The repayment 2


I you did not read the repay ment then you will be in the middle of the story.

I was drunk as hell. and we were waching me eat out a girl on the cougers bed. And I knew I was fucked and I did not even get there. Then the car crashed threw the wall and she stoped after all the people left. "Yea not very good friends. Now you said that you would pay me back any way you could. " I could not even say a word other then UUUUUUUUU. She kept talking. You think I got all this from a old husband or somthing. but your wroung. And I know that you have no way in paying me back. But you have a skill set that is very handy for me. I run you could say a escort servace or even a pimp. I perfer madum. You could go to your parents and work two jobs to pay me back.

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   but that would take for ever. Some how I was as sober as a J-bird. every thing she said hit home.

So what I pepose is you work for me. It will only take a mouth or two. less if your good. First I can see that you don't mind to louse control. when a women takes control. And you really injoy sucking the shit out of a pussy. So if your in or if you out Im going to ask for a few things and you will do it tonight. after to night you will ether work your ass off paying me back or you can have lots of sex and pay me off. But you cant leave here till I used your body in any way I want. You understand. Yes mama. Im all yours with a smile on my face.

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   i thought I was just going to eat her out all night long maybe even fuck her. That is when I relized I have had a hard on for most the night.

First you need to get undressed. I did as fast as I can. She spoke We'll work on that. Now un dress me slowly. I started with her shirt. I doped to my knees and stated at te bottom button and workup. then peeled her juens off with ease. then went to her brull. "Now start kissing lightly as you pull it off. I went down one side then up the other. then back down to the nippales. I went back and forth sucking nibbaling and just teaseing her. "Oh your a naturale Now go to my toes.

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   and work your way up. " I lightly pull her foot to my mouth and musage it as I kiss it. From one to the other. Then work my wy up the inside her leg. As I reach her G-string I play with the string in my mouthto pull them down. then work my way back up the leg. I teas her lips till she could not stand it. Then she to hold of my ears and I knew it was time to go to work. I dived in and she was alreaddy soked. It really did not take long to get her off. twice. Then she therw me on the floor and start ed fucking me like crazy she had to have got off two more times. then she rolled me over and told me to fuck her hard. I went after it. And she was still sqirting like crazy.

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   She hade me suck he tits at the same time. I lost count of how many times we she got off. But I have not. I should have blown with in a few pumps. finnaly she fell of to the side and we passed out.

Then I wake u to he putting a spreeder bar on my legs and allready had my hands cuffed. She says "I have to push all your limits. if your going to work for me. Just relax it will be so much better. " I still had a hard on. She started strocking it. "This is my speacail cocktail. It sort of like viagra but the berbon dose not let you get off. I love it. Roll over" So I do.

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  Now Im on my kness tied up She Slaped my ass and it stung. I let out a bit of a yell. She grabs my ears and tells me Shut up. and slaps me harder. this is for thowing a party. wap. this is for fucking in my bed. Wap and this is for a drunk runing thew my house. Wap Wap Wap. I let out another yell. "fuck" She walks away then comes back with a ball gage. and shoves it in my mouth. then put a fuzzy ball in my hand. If its to much then drop the ball and Ill stop. But trust me dont.


   drop the ball your ass is mine. " "Yes mama"Ill just jump to it.
She gets right be hind me and I feel a cold dribale run down my ass all the way to my balls. She rubs it on to my balls and up to my ass. She flicks her fingure around my ass hole. I knew waht was comeing but I was not ready for it. She pushed her fingur in hard and fast. then moved it around slowly. I tighend up but all most hurt till I relaxed. As I relaxt it sort of felt good. Then she put two figurs in there. then started fucking my ass. "Was that pussy good" Ha. " Yes Mamaaaaa. " I just got that out of my mouth when she slamed a thered finger in my ass.

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   Then she pulls out and leaves for a min. Then I feel he kneel be hind me. and put a hand on each cheek. The she pushs a strap on in to my ass. Then she starts fucking my ass like no other. It feels like she fucks me forever. When she was done she lays down in frount of me and has me eat her out again. Finaly I feel a few drops of sperm drip from me. after I lick every last drop she rools me over and sits he ass on my dick. She slides my dick into her tight ass. Then she fucks me till I get off like I never got off before. then she slids back and pushes all my cum into my mouth. Lafghing her ass off. I feel like brakefast. and you are going to make it.

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   But you need some clothes. As she toss me a maids uniform. and un ties me. I dress in the maids uniform. Then go make brekfast. As Im striring the pancakes and she comes from behind and starts jacking me off. As she milks my prostate. I come to climax pretty fast. as I exsplode she pulls the bull down so I spem shot in it. she tells me over breck fast that If Im up for more then I can tay there anouther night and work for her. warning thow If you do then that is just a tast. You all ready are upto $1000 on your dett. What do you say. I have to say I hade alot of fun last night. And I think I would like to see what to elase is out there.

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  That was the start of my future.
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