Fun Bus Ride


A few things that I have discovered over my many years of exposing myself to young women are that most of them like looking at a nice looking naked man and also enjoy watching him jacking himself off. This is especially true if he has a really nice looking cock and package. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that most women are voyeurs. They like looking at a man stroking his cock as long as they think we don’t know they are looking. That kind of gives them a layer of protection where they think they are in control of the situation. By finding ways of allowing them that false sense of security I have enjoyed some fantastic sessions of exposing myself to many good looking young women and having them watch me jackoff all the way through cuming all over myself. A well placed mirror in my car or a window reflection in a bus or train works really well to accomplish this. Most of them just turn and walk away after I’ve finished, but a few have had some snide comments for me like calling me a pervert.

This is one particular case that turned out rather well. One day I was checking out the local busses for young school girls to give a little show to. There are a couple of high schools in the area and I discovered that there are a lot of high school girls that for one reason or another can’t drive and like the local busses over the school busses. The school busses usually take twice as long for them to get home. Anyway, if you find the right girl and situation you can do a little flashing so you both enjoy it. I had taken several busses without much luck and was going to give up when I got on this bus and saw this really cute young girl sitting in the back section of the bus. She had on one of the cute school uniforms with the short grey pleaded skirts with the thin white button up tops. She had some nice teen tits going on and as I got closer I could see just a hint of her nipples through the thin material.

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   It looked like she had taken her bra off as soon as she was out of school. (Nasty little girl) The bus was almost empty and the young girl was all alone in the elevated back section. I had on a pair of loose fitting short swim trunks with the underwear cut out of them so my package was commando and swinging free.   I had some women’s ponytail bands on as cockrings and by the time I stepped up to where she was sitting about half of my now semi-hard eight inch cock was hanging out of my shorts. She was sitting on the left side of the bus in the second set of seats in the back section next to the window. I noticed I could see her reflection in the inside of the windows on my side so I could watch her without her thinking I was. I sat in the seats directly across from her in the aisle seat.

As I sat down I could feel over half my now rock hard cock and a little of my balls were out of my shorts and my circumcised cockhead was straight up in the air and looking around with a big teardrop in his one big eye. I saw the young girl’s reflection in the window as she saw what I wanted her to. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers as she nervously glanced around to see if anyone else was looking at her. Convinced that she had an exclusive showing she looked back at my cock and balls. Since she seemed very interested I decided to give her the full show. With my left hand I pulled the inside of my left leg band all the way over to the right and let my entire clean shaven package out for this young beauty to see. My pre-cum was flowing like crazy and using just my fingertips, of my right hand, on the underside of my cock and my thumb tip on the top I spread the pre-cum around and started jacking off. In the reflection in the window I could see I now had her full attention.

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   As I continued stroking my cock I saw her very quietly slide over to her aisle seat so her eyes were now less than three feet away from my hand working it’s magic on my swollen cock.

Convinced that I didn’t know she was watching me her eyes were now locked on what I was doing to my cock.

With her staring at me jacking my cock off in just a few short minutes it sent me over the edge. The all too familiar very intense tickling started in my cockhead as I felt it swell even more as it always does just before I cum. The tickling surged down through my cock and into my balls as I felt it start to pump my cum up out of them. I looked down at my cock as my first squirt of cum jetted out of my pisshole and hit the seatback in front of me. I heard a little gasp from her and turned to look directly at her. Her eyes were glued on my hand stroking my cock as the next three squirts splattering on the bus floor between my spread feet. She was so mesmerized by me still stroking my cuming cock that she did not realize that I was now looking directly at her as she watched me, in an almost hypnotic state, bringing the ultimate pleasure to my cock and myself. When I finally stopped cuming and slowed my stroking and she realized I was done and looked up at me and discovered I knew she was watching me the whole time. With a look of horror on her face she blushed bright red as I gave her a big smile. She quickly turned away and slid back over to the window seat and stared out the window.

I rang the bell to get off the bus, after getting off on the bus, and tried to tuck my cum dripping cock back in my shorts. As I stepped off and the bus pulled away I noticed the young girl moving over to the seat I had been sitting in and I waved at her as she looked out the window at me. I guess she wanted to inspect the place where I had marked my territory for her on the bus.

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   That was a ‘Fun Bus Ride’ I’ll always remember as it was one of my most intense orgasms I have ever had thanks to that sweet young girl. If any of these young girls are reading this that have had this happen to them if it happened to be me I just want to say Thank You very much for the extreme pleasure you gave me by looking.

There are a lot more adventures like this one if anyone is interested.