The Warrior


She was dreaming, she had to be!!! It was so vivid and real but it couldn't really be happening! It was if she had been swept back in time, back to the days when the Apache and the pony soldiers literally fought to the death! She was all alone below small hill when she heard the sound of hoof beats coming from afar! She strained her eyes against the bright sun and could only make out a silhouette of a man approaching on horse back. The closer he got the more fearful she became! When he was only several hundred yards away she could plainly see the six foot long war bonnet flowing in the air behind the most powerful looking man she had ever seen in her life! Muscles that looked like they were chiseled from a piece of reddish stone glistened in the sunlight! Holding the reins of a stunningly beautiful palomino in one hand and a long spear in the other he bored down on her with the cloud of dust flying up behind him! She thought about running, but after frantically looking for a place to hide she knew it was hopeless, so with her head held high she threw back her shoulders, closed her eyes, and waited for him to run her through! Instead, however, seconds later she felt a giant hand grab her by the arm and effortlessly pull her backwards onto his stallion so she was facing him! Somehow she had become totally naked, and as she settled down onto his thighs she felt something massive enter her now dripping vagina!"W-what are you doing to me?!?" she mewled softly while wrapping her legs around his waist. He acted as if she weren't even there while he kicked the stallion in the sides, urging it to take off in a gallop! She instinctively threw her arms around his neck while she bounced up and down on his powerful erection! She crushed her breasts hard against his hairless bronze colored chest while literally holding on for dear life as they tore madly across the sun burned soil! Never in her life had she been so turned on! Her poor little pussy was being stretched almost to the point of pain, but it was so mixed up with the intense pleasure that roiled out of control in her burning loins that she couldn't tell where the pain and pleasure started or stopped! As they thundered along unabated she finally had a chance to look at her warrior lover!
His face was impassive with high cheek bones, a square jaw, and black eyes that smoldered like red hot coals! Her nipples scraped back and forth over his muscular chest, sending lightning bolts of electricity straight to her super erect clit! She couldn't understand it! Normally with anything approaching this kind of foreplay would have set her off on string of orgasms, but instead her passion just grew and grew like water behind a mile high dam, just waiting for the flood gates to be opened! If anything, they seemed to be going faster and she could feel the mane of the palomino tickling her back as it whished through the air! Ashley was about to ask where they were going when all at once they were joined by a thousand other horseback riding Apaches who were hooting and screaming as if they were going into war! She turned her head to see what was coming, and much to her horror she saw a full regiment of soldiers on the other side of a river waiting with rifles drawn!
That's when it hit her! Her captor was the chief of the Apache tribe and was leading his warriors into battle with her impaled on his massive organ!!! She tried to scream but no sound escaped her lips as the sound of gunfire along with the shouts of the attacking Indians filled the air! Moments later water lapped at her bottom as their horse leaped into the stream making its way toward the firing army! Bullets whistled just inches from her head before they lurched up on the far bank and were engaged in vicious hand to hand combat! Her chief wielded his spear with precision like efficiency as he stabbed and hacked untold numbers of soldiers to death while she hung on for dear life!!! As the blood spilled into the river turning it a bright red, her pussy began to convulse as the intensity of the attack heightened! Her clit seemed to grow to incredible proportions as the aroma of death and destruction filled her nostrils!!! Now the pain in her vagina was completely forgotten as her clit mushroomed to ten times its normal size and the walls of her pussy collapsed around the enormous invading pecker! She was close, so very close!!! Her clit head rubbed roughly against the thick shaft, and unbelievably his pecker seemed to be getting even harder!!!
Up until now he hadn't said a word or made a sound! But with her pussy beginning to cart wheel out of control, he let loose with a warrior's scream as his pecker began to spasm wildly inside of her super engorged female organs!!! The screaming Indians, the report of gunfire, and the moans of men dying filled the air with a cacophony of sound that literally carried her to a climax that nearly made her pass out!!! It was as if a snake had been let loose in her pussy while it pumped load after load of super hot semen into the cauldron that was her over heated vagina!!! Finally her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out just before feeling a spray of cool water on her forehead!!!
"Baby," Zack begged while dabbing her face with wet rag, "come on, baby, wake up!!!" She groaned softly while slowly opening her eyes before asking softly, "W-what happened?!?" "You fainted!" Zack replied in a relieved voice. "You just keeled over and landed in a heap!!!" Her mind was still pretty fuzzy, but she finally asked, "D-did I say anything, I mean how long was I out?!?" "You were just moaning a little," he answered, "and I'd say you were out only a few minutes." "So it was just a dream," she said to herself while Zack helped her to her feet. "Think you can make it now?" he asked in a worried tone. "I'll be all right," she replied while getting her bearings, "let's go." She had all but convinced herself that it was just a dream until she sensed that her vagina had just recently been violated by something incredibly huge! Her breathing quickly became labored as her clit rubbed against the crotch of her panties, and while her mind was filled with the sounds of battle, her legs wobbled unsteadily as an unexpected orgasm raced though her! Zack looked down at his trembling wife and asked softly, "You sure you're okay, you still, don't look so good?!?" As a small smile spread over her face she replied softly, "Don't worry, hon, I've never felt better!!!"
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