Summer Night


He hears her whispering soft words of passion as he teases her with his cock. Slowly rubbing in circles along her clit as his hands dig under her rear, lifting her up. She begins to beg him, showing her need with her words and her legs trying to pull him deep inside. He kisses her deeply again and plunges himself into her soft velvety folds. She feels and hears his groan of pleasure as he pulls back lightly, only to thrust deep again. Her heels press into the firm flesh of his rear when she lifts up to meet each thrust, the rhythm of their passion beginning to take shape. Their bodies as one with each thrust, the fire burning out of control, voices mingling and the sent of hot wild sex in the air. He slides his hands up and cups each of her breasts while burring his face between them. Sparking a wild response from her as he does all the things he has learned to do just to please her. He feels her pleasure as her folds begin to tighten around his thrusting cock, almost pulling him deep within again and he goes wild. Each letting go of their control, surely each neighbor could hear such passionate screams. The stars of her dreams become the sparks of a ride that she wished would never end. She feels the liquid fire burn through her veins making its way down through her thighs and pussy. She tightens her legs around him and tilts her hips higher, taking in all of his hard throbbing length. He can feel she is so near release she longs for and closes his eyes taking in the pure feeling of pleasure. Her fingernails dig deep into his back as she arches her back and lets out a scream of release.

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   He holds her tight as she pushes hard against him, always lost in her orgasm her legs tighten and her palms hit his shoulders. He thrusts again and bites into her shoulder as his ! cum shoots deep within her tightened pussy. As the waves of pleasure bring her back down she cups his face in her hands and holds him as he thrusts again, shooting hot and deep inside of her. She feels the warmth escaping past his cock and moans against his cheek. He relaxes against her trying to catch his breath as she softly begins to run her fingernails over his skin. Her legs fall down the back of his thighs as he pushes up to look into her eyes, seeing her pooled in the moonlight and pink from passion. They each slowly calm down as he finally kisses her softly on the lips again and whispers ìIím sorry sweetie, were you sleeping?.