Suzie and Mandy and Me


I woke up the next morning to the sound of Mandy moaning softly. I could hear the bath water running, and guessed that Suzie was bathing. Mandy apparently had just awakened from an erotic dream that left her horny, and was trying to relieve herself. Just knowing what was going on right beside me made me horny as well, and I broke the ice.
“You need some help, Mandy?” I asked. I laid on my back, dick as erect as ever. “Climb on top of me now” I instructed. “Now rub your pussy on my cock” I continued.
Finally, Mandy confirmed what I had suspected. “Be gentle--I’m a virgin. ”
“We don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to. Just rub your pussy on my cock, and get yourself off that way. It will help me too” I said with a wink. Mandy then got atop me, and began rubbing my cock between her cunt lips. I could feel her pussy juices lubricating my cock, and slowly I slipped deeper in between her lips without penetrating her. I reached around and grabbed her ass, helping her move back and forth.

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   When I touched her pussy from behind, Mandy began breathing harder, moving faster, and finally seemed to freeze as she came all over my cock. I was getting soaked in my pubic area, as Mandy began her movements on my dick again. With just a little more rubbing, the cum began to rise through my dick toward the head.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, keep it up Mandy” I moaned as she continued to stroke my dick with her pussy. Seconds later, my cum began spurting out between us. When Mandy felt me cumming, she erupted again, then fell onto my chest in exhaustion. Both of us could only lie there as we tried to catch our breath.
“Looks like I missed the fun. ” I was startled by the sound of Suzie, soaking wet and stark naked beside us. She playfully slapped Mandy on her ass as she moved her off me, then quickly licked my cum off of me, and Mandy’s off my cock. “Sometimes you just have to pick up where the action left off” she explained, then took my cock into her mouth, giving me long licks from top to bottom, then concentrating on the head. She licked and then sucked until my cock grew to its full 6”, then got into the doggy position and said to me “NOW!”
I scrambled into position, aimed my cock at her already-wet pussy, and slipped in with no resistance. As I pumped my dick in and out of her pussy, she moved back and forth, drawing me in as deeply as possible. I could feel her muscles begin to contract, increasing the pressure on my manhood, and I reached under her to cup her boobs with my hands. Her nipples were already erect, so when I pulled on them, she immediately began to cum all over my cock.

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   Mandy, not wanting to be left out, stuck her head under my cock and began massaging my balls. I could feel her soft hands moving them around gently, adding to the pleasure of my cock in her mother’s pussy.
Another squeeze on Suzie’s nipples brought another cum from her pussy, which caused a squishy noise as my cock slid in and out. I could feel my own orgasm approach, so I increased the speed of my pounding. Finally, my cum erupted into her pussy, eventually draining out over my balls. Mandy was there to lick up her mother’s cum mixed with mine, and gathered it all in as it drained from Suzie’s cunt. When I finally pulled out of Suzie, Mandy quickly stuck my half-erect cock into her mouth and continued licking, not wanting to miss a drop.
“I guess we all need a bath now” Mandy said. With that, we all headed for the bathroom. I have a large tub that easily fits two, but three was more of a challenge. We were all constantly rubbing against one another, making cleaning up more difficult than normal. But after some intimate cleansing by each of us, we were finally ready to get on with the day. The ladies still insisted on nudity at all times, so after breakfast, we decided to get in the 4-wheeler and do some naked exploring of the property. It was exciting to feel the air rush by on our bodies, but quickly, Mandy and Suzie found out that the vibrations created by the engine and passed through the seat were even more exciting. They lost count of the orgasms that they had as I drove the vehicle, and I lost track of how long my cock maintained its erection.

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Since the day was hot and humid, I steered the vehicle to a large natural lake where we spread out the blanket and enjoyed a long picnic. After, we put the food back into its cooler (so that we didn’t attract animals), slathered some suntan lotion all over each of us, and laid down for a summer’s nap. From time to time, we heard a splash in the water, and Mandy asked “What is that?”
“If you’ll watch, you can see fish as they break the surface of the water, then fall back in” I answered. “If you’re real quiet, you’ll also see deer roaming through the woods around us. ”
“Cool!” she responded, and quickly she was rewarded by another splash in the water. “I saw that one” she said, then concentrated on looking for the deer. After watching for only a few minutes, a doe and her fawn walked within about 30 feet of us, and she was thrilled.
It didn’t take too long before I was sweating, so I ran into the water. This woke Suzie up, and she followed me in, with Mandy in last. “Mandy’s a little afraid of water,” explained Suzie.
“We’ll have to work on that, won’t we Mandy?” I said to her. “The water here is so clean and cool, I don’t think that you have anything to worry about. ” I reached out my hand to her, and led her deeper into the water. I showed her how to float on her back, supporting her with a hand under her back, and the other supporting her ass, and instructed her on basic swim strokes to try to allay her fears. She finally relaxed and began to enjoy floating on her back.

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   I enjoyed it also, seeing her boobs and pussy in the water. Finally, we all decided it was time to get back, and waded out of the water. Seeing both ladies’ asses was a real treat, especially since they looked so similar, and my cock began its rise once again.
Suzie noticed it once we got out and said “Well what have we here?” She reached out to suck my cock, but Mandy quickly jumped in.
“Let me this time” she begged. “I would like to thank Ike for taking us in. ” Suzie backed off and Mandy took my cock into her hands, rubbing the head, and bringing my dick to its fullest size. She then got on her knees and began sucking, taking about half of its length into her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down, expertly using her tongue to further stimulate me. I saw Suzie move behind her daughter, and reach around her to play with her nipples. Mandy began to moan as Suzie squeezed and teased Mandy’s nipples to their fullest length. Then Suzie moved one hand down to Mandy’s pussy, running a finger through her lips, and making her very wet.
Then Mandy asked Suzie “Now, Mom? Is it time?”
Suzie replied “Yes, honey, I think it’s time. ” I wondered what was going on, then noticed Mandy lie down on the blanket with her legs and pussy spread wide apart. “Fuck me, Ike.

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   I want you to take my cherry. ”
I looked over at Suzie, who nodded her approval. I looked back at Mandy then, and reached out to her pussy. I touched her clit, and Mandy inhaled sharply. I then moved my finger between her pussy lips, and inserted it as far as it would go.
“MMMMM, that feels wonderful, Ike. But I want your cock in me. Put it in my pussy now. ”
Not being one to disappoint, I inserted just the head at first. Mandy inhaled sharply, and I asked “Are you OK?”
“I’m fine. Just keep going. ” So I slowly moved deeper into her pussy, until I reached her hymen. “Go ahead. Mom told me what to expect. ” So I pushed harder, maintaining the pressure until finally it broke.

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   Mandy yelled “OH MY GOD! Keep going!” A tear rolled down her cheeks, but otherwise she seemed all right, so after a moment, I pulled back a little, then went in to the hilt. Mandy grabbed my arms in a death grip, then released them as I began slow in and out movements. Finally, she began to match my movements and speed. I could hear my cock as it moved in and out of her pussy, and was proud to be the first for her. Her breathing became more rapid before Mandy moaned as she experienced her first fucking orgasm, and moaned again when a second orgasm quickly followed the first. I increased my speed as Mandy wrapped her arms and legs around me in a vise grip, and I could feel the muscles of her pussy clamp down on my dick. She was so tight that my own orgasm came within seconds of hers. “OOHHH, I can feel you cum!” she said as I shot load after load into her pussy. She then increased the speed of her own movements, and quickly had one final orgasm before releasing me and nearly passing out beneath me.
Suzie said “That was wonderful, you two! I’m so horny now, I can’t stand it!” So I pulled out of Mandy, Suzie laid down beside her daughter, and I thrust my semi-erect dick into her pussy. Suzie tightened her cunt muscles to increase the pressure on my cock, and I was erect in no time. Then Suzie pulled me out of her, got on her hands and knees, and when I was fully inside her, stood up on her knees. I thrust upwards into her pussy and felt her pussy juices flow over my cock and balls. When she came, she fell forward onto her hands again. I pulled my cock from her pussy, and rubbed it on her asshole before sticking it back into her pussy.

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   Upon insertion, she sat back up again. I reached around her and cupped her boobs, pinching the nipples until she had another orgasm, her cum flowing over my balls and to the blanket again. Suzie then reached between her legs and rubbed my balls as I thrust into her. This sent me into my own orgasm, and this time, I was the one that nearly passed out from the intensity.
I pulled my dick out and laid between them both. I spoke first to Mandy, and said “Are you OK?” When she said “Never better!” I then turned to Suzie.
“You two planned this, didn’t you?”
“I guess we’ve been caught, Mandy” Suzie said. “We just figured that, if we could trust you as much as we have so far, you should be the one to have her first. ”
“Well, the pleasure was all mine…”
“Not all yours, Ike” Mandy corrected.
“I suppose you’re right, Mandy. ” Just then, we heard the first rumbles of a summer thunderstorm. “Looks like we’d better head back. ” We packed up our gear and made a bee line for the house, beating the storm by just a few minutes. We all took a shower together, then started planning supper.
During supper, Suzie was looking sort of serious.

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   “A penny for your thoughts, Suzie. ”
“Make that a quarter, Ike. Inflation, you know…”
“All right, a quarter. ” I tossed one on the table, and Suzie started talking.
“I don’t know how you feel about this, but Mandy and I would like to stay here. We can certainly help around the house, and we both have a green thumb. We could plant a garden and grow some of our own food. We’d like to have a place to call home, and you’ve made your home so comfortable for us…”
“I wasn’t exactly looking for roommates” I began. “It’s been pretty comfortable here by myself. ” I noticed their faces starting to get longer as I spoke.
“But I might like to start a garden. ” Pause for effect. “And I do have a king-sized bed that will fit the three of us…”
“So we can stay?” asked Mandy as her face suddenly brightened.
“Only if you stay…naked” I said. Suddenly, two young women were hugging me like there was no tomorrow.

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   Maybe I hadn’t planned this, but sometimes surprises work better than plans. I have to confess that if they hadn’t said anything about staying, I was going to myself.
After the storm, we cooked steaks out on the grill, with all the fixings. Once we finished supper, I cleaned off the grill while the ladies cleaned up the kitchen. We then retreated to the living room again, and I ordered an adult movie. This one was a two-women, one man flick, with much boy/girl fucking, and some girl/girl action as well. During that part of the movie, Mandy asked “Do girls really do that to each other?”
Her mother answered “Not all girls, but some do. ”
After mulling this over for a moment, Mandy asked “Have you done that Mom?”
Suzie answered “I have tried it with a few women. It’s a nice change of pace from a man, but I still prefer men mostly. ”
Then I jumped in. “Maybe you should try it, Mandy. If you don’t like it, you won’t have to do it again. ”
Mandy thought about this for a bit, and was still somewhat hesitant. “I’ll have to think about it for a while. Is that OK?”
We both said that there was no reason to feel pressured.

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   We continued to watch the movie, and all three of us were obviously horny. Mandy couldn’t wait, and began to play with her pussy. Her lips were swollen and red as her finger began its in and out movement. She used her other hand to pull on her nipples, causing them to swell as she began to moan with her stimulations.
I had to try to relieve myself also, and began slow stroking of my cock. I started on the head, moving my hand up and down, then around, just the head, making myself even harder. When the first drops of pre-cum appeared, Suzie moved to take my cock in her mouth. She positioned herself so that her pussy was aimed right at her daughter as she slowly took my cock deep into her mouth.
As Suzie began to move her mouth up and down the length of my cock, Mandy continued to stroke her pussy, but stared intently at her mother’s as well. As Suzie reached between her legs and rubbed her finger between her own cunt lips, Mandy got even more excited. Finally, Mandy got a little braver and reached out to her mother’s pussy. Suzie removed her fingers and directed two of Mandy’s fingers right into her pussy. Mandy began in and out movements between her mother’s pussy lips as she used her other hand to excite her own pussy.
“OOOHH, keep up the good work, honey!” exclaimed Suzie, and Mandy continued pumping her fingers in and out of her mother’s pussy. In the meantime, Suzie’s lips moved all over my cock, finally drawing my cum out.


   As my dick spurted, Suzie pulled it out so that just the head was in her mouth, and ran her tongue around the head, further stimulating it and seemingly drawing even more cum from it.
As I started coming down, I glanced over at Mandy just as she pulled her fingers from her mother’s pussy, and tentatively tasted Suzie’s cunt juices. “Mmmm, not bad” she reported before sticking her coated fingers completely into her mouth to clean them off. She reached her hand out to Suzie’s cunt once more, but instead of inserting her fingers, she spread her cunt lips wide apart. Mandy moved her face closer to Suzie’s drooling cunt, then inserted her tongue for the first time. She stuck her tongue in deep, swirling it around inside her mother’s pussy.
“Oooohhh, I love what you’re doing!” Suzie said breathlessly. Mandy’s slurping could be heard clearly as she got more and more into her oral action, while Suzie‘s breathing became more ragged. Mandy then moved her tongue to Suzie’s clit while I pulled on Suzie‘s sensitive nipples, and with just two passes over her little button, Suzie began cumming with a vengeance. Her cum was dripping out of her pussy, and Mandy moved her mouth back up to her mother’s fuck hole to capture it. The harder Suzie moved against Mandy’s face, the harder Mandy sucked, and the louder the slurping noises became. Suzie came once more before collapsing on my erect cock.
Mandy licked up as much of her mother’s juices as she could, then reached between us to caress my cock. She got my cock in her hands and inserted it into her mouth, while Suzie moved her cunt up to my waiting tongue. She turned to face her daughter, and quickly Mandy was inserting my cock into her cunt.

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   “Fuck me hard, Ike!” she ordered. “I’m the only one who hasn’t cum yet. ” I needed no more instruction, and drove my steely cock deep into her wet and ready pussy. She was so hot that I wasn’t sure she wouldn’t burn me. Just a few strokes, along with Suzie pulling and pinching her daughter’s nipples, and Mandy had a tremendous orgasm. She fell forward against her mother’s body while I continued to pump my cock in Mandy’s pussy. Mandy sat up again, leaning forward just far enough to suck on Suzie’s nipples, while I sucked hard on her clit. This caused a quick, thunderous orgasm which soaked my face as I continued to move my cock in and out of Mandy’s cunt. I began stroking her ass as I fucked her pussy, and Mandy fell forward in the throes of another orgasm. Suzie dismounted my face, and Mandy pulled my cock from her pussy as this wonderful time began to slowly fade away, with three wonderfully exhausted participants badly needing some rest.  

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