The Perfect Man


“Well, I was wondering if we could go out”He looked at me kinda surprised like he hasn’t ever been asked by a woman and stuttered,“Uh…. well, um, sure I guess I just didn’t think you liked me. ”I looked at him like an are-you-kidding-me? Kinda look and giggled. He looked at me curiously and said, “What’s so funny?”“Oh nothing it’s just didn’t you know that almost every woman in this building wants you?”He laughed wildly and loudly and looked at me than laughed again“Why is that so funny David?”, David is his name by the way. “Because I didn’t think I was that handsome nor that much of a woman grabber. ” To prove my point I pulled him close to me and kissed him passionately on the lips stroking the back of his head. First, his unusual reaction was startled than relaxed extremely well into the kiss and held me in his arms. I let go of our kiss and stared into his eyes. He smiled and kissed me again, but this time it was different there was true passion and love in his kiss and I melted instantly. We went our ways and a month went by. Our relationship was going fantastic! He’s an absolute gentleman and we hadn’t even had sex yet, how great is that? Well I was getting sexually anxious and nervous, so I asked him if we could have sex and his reactions was:“Uh. Uhh…. are you sure you want to? I mean you know. ”I giggled and asked, “Are you a virgin?”He laughed and said “No, I’m just nervous cause I haven’t had sex in a long time. ”“Well let me correct that. Meet me at my house tomorrow and I’ll give you a good time.

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  ” The next day I set my house up like it was a Middle Ages Indian brothel and he came over stunned to see what my newly decorated house looked like. “Wow, this is amazing. You really make it sexy in here. ”“Thanks sweety. ” We kissed and I brought him to my giant master bedroom and my giant king size bed. I was dressed in a golden lace babydoll and matching g-string. I put him on the bed and crawled up his body making sure my full, firm, and 36CC tits across his body up to his face where he, I didn’t even know a man could know, expertly massaged my tits and nipples turning me extremely hot. His hands seemed to spin on my abdomen driving me wild. He kissed my neck slowly, nibbling in random spots as I unzipped his pants and pulled his shirt off. I gasped when I saw that he didn’t wear underwear and, for some reason, it turned me on. He wasn’t small, but he wasn’t porn size either. He was probably about 9” or 8 ½” long and about 2 inches wide. He put me on the bed and slowly unwrapped the babydoll. I shivered and moaned in pleasure as he undressed me. I was amazed by his expertise and knowledge of a woman’s body.

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   He immediately found every hot spot on my body and I couldn’t stop cumming and moaning. He sucked on my nipples pulling in my tits almost all the way in his mouth and making slight sucking movements with his mouth. (This is making me hot just writing this. ) He asked me questions and did what felt good to me. I asked him, after three hours of his upper body torture on me, to eat me out and he smiled, laughed, and moved down my body kissing and sucking as he went. When he appeared before my steaming, wet, hot, pouring pussy, he exhaled slowly and smiled, shaking his head. I asked him “What’s wrong?” and he said, “Absolutely nothing. Everything is perfect. ”, and he immediately began to lick circles around my labia making me extremely wet. My body was elevated about 2 feet off the bed and I was trembling severely as his mouth played with my pussy lips. I’ll give you some examples of the sounds I made while he did Gooodd!!!!”“Yes, yes, yes!!!!”“Sweet leapin’ Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!” He didn’t start actually teasing my clitoris until two hours later. He was amazing, astounding, shit, let me put it this way, Indescribable. He then, again after a couple hours, stuck his tongue deep inside me massaging my walls learning every vein and muscle and nerve inside me. OMG what a man!! He kept massaging my clit, playing with my lips and licking my walls of my shaved pussy. I never felt more feminine in my entire life!!!! I couldn’t believe how much he knew about a woman’s pussy.

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   And than I couldn’t take it anymore I begged him to fuck me with his cock, which never seemed to go down and in fact while he was licking inside me, he grew about two inches longer and two inches thicker. He slid up my body sucking and kissing and his cock went into my pussy so seamlessly. We then spent the rest of the day playing with oils, creams, cherries, and champagne while he played with every part of my body. The only thing we DIDN’T do was me sucking his cock. He told me after I asked him why he didn’t want me to “I hate getting my cock sucked it’s so disgusting. Why would a woman even want to do it?” I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!! After that we spent another four years together and the best sex I ever had and the best MULTIPLES I’ve ever had in my life. We broke up eventually when he found a previous true love again and they got married. But Now I can tell the story of the Perfect Man. This is the first attempt at just doing an erotic story. I hope that you enjoy it and please any comments, ideas, or criticism whether negative or positive is appreciated. You may email me at DavidKeener17@aol. com. .