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It was a few weeks seance I started my repayment. I never new what I liked till I tried it. I was likeing the submisive role much more Then I thought. After that I went to a few other places and it was about the same or less. I just fulfiled some drems of rich wemon. I would eat alot of them out or be fucked by a strap on. But this week ended up all new. I did things I would have thew up just thinking about. But looking thew new eyes I was open to new things. I arived in a cab like usual. All I knew was there were going to be two and I would be paid three times more. But I knew I would have to earn it. As I walked to the door it was a big farm house. Just out of the city. I knocked on the door and the two wemon came to the door. They did not look the part.

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   They were to normale every day wemon. The darker hair women was about 5ft 5in. She was in a flowerd summer dress She was chubby but not really fat. You could tell she had some muscal for her size. The lighter haird women was a little taller but about the same around the waist band. They invited me in liketo nice ladys they looked like. I went in to there living room and and sat down. They poor three glasses of Jack dainals. And slowly drink them. as they ask me stuff about my earlyer days before I got in to this. They started talking about there dogs and people they dont like. It felt odd to me to be doing this they just did not seem like they were ones to get a guy like me. Finnaly the shorter one moves the topice to sex. the way she and her friend likes it. But she will have to see were it gose to with what they really want.

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   Then the attacked me. striped me down faster then ever. And in the rush they had there dresses off. There huge round tits on ether side of my face. They were stocking my cock and feeling my body all over. I could not even tell which one shoved her brest in my mouth. I sucked and licked till she pulled it out and put the others in my mouth. I felt a hand rech to my ass hole. One then two even three fingers pop in to me Im being jacked off by one fingur fucked by the other. They roll me to my back and before I could tell what is happening I was being sat on by a big jucie harry cunt. I would like to say it smelled nice but it did not. It smelled like sweet piss and cum. I could have swern that she was fucked just before I got there. But She was sitting on my face so the only thing I could do was eat her out I felt the other slide on to my cock. They were faceing each other kissing.

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   They were fucking me like crazy. I had the drug that made me not cum. But even thow I was desustied I could feel my balls clinch up about to blow. She could tell to. She pulled off just before. Then The one sitting on my face went to a 69 postion. She sucked the cum out of me. I kept eating till she got off big time. she driched my face. The way she was sittin I had her juices flowing up my nose into my eyes. She got up just in time for me to see The tall one filling a seringe with my cum. Then she hooked it up to a strap on that the short one was waering. Then she put a pillow under my ass. Then the tall one jumped on my face. She was already socked But I new what to do.

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   I licked up her stinking pussy I could feel all the hair in my mouth with this sticky smelly cum dripping down my throught. Then I felt the strapon slid in she lubed it up so it was not to bad. She did not start slow she went right to full blown slaming my ass. She was hiting me so hard that she was moveing both of us. The the tall one screamed Im getting off. And she did. The same way. Then I felt what the serening was for. Pushed my cum into my ass. It felt better then I thought it would. the cum was still hot. and could feel it warming the inside of me. Then the tall hopped off and told me to stay right there. The short one still with the stapon inside me rapes a belt that had hand cuffs on each side. And staps me in.


   She ask me if That was the first time I had a cum filled ass. I said yes and she asked if I liked it. And again Yes I did. She slowly slid the strapon out and let my cum drip from my ass. Then from out of nowere a big blood hound Jumped up and stated licking my face. I tried to turn awawy but they pulled my head back and even opend my mouth so he could lick inside my mouth. the short on pulled me to th floor and put a knee on ether side of my head. then with a little comande the hound mounted her. Pushing his long red cock into her. He begain fuckig he like she fucked me. I had her juices driping on my face. then The tall one put a pillow under my ass again and anouther dog started licking my ass. I could feel his rough toung rubing across my hole and penatating it. His toung exsplored the inside on my ass turly cleaning my pipes. The hound pounding at the short one came.

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   So did she. The dog pulled out and went to the couner to clean himself. She just sat down for me to do her. I could tast the sweet bitter fluied flowing from her. She stands up and asked if I like the tast. So I said yes. Then they pulled the dog that was eating my ass. over my head. they strocked his shaft out till it was about five ins long. red and vainy. I knew what they wanted me to do. I put my lips to it and sucked and licked at it. The dog was moveing with every strock mith me. It did not take long till he shot his load down my throught. As crazy as I would have said before I felt like I could not get enough.

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   We spent the rest of the night fucking sucking and petting the dogs. Then went home I will never look at a dog the same. .

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