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Topic: Reverend's whife seduced by black grocery store managerHi,my name is Mrs. Marylyn Beck, I'm 35 years old and being a spritual woman I need to get this off my chest to cleanse my soul so to speak. I'm married to a most wonderful man his name is Gene,oh that's Rev. Gene Beck. We met at a church retreat when I was 18,he was 21,we fell in love instantly and were married a year later. I was a virgin and of course became pregnant almost immediatly. For the last 17 years I have been my husbands faithful servant helping him bring God into the lives of thousands of spritually hungry people. We now have 2 beautiful daughters,Carolyn age 16 and Cindy age 13. They are both stunning young girls. We make the perfect family for our parishners at church. We recently were transfered by the church to a rather run down part of a rural big city in the south,my husband was very excited to be put in a spiritually hungry place,I was not scared per se but it was an area with many more miniorty's than I had ever been around. Probably 60% of the congregation was black and it was the 1st time I had been around that many black people.
I guess I should tell you about the test I have been given by God. I was born with the body of a sinful harlot. I'm 5'10,weigh 125,with perfectly shaped long legs framed by a perfect ass. After my girls were born, my boobs grew to a 36D cup but still stood proudly upturned with no sag at all,I guess some woman would say this is a gift but for me it was difficult keeping them covered from the stares of men and women alike.

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  My thin 25" waist and 35" hips made my chice of clothes very important to present a clean and conservative image. I have long thick dark hair down to my shoulders,emerald green eyes,silky smooth skin,and full pouty lips. Doing errands I always wore loose fitting sweats or large shirts with long skirts to hide myself as much as possible. At church was another story, I had to wear business suites and as conservative as they were they still outlined the shapely lines of my figure. When people told me I was beautiful I would blush and look away,in the hall after the Sunday Service my husband and I would greet the parishners as they left. The black men made me nervous as they would openly stare at my chest and look at my body and then directly into my eyes,it made me feel strange. I was strong in my spritual beliefs about sex and with my husband by my side I knew I was strong and safe.
My name is Leon,Leon Persky,I'm the grocery store manager at the local super market. The first time I saw the new Reverends wife I knew right then I had to fuck her,give her a nigger fucking that would turn her forever into a black cock slut. That was 3 months ago,even though she was wearing baggy sweats her beauty was undeniable and what a body,perfect. The problem was,HOW?I had not been given the best of looks,I'm 40,6'4,weigh 270,about 40 pounds to much I'm sorry to say. After my last stint in jail for pimping I decided I better quit and go legit,I hated jail but growing up in the streets it was a natural way of life for me. I had an agne scared face with thick lips,a broken nose several times in fights gave me not the most attractive appearance but what I didn't get in looks I got down below in the cock department. My dick was a black as coal colored 3" thick,13" long with a purple bulbous head  and lemon size balls that were always full of thick nigger cum. Now for my plan;After her 1st visit I thought ,well I could drug her,no that's no good,I want her awake.

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  I could follow her and rape her,nah that's no good either,it would scare her. I want to own her. Bingo,That's It. . I'll complement her to death,all woman are suckers for complements,give her coupons for church functions and when the time is right I'll let her see my dick and that will plant the seed of black dick and then I will fertalize her desire until it time to taste the rose of her body.
After the Sunday service I had to stop by the store to pick up a few things so me and the girls left my husband and we headed out looking forward to a great Sunday night dinner at home. As we walked in, there was Mr. Persky the store manager,he was always telling her how beautiful I was, it made me nervous at first but after3 months and he was very nice and helpful with the church coupons for the parisheners I was getting comfortable with his comments. He smiled when he saw us come in and came over and I introduced Caroyln and Cindy. He shook each girls hand and commented "Mrs. B you didn't tell me you had such beautiful young daughters. "The girls blushed,Leon saw an opening,"Girls do you no how blessed you are to have the beauty of your mother,I think she's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. "I blushed "Oh Mr. Persky thank you" and then Leon saw an opening and made his first move,looking at the girls he put his arm around her waist just above her ass and squeezed gently and said "Please call me Leon. " I was stunned that he touched me   

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