Fanatasy Girl Part III


Topic: Page title here My black friend and my girlfriendFantasy Girl III  My girlfriend and I have had several different encounters with men and women and one of the most memorable was with a black friend of mine.  
This is another true story that happed one winter night a few years back when we had nothing to do one evening in the mountains.
We were bored and not wanting to go out for some action so we talked about fantasies. We covered things we had experienced and some we would like to and decided we need to fill this one now.
She and I had discussed fucking a black man with a nice big cock. She always wanted a black cock in her mouth and pussy and now it was time.
 I have a friend that had make remarks about her but always with respect. I knew he loved white woman because that’s all he dated. I had also noticed the looks he gave her when he was around. They would flirt with each other when we were out for drinks and diner and she had said he seemed large and hard when they danced.
This was a Friday night and I knew our chances might be slim that he was around. I called him on his cell and to my surprise he answered.
He was about five miles away at a bar playing darts and thinking about calling it a night.
I asked him if he minded coming up for a few drinks because we were bored. Being a good friend he said yes, he’d be there in about an hour.
Now we had been drinking and a few other things and we needed to have a plan.

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I didn’t think this would be hard but I wanted to make it look innocent and him take the lead. I even thought about passing out early and see where it would lead with me asleep.
 We decided to just go with the flow and let her put on some sexy clothes and expose herself. Of course that is what she always did and we loved the fun watching him lust.
 She put on a nice tight pair of jeans and high heels. Then she put on a white blouse and tied it above her belly button. She had on a black bra that showed her nipples at the top and left the buttons undone to expose her milky breasts. She was hot looking with her long flowing auburn hair and beautiful full lips painted red. I could hardly wait to see them on his cock.
As I watched her get ready we talked about what was going to take place. She would just flirt like they do and get him to dance slowly. She wanted to have a few drinks and talk about sex and surprise him by letting him know about having a threesome. We were both hot talking about what was a going to take place.
 He arrived in about an hour and I let him in and we made some drinks. She was still in the back of the house and wanted to see his face when she came out.

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   We were sitting on the couch when she entered and he about spilled his drink.
Now he has seen her several times before but in a more professional setting, never dressed like this, a true slut.
He said; my gawd your more beautiful and sexy than ever come sit by me. He slid over and she sat between us. I got up and made a drink for her and we started talking.
It wasn’t long after a few drinks it turned to a game about the most wild sex experience ever. His was the blond who came to his door Christmas eve in a fur coat and said I’m your present as she open the coat exposing a nude body.
Mine was after I graduated from high school this girl was visiting in town and she ended up fucking me and two other guys all night and then having eight guys watch as she laid in the living room naked and fucked us again.
Now it was her turn and she shocked us both by telling us a story about her playing strip poker with her boyfriend and another couple and losing and having to fuck them all. She was 16 years old and the boyfriend was 19 and the couple was in there twenties.
After exchanging stories and a few drinks we were all getting hot and ready for some action. He even had her tell the story one more time.
I asked her if I put some music on would she dance for us. Of course she said yes and I put on a nice sexy slow song by Berry White. She danced around like a stripper and then proceeded to give us lap dances.

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She and I both noticed the bulge in his pants as she sat on his lap and ground into him. When she sat on my lap I decided to go a little further and started to kiss and squeeze her breast. I notice his eyes were as big around as silver dollars and lusting as he watched me fondle her. He said to me when is it my turn with a smile. I looked him square in the eyes with a smile and said; now.
She climbed on his lap and started to grind on his cock, with a little hesitation he started to kiss her. Now he has some big lips and they just engulfed her lips and she melted into his grasp. I could tell she was sucking on his tongue like it was his cock. She kissed him back like it was her last and he responded by pushing up with his cock trying to grind into her crouch.
I wanted to sit back and watch the show, however I was so turned on I wanted to participate. I reached over and started to rub her nipples through her blouse knowing that was a big turn on. He saw what I was doing and asked me if it was his turn and I just smiled.
He said he’d waited a long time for this and wasted no time getting a breast out and playing with it. He almost seemed like a kid with a new toy and he just unwrapped it.
We leaned her back on the couch so we could both get to her.

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   As she laid back I finished undoing her last button to expose her breasts that were pegging to get out of her bra.
 I leaned over and   pulled a nipple out to suck on, and without hesitation he did the same. She now was breathing hard and reaching for our cocks. I was about to see the one thing I had fantasized about for years.
As she rubbed our cocks we massaged her breast and sucked on her nipples, which drove her wild. She was trying to unzip his pants and I was trying to undo hers. All he wanted to do was play with breasts and kiss her.
She finally got his unzipped and slid her hand in to grab his cock and let out a sigh. I knew she was now in heaved with that nice big cock in her hand. He was a little longer and a lot thicker than me and I had heard stories from a friend we had both fucked. She had told me he could stay hard and fuck all night and that’s why the ladies liked him.
I could hardly wait to see him in her mouth and pussy. As a matter of fact neither could she and she was pulling it out of his pants.
When it sprung lose and was fully exposed she said; nick cock, can I suck it as she was leaning down. With out another word she started to lick the pre cum off his dick as she said delicious.

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At the same time I pulled my cock out and started to jack off, I sure wasn’t going to waste an opportunity like this. We all were in heaven getting what we all had waited for, a good threesome.
She had his cock in her mouth and I had mine in my hand as I went down on her. She was so wet I bet I could get three or four fingers inside. As I licked her pussy I stuck three fingers inside that nice moist box. I was between her legs with a great view of her sucking his dick, I was hotter than hell and trying to hold back. At the same time I wanted to cum watching her devourer his cock. I could see he wanted to cum and was also holding back.
I decided to cum in her wet pussy and not on the floor and stuck my ready to explode cock in as deep as I could and banged away. It didn’t take but a few minutes until I exploded in her and I could tell she did the same. We both came together with his cock in her mouth.
As I pulled out he said; this is what I’ve wanted to do for along time, fuck this white slut. I knew dirty talk turned her on and she said; stick that big black dick in my pussy and fuck the shit out of me. I want you to fuck me all night I’m yours for any pleasure you want.
That was all he needed to hear as he pulled her down on the floor and said, get ready for the ride of your life, you white sluts love to have big black cock.

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   I was getting hard again listing to the exchange of words.
He teased her by talking and rubbing his dick on her pussy as her juices flowed mixed with my cum. He would stick it in and then pull it out and say beg for it. She did as he  said an responded I’ll do anything you want, just fuck me.
You’re going to be my white slut bitch and I’m going to fuck you whenever I please as he slammed into her.
I was so turned on I stared to jack off standing over them as he slammed into her as hard as he could. His big black dick looked like a piston going in and out. She said fuck he hard with that big cock, I want you to cum in me.
He said I’m going to fuck you all night until you beg me to stop and then I’ll cum in you.
 I kept jacking off over them as he plowed into her as fast and hard as he could with her legs high in the air and bent back. He wanted to get every inch inside of her and she wanted it all.
I knew he meant every word about fucking her all night and I wished I had a camera. I had taken pictures before but never a movie. I could see a repeat with lights camera action.
He wanted to fuck her doggy style so he could watch her suck my cock and I loved the idea.

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   He flipped her over and rammed his cock into her as I got up front. She started sucking as she moaned with every thrust he drove into her. I wanted to make this last, but the sight of him pounding away made me explode in her mouth as she swallowed every drop.
I then sat back and watched him fuck her in every position that we could think of. He used her like a true slut and she loved it. Especially when he told her how he was going to use his new slut.
I liked the idea of him taking her and using her and sharing her with his black friends. She even liked it more, and could hardly with for the next adventure.
As he promised he fucked her hard all night until about five in the morning when he finally said I’m cumming and unloaded a huge load in her pussy. At the same time she screamed, as she was cumming with him. She grabbed his cock when he was done and sucked and licked it clean. We were all tired and fucked out. I had cum about four times and she had many organisms and was sore from the pounding.
We said are good nights and went to bed. She wasn’t too tired to fuck one last time as she told me how much she enjoyed his black seed in her.

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   I enjoyed fucking her wet cum filled pussy as she told me how she loved black cock
We made plans to have him cum back and maybe bring some friends sometime. That’s another story. .

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