiss, "I have to check on the kids I dont want them coming in waking Paul".
Five minutes later she was back, wearing just her robe she sat next to frank.
"If he looks like waking grab the brush, now come here"
Frank was soon concentrating on Paula, one hand working between her legs while the other held a breast so he could suck on the nipple. From my point of view I could see his fingers burried to the hilt in Paula's very damp looking cunt. As I watched paula worked at undoing his trousers and taking out his cock.
"Jesus", I thought to myself 'horse cock isn't in it'. If Frank looked hung in his bike shorts it was nothing to how it looked in Paula's hand. As I watched she worked her hand up and down the thickening shaft, it was like a toddlers arm.

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"Come on climb on it" Frank was encouraging Paula.
"Not here not tonight, Paul might wake up"
"No he's dead to the world, look my poor cock is pleading for you"
I was having trouble not jumping up saying yes fuck him, so I made snoring noises. The sound of my snores seemed to relax them, as Paula moved so that she was astride Frank. Holding his shaft she guided it so he was positioned central then slowly started to lower herself. She started a soft moan but buried it in a cushion that she quickly picked up. I couldn't beleive it inch after inch of that monster cock dissapeared from sight.
Finally he was up to his balls inside her and she started to ride him like a stallion. Her mouth seemed to be buried all the time in the cushion but I could still hear her grunts and moans. Not that Frank was being quiet either but he was burying his groans in her soft tits. It was obvious that this was not a slow languid fuck, this was a fast as we can before sleeping husband wakes. I watched as that monster cock worked its magic on my wife I could see all the thick veins that were pumped full of blood. I could see his heavy balls that i knew were full of cum that was soon going to be flooding inside my wife. Suddenley Paula through her head back and she was shuddering in orgasm the cushion pressed hard over her face, Frank stiffened as well I could see his throbbing shaft and knew he was unloading, then I could see traces of white were his cum was forcing itself past his shaft. My own cock was like a rock as satiated they seperated a quick handfull of tissues catching the cum before it flowed out of Paula and onto Frank and the sofa or carpet below.  I was expecting to hear a sound of suction as he withdrew the head of his cock, the two of them quickly tidied themselves up.

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   I then pretended to waken to find Frank brushing Paula's hair, as i woke she went to make coffee.
I quietly whispered to Frank "nice cock mate, dont mind you fucking Paula but next time you come into the bedroom climb into bed and fuck her there, I like to know whats going on". I gave a smile and went in to give Paula a hug and apologise for being tired all the time and I was okay with Frank.