Anita's Sex Sacrifice


Anita's Sex Sacrifice - Chapter 1               
 The phone call was most unpleasant for Anita. The voice at the other end told her that unless she made herself available to his representatives without informing anyone before hand, her son, Pradeep, who was in debt to them up to his eyeballs, would suffer an unfortunate accident on his way home this evening. Her heart sank since she knew from him that he had experienced some financial setbacks recently, but was confident that all would be well in another few weeks. The voice on the other end had now confirmed her worse fears. She quickly agreed to make herself available without informing anybody about what was happening.
 The two men who rang her doorbell gave her pause as their eyes roamed over her voluptuous body, undressing her down to her skin as they licked their lips in anticipation. Although in her early 40s, Anita was a most attractive woman. She glowed every time her son declared how sexy she looked and wished that he could meet a woman who had the kind of sexy body that she possessed. The way he looked at her when he said this made her get wet between her legs, a feeling that was both exciting and at the same time embarrassing.
 Anita would never confess the fact that she had sex dreams involving her and Pradeep. His penis was enormous, and yet it always fit into her cunt perfectly. More than once she had awakened, crying out his name while her juices dripped obscenely from that maw between her legs. More than once she had been tempted to see what might occur if she gave him a brief glimpse of her bare breasts. Subconsciously she hoped that just once he might walk into her bathroom while she showered and confront her in her nakedness.
 She realized that he had his own life and thanked her lucky stars that he no longer lived under the same roof, because sooner or later she would succumb to the temptations of the flesh and release those hidden forces that she struggled to contain. She would have been both mortified and exalted if she knew that he was fighting the same struggle as she.

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   Anita was so taken by her thoughts that she seemed oblivious to the presence of her two visitors. When one of them spoke she was startled, then flustered, as if he had been privy to those naughty thoughts that had just been running free inside her mind.
 To delay the inevitable Anita asked if she could change her clothing before leaving with the men. The reply from one of them shocked and warned her of the type of fate that awaited her.
 "I wouldn't mind a nice slow strip tease from you, but in a while I'll be seeing every square inch of your naked body once we get you to where we're going. The boss wants you over to his place in thirty minutes, which doesn't leave us too much time to tie and gag you before we put you in the trunk of the car for the drive. "
 Anita offered no resistance as they tied her wrists behind her back and roped her upper arms tightly together, making her muscles ache from the tension. Worse still was the filthy rag that one of them stuffed into her mouth while the other followed up with a strip of tape to keep the gag in place. Anita's body stiffened as one of the men squeezed her pillowy tits while his companion stuck his tongue into her ear and tickled the sensitive flesh with its tip. Anita was embarrassed by the way her nipples were hardening as the man continued to maul her big tits. The stimulation of her inner ear was also having its effect as her breathing became ragged and she felt the crotch of her panties begin to get wet from all the sexual stimulation her helpless, curvy, voluptuous body was receiving from these two brutes.
 "I wish we had ten minutes extra so I could tear off her clothing and rape her juicy cunt until she climaxed. "
 The other grinned and tickled her ear lobe with his tongue before running it over the area on the side of her neck, bringing Anita to a boil against her will. Her legs began to tremble as she was brought closer to an embarrassing loss of self control. Anita began to wonder how large a cock the man squeezing her tits possessed.

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   It had been many years since she had enjoyed being stretched by a long, thick length of male meat. Part of her, the wicked portion that usually came out only in her erotic dreams about her son, put in a surprise appearance and the wetness between her legs grew, becoming noticeable even to her assailants. A knowing hand began to rub between her trembling legs, probing her wetness and what it revealed about this charming, well mannered, mature woman.
 "I think we have a whore on our hands rather than a member of the upper class. Won't our boss be surprised when he sees how wet her cunt is. I think she's looking forward to being properly fucked by some real men for a change. Let's get her into the car before I lose control, throw her on the floor and rape her good. I know that's what she really wants for us to do to her. God what a whore this one is! I almost feel sorry for the poor son of a  bitch who owes the boss so much money, having to depend on this whore to bail him out of his troubles. I'll bet she'll have him eat her cunt and fuck her morning, noon and night if she manages to get him out of the debt that he owes us. "
 They draped a shawl over Anita's body before taking her out to the car and placing her in the trunk. She deeply regretted wearing Western clothing at this point since her dress bunched up almost to her waist once they had rolled her bound body into the cavernous trunk of the powerful automobile. This revealed to her captors that she was wearing only a pair of very brief panties beneath her dress. Immediately one of them pressed his hand to the wet crotch of the undergarment and chuckled.
 "This one is in heat already if the amount of cunt juice staining her sexy panties is any indication.


   I can hardly wait to fuck that hot cunt and hear her moan and plead for more and more cock as we do her again and again while that loser son of hers watches and probably wishes he could be tearing off a piece of that hot wet poon himself. " His partner sniffed the air and added.
 "She stinks of cunt, just like a cheap whore that gives blowjobs behind the buildings for less than a hundred rupees and is happy to get that much for her efforts. I wonder how many times she will have to be fucked to make up for the debt that spineless son of hers has incurred with the boss. I can't imagine the number of times she'll have to spread those plump legs and happily welcome a length of hard cock into that hairy mouth to plow another  furrow deep within that stinking slit as she begs for her customer to fuck her harder, faster and go deeper into that well stretched sex trench. "
 These words coming from one of the lower class cut Anita to the bone and she could not stem the tears that sprang from her eyes. Then the door to the trunk slammed shut leaving her to her fears as to what would likely befall her in the future. The ride was quite rough, throwing her bound body from one side of the trunk to the other and making her nauseous as she inhaled the car fumes as well as the odors of whatever it was passing over. Anita fought to remain calm and prevent herself from vomiting. She knew that if she began to throw up in the confines of the trunk the stench would be unbearable and the possibility of actually choking to death from her own vomit would be quite high. These factors made her will to survive grow strnger and so she steeled herself for whatever was about to occur to her. She was quite willing to suffer any pain and endure any humiliation if it would prevent her son from harm. Little did she realize the depths she would have to sink to in order to satisfy these mongrels. There was no way that her imagination could conceive of the terrible things that would be done to her naked body, and what she would be forced to do in order to entertain the deviants that would be doing their best to reduce her to a status lower than even an ( To be continued )

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