Vanilla Yogurt


Sliding off of my perch, I crawled forward, then I ran my tongue down his chest and stomach, right to the tip of his dripping cock. While lapping hungrily at his silky juice, I reached over and took my half-eaten vanilla yogurt, pouring it on top, massaging the sweet mixture with my hands all over his cock and balls. Stephen moaned while I began to lick the yogurt from his balls, swallowing the head of his cock, making sure not to waist any. . . His strong hands grabbed my slim waist and pushed me down, hungry for my submission. Taking the yogurt from my hand, he spread my legs wide, and slid a finger inside my hot creamy hole to prepare it for a cum feast. After slowly pulling his fingers out of me, he pushed them deep into the cup and scooped out two big fingers full of cool yogurt, running the sweet cream over my aching mound and into my waiting slit, pushing his fingers deep inside me to deposit the leftovers as a finishing touch. Stephen moaned again as he slid his tongue down my slit for a quick taste, and then popped his tongue in deep, digging out the mixture of my cum and vanilla cream. Eating and gnawing at my throbbing clit, slurping hungrily for a way to devour me whole, he ravaged my willing pussy. Grabbing the yogurt, I poured the rest onto my belly and ran my hands through it up to my breasts finishing at my pert nipples. Stephen licked at my belly then grabbed my breasts and began to suck wildly back and forth on each tit, his full balls begging to blow a creamy load. He flipped me over and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside me ~ first in my pussy, banging me wildly and pulling my hips to his rhythm, and then ending by shoving his way deep into my ass, shooting bursts of cum until we both fell on each other. Sweating and panting, we passed out in a state of ecstasy, journeying to a level not previously known. . .

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