The Encounter


Topic: The Encounter Anna stood before Cole wearing nothing but a whipped cream bathing suit. He liked what he saw and drew her close to him.
“You look very sweet my dear. ”
“I thought you would approve my love. ”
Cole began to lick the whipped cream off of one of her breasts. Shivers went down her spine as she felt his tongue hit her flesh.
Anna kissed him back licking the whipped cream from his lips. Suddenly Nick appeared behind her and began kissing her back.
She didn’t expect Nick to be there but she enjoyed him kissing her spine and her shoulders. Nick was kissing the small of her back sending shivers down her whole body.
Nick continued to kiss her turning her towards him. Now it was his turn to lick the whipped cream. He chose to kiss it off of her womanhood.
Anna gasped with excitement of having two men in love with her caressing her body at the same time. She loved the way she felt when she was with them.
Nick pulled out the handcuffs.

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   Anna nodded in agreement. He took her to the bed and handcuffed her to the headboard.
“This is my perfect fantasy,” she told them, “to be bound to the bed and have two men make love to me. ”
Nick and Cole added more whipped cream to Anna’s naked body. She lay there with her legs spread wide waiting for their next move.
“Next it will be your turn Cole and then Nick. ”
“But first we feast on you my sweet Anna,” Nick said before licking the whipped cream from her lips. He then traveled down to her right breast.
She could feel the heat of his breath on her flesh. Her skin tingled as he licked off the whipped cream. Anna enjoyed every sensation she felt. She wanted more. She could feel his lips travel down her body to her waiting pussy.
“You are so sweet, I could eat you up,” Nick said before continuing the seduction.
Anna arched her back so that he could lick the whipped cream off of her more easily.

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   She loved the attention that Nick was giving her. Soon it would be Cole’s turn to seduce her even further. Her fantasy was coming true right before her eyes.
Nick began to lick her neck and then he started kissing her brushing his lips on her collarbone. The sensation was almost too much for her to bear. She could feel his hard cock poking at her. Soon she thought he would be inside her. Her pussy began to get moist at the thought.