Her gaze moved to the television, where Tom’s sight was fixed. She saw a man and a woman, 69’ing, the man had his face buried in the woman’s crotch and the woman’s mouth was wrapped around the guys’ penis. Her arousal grew as she watched her friend stroking his stiff cock. She wished she was able to see his face, the short black hair outlining the soft tanned skin, his lips open in a silent moan and his blue eyes shut as the pleasure took over his body. Her hands brushed over her stiff nipples through her top, pleasure erupted through her body. She slowly slid a hand down her body, her other hand holding her up against the wall as she leant forward to watch Tom. She moved her hand up underneath her skirt, pulling the thin material of her thong aside, giving her fingers access to her wet pussy. She slid two fingers inside her pussy, pushing them as deep inside her as she could, and let her thumb push against her clit, rubbing in slow circles around it as she slowly drew her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She watched as Tom’s head swung back in a moan of pleasure. She saw him cumming. His cum squirted from the head of his cock, shooting up and landing on his strong muscled chest. His hard cock throbbing in his tight grip as cum continued squirting from the head of his cock and his orgasm exploded through his body. She drove her fingers hard into her pussy as she watched her friend experiencing a high pleasure orgasm. Pushing her thumb hard against her clit, she felt herself approach her own orgasm. Driving her two fingers into her pussy, she curled them and rubbed the tips of them against her g-spot, watching as Tom finished his orgasm, his eyes opening and the last dribbles of cum escaping from his cock. She came.

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   Her orgasm shooting through her body, pleasure reaching from her toes to her head, her fingers buried in her pussy as the walls contracted around her fingers. Cum secreted around her fingers, running down her legs. She moaned softly as she came, her eyes closing as the pleasure took over her body. She opened her eyes to see Tom, wide smile on his face and his hard cock in his hand. She blushed and quickly moved her hand from under her skirt, straightened up and smoothing her dress before looking up at him. He waved at her to come inside. She opened the back door and walked to his room. Her cum was rolling down her legs, but she ignored it. Excitement flowed through her body, anticipating what would happen next. She stepped into his room, Tom hugged her tight, his boxers were covering his hard cock, but it was obvious as it pressed against her thigh. Their hug turned into a kiss, Tom moved his lips to hers and parted them with his tongue, sliding it into her mouth and caressing hers. She felt his hands slide down her back, coming up underneath her skirt and cupping her ass through the thong. She broke the kiss and pushed him onto the bed, his legs over the edge sitting on the edge of it. She knelt down, grabbing his boxer shorts and pulling them down and off his legs, exposing his hard cock. She moved between his legs, putting her mouth over his cock, and lightly kissing the tip.

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   He moaned and held her hair back from her face, smiling down at her as she smiled up at him. She leant in and slid her lips down around his cock, taking the head into her mouth. She let her tongue rub the underside of his cock as she sucked on it and with her hand, grabbed the shaft and began stroking him. She heard him moaning and continued, sliding her mouth slowly down the shaft of his cock, getting it as deep into her mouth as she could, letting her hand fall to his balls, cupping and rolling them between the fingers. She began moving her mouth up and down his cock, as if stroking him with her lips. Her tongue flicking against the tip of his cock as she drew back, then running down the sensitive underside of it as she plunged it into her mouth. He began bucking his cock into her mouth, as if humping her face. She slid her free hand between her legs, moving aside the thong to rub her clit between her fingers as she continued sucking Tom’s cock. She knew he was close to cumming and didn’t let up, managing to deep throat his cock, her tongue rubbing the underside of his cock as she sucked on it. She felt his cock tense and his balls tighten as his orgasm hit him. She felt his cum squirt down the back of her throat, swallowing every last drop of the precious juices. As the last of his juices drained down her throat, she continued to vigorously rub her clit, until Tom pulled her mouth off his softening cock. He stood her up and knelt between her legs, reaching up her skirt to pull her hand away from her clit, then to slide her thong down her legs. He moved her to the edge of the bed, first removing her skirt before sitting her down. He spread her legs wide and move his hand between them, running two fingers up her slit, covering them in her juices before bringing them to his mouth and licking her juices clean from them, all the time staring into her eyes.

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   She reached down and pulled her top up over her head, exposing her large round breasts to him. He quickly leant in, his tongue flicking out of his mouth to brush against the nipple as his hand moved to the other breast, cupping it and rubbing the palm of his hand against the nipple. His mouth left her breast in what seemed to soon for Jennifer, but it was soon replacing his hand on the other one, taking the nipple into his mouth and stroking the nipple with the tip of his tongue. She couldn’t take it anymore, pushing down on his head to get him to her aching pussy. Tom willingly complied, sliding down her body with light kisses before arriving at her sweet hole. He smiled at the sight, her erect clit poking out from under its hood, begging to me touched, and her pouted pussy lips slightly spread apart with juices covering them. He moved his lips to hers, pushing his tongue passed them and into her wet hole. She lay down on the bed, giving into the pleasure she was receiving from her friend. His tongue pushing into her juicy pussy, curled to flick with the tip of it against her g-spot. She moaned his name and bucked her hips, grinding her pussy into his mouth. He continued fucking her pussy with his tongue while his hand move up to her clit, pinching it between two fingers and rolling it between them. He let his fingers rub her hard clit as his tongue slid in and out of her warm hole, juices coating his tongue as he continued to pleasure her. He felt her pussy spasm around his tongue. Her lips clenching tight around him as her orgasm burst through her body. His tongue stayed inside her pussy, the tip just flicking lightly over her g-spot.

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   His fingers continued rubbing her clit hard, pushing up and down it as it throbbed through her orgasm. Cum seeped onto his tongue and he quickly swallowed it, loving the sweet taste. He kept rubbing her clit and his tongue still inside her till her orgasm passed and she lay still, panting softly. He stood, smiling down at her. “My parents are staying in the city for the night, want to sleep over?”.