Working at my Job


Not much here in fact. As I said, I no longer wear underwear at all. My most covering clothes are tube-tops, skirts, t-shirts, micros, things like that. I have sewn some of my own to be a little scandalous, but only if someone really looks or pays attention.
Nothing strange here unless it rains or I am splashed by a puddle. The cold wetness almost always makes my nipples hard and I smile as I get strange looks at my chest by men and women alike. My own creations I think are better. My favorite being a mesh T-shirt with holes, that if I shift just a little, my nipples poke through.
Theses are a little more daring. My regular tube-tops are the normal version of covering my breasts only while my stomach and top half are exposed. When the weather is cool or slightly cold, my nipples turn rock hard and push the fabric outward a bit. They are great attention getters. The ones I have made myself are even better. They are more like miniature headbands across my chest. They only cover my nipples and leave the top and bottom half of my breasts bare. If I stretch in any given direction, they “accidentally” slide either up or down and expose everything.

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Only two types exist in my closet. Short and micro. I wear the micro more than the others for it’s a great way to do what I love, flash. The micros as you know barely reach past the pussy area and show off quite a bit of my thighs. This is perfect for when I bend over at the waist or sit down as it rides up to my waist, exposing my butt and pussy for all to see. Almost always I get wet from doing this.
My Work Starts_
As I said before I had planned on going back to the store that the help had so kindly fingered me in, though it wasn’t to shop. This time, I planned to get a job there. My hope was to be able to have some sort of job that fit in with my lifestyle. Anyway, my mom drove me to the store today and as we were sitting in the car, she told me how she was proud that I wanted to start work. If she only knew my intentions. Which in fact she probably did, but so far didn’t say anything. I guess it was that girl to girl understanding or something.  
Once we were inside she said she would spend her time shopping while I applied for a job. When we split up, I made a beeline for the store I knew and entered immediately.

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   The help there was the same three girls and the manager, and when they saw me their faces lit up in big grins. I grinned back and stepped further into the store.
It wasn’t long before the three helper girls surrounded me and asked if I needed anything. I suppose being led naked by my pussy days earlier sort of made me special. Nodding, I asked if there were any openings available, being very calm about it and with a smile back. That’s when the manager looked up and said she was sorry, but there was no opening today. This didn’t faze me in the least. Instead of leaving, I then asked if there was any way to help out to repay for their earlier kindness.
The manager smiled.
“Well, one of our mannequins was damaged upon delivery, so we can’t use it to sport new fashions. How would you like to be it’s replacement. I’ll even pay you. ”
“Sounds fine to me. ” I said
She then led me into the changing rooms and had me strip naked before handing me a dress. Explaining that she or one of the girls would be doing the clothes that I wore, she then left and waited for me to get dressed. 

When I came out, a white pedestal was set empty just shy of the store’s entrance and in perfect view of shoppers. Smiling, I stepped up on it and waited. It wasn’t long before the manager came over and helped me into a position same as the other dolls. She had just told me not to speak and had walked behind the desk when the first customers came in.
They were obviously very busy, so didn’t take time to look at me or the other mannequins, however, one of the girls had looked over at me for a second glance before deciding the lights were playing tricks on her. I smiled when they left.
The manager came over again and asked if I was alright. After saying I was, she unfastened the dress and stripped me naked. This was done in such a way that the palms of her hands slid down my breasts and legs. I was becoming wet. She then left with the dress while I remained naked in my position. More customers came in then and spent some time looking over the different fashions that were on display. Not many really looked at the other mannequins until one teenage couple saw me. They walked over for a closer look and took their time.
Just then, one of the helper girls joined them and asked what they were looking at.

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“This mannequin looks strange” said the boy.
“Oh, that’s because it’s a new model that the manager had ordered. Realistic isn’t it?”
“Yeah, it even has the right breasts and a pussy added. Weird. ”
That was the extent of their inquiry as they left again. It was awhile before we saw anymore people walk into the store. At this time, one of the three helper girls came over and lifted my legs, one after the other as she redressed me in some panties. That was all she put on me as she walked away again. However, the manager came forward and gently picked me and my pedestal to a more viewable position. This was done so that if the customers came in, I’d be the first thing they’d see.
Just then, another couple walked into the store and spent their time browsing through everything. I could tell the man had seen me as he kept glancing over to where I stood silent and stiff, trying not to tear up from resisting to blink. It was then as they were leaving to look at another store that he gave me the quick thumbs up. Apparently he knew I was a real girl pretending but wouldn’t say anything. Anyway that wa the only event for that party.

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Things got more lively when a group of school kids came into the shop to find new stuff for their own fashions. Most of the girls headed off to their own section, but some stayed with the boys near me. It was then a few of them saw me in nothing more than panties and went to stand in front of me.
The manager came over then and asked if she could help with anything. They asked her why one of the mannequins looked so different from the rest. She explained that she was testing a new model that had been delivered earlier and so far it was holding up pretty well. Just then she told them to excuse her as it was time for her to change the doll. She then pulled the panties down my legs and lifted my feet to extract them. I hope she planned on throwing those out and not sell them. They were soaking wet from my excitement. She then left and I was left naked at the view of three guys and two girls.
Another of the helper girls came forward and asked if they were getting everything they needed. They couldn’t stop staring at my bare pussy and breasts. For what seemed like a little while, they asked what was making me so different from the other mannequins. She explained that I had been made for a more realistic approach and they even made sure the genitalia was as perfect as they could make it.

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   With this, one of the two girls placed her hand between my legs and pressed on my pussy.
“God, it’s even wet and warm. They really did a number on it”
“Let me see. ” said one of the boys.  He put his hand between my legs to feel, but instead of taking it out immediately again, he curled one finger and pushed it into my pussy, moving it in and out. I’m pretty sure he would have finger fucked me for much longer, but at that instant, the girls shoved him aside calling him a perv.
Finally they left and I was close to an orgasm thanks to the boy. It was then the manager came over and positioned me anew, a little harder to hold. She then lifted my arms and slid down a short t-shirt in place. It covered my breasts and stomach, but stopped short of my waist, leaving my pussy exposed. Before she left me again, the manager reached down and stroked a finger once within my pussy lips, then brought it up to my eyes.
“Enjoying yourself are you?” she teased me, then left.
I didn’t say anything as it got closer and closer to closing time and they started locking the place down. However, there was one customer who apparently had ran to this store I was working in and begged to be let to get something for herself. I think the manager had a warm heart that day because she let the girl in to browse and such.

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   When she reached me in just a t-shirt, there was this big grin on her face. Turning to the help, she asked to try it on. The manager complied and stripped me bare once more, but since it was so late, she asked the girl if she’d be fine changing there in the store. The girl nodded and quickly tried on the t-shirt. It fit perfectly and she thanked the manager and asked to buy it.
Here I was left naked again and one of the help came up to me smiling. We both knew I was enjoying it and the next thing I felt was her fingers entering my soaking pussy. The girl customer had completed her transaction at this point and asked the girl fingering me what she was doing. She replied she was adding a lubricant that was special to this type of doll. Nodding, the girl asked if she could help apply it as a repayment for their favor. The helper nodded and handed her a tube containing a cool substance. Taking a healthy dollop on her fingers, the girl then pushed her fingers slowly into me, then started stroking in and out of my pussy. My orgasm which had been dying out came back with a vengeance and before I knew it, and holding as still as possible, I came onto her hand.  
“Wow, it even knows how to expel the extra it doesn’t need. Cool”
She kept fingering me and I was so sensitive at this point that only minutes passed before my second orgasm rushed through my body.

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   That was then the manager thanked her for her help and closed the door behind her retreating form. Then, walking to me, she helped me step down, rather shakily, and handed me back my clothes.
She thanked me for a wonderful day and said I had a job.

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