A walk in the woods


Maybe it was the heat of the early summer sun that day or perhaps it was the topic of our playful conversation that caused our pulses to quicken as we walked through the castle grounds. You had teased me relentlessly about my inhibitions when it comes to outdoor ummm. . . . activities. There was some truth in what you said, I always worried about the risk of getting caught.
"But that's all part of the fun!" you giggled mischieviously, eyes sparkling.
Something seemed to come over me as I regarded the way you threw your head back laughing, your eyes teasing me in a way that hugely aroused my senses.
We were walking through a long row of dense hedgerow and tall sculpted shrubs, your voice once more playing with my lusty thoughts asyou joked about how you'd love to kneel down infront of me between my feet and slide my cock between your lips. . .
Subconsciously you licked at your soft plump lips and the action tipped me over the edge. Grabbing your slender hand in mine, I pulled you after me as I jogged through the leaf laden branches around us.
"What on earth are you doing?" you squealed, suprised at my behaviour.
"You'll see!" I replied, turning to smile at you before continuing further into the bushes.

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Finding a well hidden spot I turn round to you now, pulling you up against me, searching out your mouth and kissing you hard. Our tongues twist against each other wetly and I hear you let out a soft sigh. I'm already growing hard, my cock straining against my jeans, desperate for release. Without further instruction, you sink to your knees amongst the leaves, gazing up at me with those seductive eyes of yours. I nod appreciately as you unfasten my belt and pop open the buttons on my jeans, feverishly grasping at my solid shaft with your elegant fingers.
You delight at the warmth and feel of my turgid length, your eyes already glazed, your features fixed in deep concentration. I look down at you, watching your nimble tongue dart from my swelling bell-end, lapping up the glistening pre-cum that is already pooling there, before you travel down my cock shaft, making circular swirling motions as you go. I gasp as I feel the heat of your mouth. Next, my balls get an exquisite licking whilst you grab my member with your fist, rhythmically pumping up and down in time with your tongue strokes.
My heartbeat speeds up, the thrill and risk of what we are doing complimenting your undeniably skillful attentions. I seize your hair with both hands, forcing you away from my balls so that your lips hover just above my aching helmet. You have the filthiest look on your eyes as you open your mouth wide to accomadate me before I plunge my cock deep into your mouth, right into the back of your throat. You gag but remain utterly compliant, enjoying every inch of me despite your eyes watering. Your sweet lips form a tight seal around my thick girth, sliding up and down a few times before expertly fucking me with your mouth in a way only you know how.
I can already feel my cum-filled balls tightening and my cock twitches involuntarily between your lips as you relentlessly take my every thrust.

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   My grip on your hair tightens and I have to lean back against the tree behind me to steady myself.
You momentarily pause to catch your breath and I take over with my hand, pumping away furiously. I tell you to open wide so I can watch as my cum shoots forth in hot sticky ropes, landing on your out-thrust tongue. Your eyes, filled with sexy adoration and pure lust, never leave mine as I cum so hard for you. It takes all my strength not to shout out as you catch all of my load there in that hidden spot amongst the bushes. . .
Suddenly we hear distant voices approaching and I help you up, pulling you close for a brief yet deep kiss, your tongue passing me the sweet remnents of my gift to you.
Quickly we compose ourselves before sneaking back onto the gravel path, both smiling at our little alfresco adventure; one which I'm certainly going to not only repeat but explore much further with you. . . . . .

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