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It was about 9 when he came to pick me up. More than fashionably late, but well worth the wait. The rumble of the 455 in his 75 firebird sends waves of excitement through my body. We tore out of the suburban nightmare like a bat out of hell. I had to stop for a cigarette. After 5 months of not smoking, I savored those first drags; a reunion with a long lost friend. He grabbed a six pack of bud ice and headed over to the hole in the wall pizzaria next door for a large pepperoni with extra cheese. As we sped down the highway, I hung my head out the window like man's best friend, feeling the force of the wind on my face. The pizza was warming my lap, which was a good thing. This time of year the temperature drops quick after the sun goes down.
I had no idea where he was going, and I didn't care. . I was just happy to be along for the ride. When we crossed the bridge that crosses the lake, I was ecstatic. I love the lake at night. .

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   so calm, so secluded. We parked in a lot near a boat ramp and took our supplies down to the shore. He was scarfing down pizza as if it would be his last supper. It was cold, too cold to strip down on the lakeshore. We drank and laughed underneath the starry sky until the fog came in so thick we could no longer see the water. The chilly breeze had us shivering all the way back to the car. We stripped down and I sat on his lap in the passenger seat while we downed a couple more beers. He licked the opening of last bottle of bud, in an attempt to enjoy every last drop.
He cupped my tits in his rough hands and lapped at my neck like a dog, nibbling and kissing his way down. I rubbed his shoulders and neck, loosening up the workday tension. I scooted into the drivers seat and quickly took hold of his stiff cock. I massaged his balls with my hand as I licked up and down the shaft, and around the head, finally taking him deep into my mouth. My greatest pleasure, worshipping his hard dick with my tongue, had my pussy burning with desire and wetting the driver's throne. He grabbed a handful of hair at the back of my head to help with rhythm. .

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   shoving himself deeper into my throat. Just when I thought he'd have me gasping for air, he pulled me up and yanked my body back onto his lap.
With his cock fully engorged, I let out a pleasured moan as it slowly entered my sopping wet pussy. Working my hips around, his thick cock hit every spot I needed it to touch. He rubbed my clit without mercy and rolled the nipple of my right tit between his fingers until he had me begging for release. The windows were so steamed up, I couldn't see out. He  rolled us over until I was on my back and the middle console was underneath my lower back, keeping my hips lifted up. I put my legs over his shoulders and he pounded away as I begged him for more, harder faster strokes. I could feel the pleasure building until the shocking waves of orgasm sent my fingernails in a bloody trail from his shoulders down his arms. As I revelled in my release, his gutteral moans gave me the tell-tale sign that his cock was ready to shoot hot sticky orgasm. I lifted my head to bring my mouth closer to him. . he suddenly yanked his cock out of my pussy and shoved it deep down my throat and let his salty load explode inside of me.
We smoked a cigarette in a heaping pile of spent lust. Once we recovered, we moved to the back seat.

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   I snuggled in on top of him with a plush quilt and listened to his heartbeat until I fell asleep.
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