Passionate Stranger


I am walking down a deserted road. . the only light is coming from a broken street lamp. . so the light flickers. . on/off. . on/off. . I felt a chill in the air. . . and out of the shadows a man appeared. . .


  it was you. . . but who are you. . . I should be terrified. . . but I'm not. . . instead I am intoxicated by you. . .

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  I know I should run. . . but I can't. . . I am frozen by a need for you that I can not explain. . . you look at me with a hunger in your eyes I have never known. . . As if by magic. . .

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  in one split second you have me undressed. . . and I stand before you completely nude. . . I try to cover myself with my hands. . . but with a wave of your arms. . . my hands are pinned against the cold brick wall behind me. . .

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  you take my mouth with yours. . . and kiss me deeply. . . a kiss that touched my very core. . . my body is yearning for you now. . . but I cannot move. . .

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  you move your mouth to one breast. . . I begin to moan with pleasure. . . then the other. . . Oh God. . . you continue lower. . .

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  lower. . lower. . . not leaving one inch of my body untouched by your mouth. . . your hands. . . finally you come to the part of my body that is aching for your touch. . . you take me in your mouth and my body spasms with ecstasy. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  . . just when I think I can take no more. . . you take me. . with a passion I have never known. . . you move inside me. . . deeper and deeper. .

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  . faster and faster. . . until finally you explode in me. . . filling me completely. . . again. . . and again. .

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  . and again. . . I close my eyes. . . you kiss me again. . . a gentle kiss. . . when I open my eyes. .

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  . you are gone. . . I am dressed. . . the light is flickering. . . on/off. . . on/off. .


  . I am left to wonder. . . it must have all been a dream. . . or was it??  I continue on my way home feeling more satisfied than I ever have in my life!.