Breaking the Virginity Of A VNS Schoolgirl


Hi, I m Avilash. 22 years old. I m from Dhaka city of Bangladesh. I’m very much naughty and fun loving boy & have an easy-going personality. I'm smart, attractive, 5’10” tall; I’ve fit body, fair complexion & 7. 5’’ penis. I can fuck girls very much in many ways with true fun, enjoyment and satisfaction that u can't imagine. I am the gangster of love, the fun machine. Call me if you need someone to fuck. I say: 'that it's all about making you ejaculation until you beg me to “stop please”. Now I’d like to narrate a true sex experience of my life. Here I did not use the name because of secrecy. & I always use condom because I believe in safe sex.
Recently a schoolgirl of  16 year-old of VNS sent me an email. She wrote that she is a virgin and want to break it by a good cock. So she’s writing me because she liked my stories as well as  my cock’s pic & want it in her pussy.

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   So, I gave her my contact number. After initial introducing, she told me to meet her at her home. She gave me her address & time.

I went to her home at time. She opened the door and invited me to sit inside. Both of us smiled lightly. she was wearing a bright red shalwar kameez with dupatta on her head. She is extremely fair and has blue eyes. She is 5’3 and has a 32C 30 34 figure. then we sat together . then she played a porn VCD. We were watching it and having some snacks. In few minutes, both of us got Hot and Wild. I went out of my control and held her face. And without even thinking anything else she kissed me.

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   It felt like 1000 volts of electricity went down through my spine. I also kissed her. while kissing her I slowly put my hand on her neck then her shoulder and then slowly put my another hand on her boobs. she started shivering like hell. At first she moved away a little bit from me then again when I put my hand over there she just shivered but didn’t move away.
Then slowly I started to press those beautiful soft mind blowing boobs slowly. The more I started to touch those breasts the more I was getting mad. Then slowly I put my hand inside her kamiz and started to move upwards. First I touched her belly and then her navel. It was so sexy and deep that i was almost going to explode right there. Then I kissed her lips and started to suck her tongue. Then I touched her bra. My hands were feeling so wonderful. She was saying ah harder Mmmmm uuummmm. .

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  aaaaahhhh which made me more crazier. I started to press them a bit hard and and she was also enjoying it very much. aaaaaaaaahhhs uuuuuuhhhhhhhs ooooooohhhhs. . god. . .  it was feeling so good that I don’t know what to say, she screamed. I started to pull her Kamiz upwards and took it off from her body. She was only in her bra. Then I slowly took the hook and opened it.

I kissed on her cheek then her neck then slowly I placed my lips over the nipple. Oohhhh. . .

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   It was so god damn hard. After kissing it I took my tongue out and licked it. I grabbed her with my hands and took the entire boob into my mouth and started sucking in like a mad person. she grabbed my hairs and pressed it more towards her and was making sounds Ooooohhh. . . . OHHHH!!!!! Man!!! your mouth is just making them feel bigger!!". Her those sounds made me so crazy. Then I took the right one into my mouth and started sucking that crazily. Then I licked the nipple with my tongue and when it became rock hard, i gave a small bite over there. Ooouucccuhhh Usssssssss oohhhhh. . . ”she almost screamed.

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Her nipples were rock hard and I was twisting them really hard. But this time I slowly put my hand on her pant and started to open the knot. She initially got scared and told me not to do it but I was too much crazy to listen to her. Slowly I opened the knot of her pant and pushed my hand inside. Oooohh. . . It was so hot over there. I touched her bare tights and started rubbing my fingers on it. Then slowly i started to take my hands upwards until it touched over the panty. OMG! I touched her over the panty and it was so wet. I started to rub her with one of my finger that made her more wet. Then i put my hands in side her panty & slowly I touched her pussy. Ooohhhh it was so hot and wet. I was diying to taste those lovely juices.

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   I pulled her pants a little downwards and she lifted herself a little to help me with that. I pulled it down and spread her legs as wide as possible. Oooooohhhh it was totally wet and glittering with those yummy juices. I took my face near and smelled it. It smelt so good & musky. Then I put my tongue on it and gave it a quick lick. aaaaah it was so tasty that I started to lick her crazily. it was clean shaved uuuuuuffffff that made me even more mad. I was so hard. As she grabed my hairs from behind and pushed towards her I started to lick her faster.

I knew she was coming coz she moved her hip upwards so that I could lick more of it and rolled shivering like hell. After some time she grabbed me so tight shivered that i was sure that she would come any moment now. That made me to increase my my Speed more. All these time she was moving slowly and moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperrr" When i increased my speed more faster she couldn’t hold herself anymore, she was moaning, "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperrr" pressing my head on her pussy and raising her hips to enter me deeper. My tongue was moving faster, "yyyesssssssss oohhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssss lick me harder yyesssssssssss" my tongue moving deeper, faster.

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   She was jumping up with my movement & tried to push my face away but in vain.
The more she tried the faster i started to lick. Then she moved her hand away and grapes the pillow beside her and hide her face with it. While licking her i placed one her on her boobs and started to twist the hard nipple and with the other hand i was rubbing in her cunt and making it wet with the juices. Aaaaahhhhh ooohhhhh Oh baby yessssss! Finger me baby! Oh, oh yesssssssssss!” “Oh God yes suck me! Ohhhhhhh!”Eat my cunt fully…. . aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh. . . . drink it  aaaaaao. the room was filled up with sounds like these coming out of her mouth, then I pushed one of my finger in her hole and pushed it as mush deep as possible. It was so hot and wet. her mouth fell wide open Ooooh yessss. .

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  . Oooh. . . unnnnhhhhhh. . . uhhhhhhgggghhhh!" "Oh God. ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiand she grasped the pillow as hard as she could and was shivering. I started to move my finger in and out and at the same time was licking her. This made her more mad and now she was shivering and moving her hips upwards. She became totally red and was gasping for air. Then i increased my sipped to my top level and pushed the finger in and out as fast as possible uuufff . oooohhh Ahhhhh ittss fffiinnne I lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh. With sounds like that she stared jerking her whole body.

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With each and every sound she made I finger fucked her more vigorously. Then after a while she almost gave a shout aaaaaa AHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN UHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AAAAAEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JAAAAAANU I AM CUMMMMMMMMMING YESSSSSSSSSSS” and with that gave a very big jerk. and juice splashed from her pussy, she held my face tight on her pussy and all juice splashed on my face. I felt a hot liquid was coming out of her. I took out the finger and started to suck over there like a straw I did not stop until I get the last drop of that yummy juice.

she then fell on the bed with her eyes closed like an unconcious person i moved up and laid beside her and started to play with her breasts softly and after a while started to kiss and lick the nipples. she opened her eyes and kissed me deep and started to suck my tongue. While kissing her i remove my underwear and sat on top of her.
When my hard dick touched her tighs she got a shock and closed her legs tightly. Then i moved on top of her and while sucking her tongue with mine i started to play with her boobs again. I was twitching and turning and pulling them and making them hard again. She screamed in pleasure Usssssssss oohhhhh. . . uuufffff aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu ussssssssshhhhhhh.

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   She was madly aroused by that. Then i applied a little force to spread her legs. Now my throbbing dick was touching her cunt and was getting wet by her juices. Oohh it was so hot, soft & wet which made me more wild. then i told her to suck my dick. she started doing that happily. At first she was using her teeth . But later on she started to do it only with her lips and tongue. ooohh, i was getting crazy and moaning, "yes, suck it please. . . ahhhhhh"  Even though she was a virgin at 16, she sucked my cock like an experienced pervert girl, i was feeling so great that i cant explain how much. "yes, take it inside. . .


  yyessss" I was giving long moan, "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhmmmm. She was also playing with my balls squeezing, sucking and licking my cock and balls like a hungry girl. She was also seeing my face and smiling. I was  screaming, enjoying it sooooooo muchhh ooooooohhh. . . . She  just went up and down. I held her hair sooooooo tight. I wanted u to stop and give her a break and a time to breath. But she didn't!!!  didn't care how hard I pulled her hair, but instead she was enjoying it. I was screaming in pleasure you are good cock sucker hhhhhhhmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Still she didn't stop. she kept on sucking it. Ooooooohhh I was shaking.

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   my whole body was shaking. . . I cummed & abig load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in
her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her breasts & some she
swallowed. But still she didn't stop. she kept sucking my cock and ate my cum until it shrinked!

Then i started to play with her. i was hard again and started to kiss all over her body. This time i moved upward and touched my dick on her forehead, eyes, chicks & lips. we  were sweating like hell. Then i slowly moved downwards and touched her nipples with my dick. I kept on rubbing it and it became 8” & hard in no time. She was scared as well as happy to see my yummy, juicy and enormous cock. She was too hot to resist after seeing my cock and begged me to take her virginity now.

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   Her eyes were full in desire. Then i asked her to open her mouth and make my dick wet. She did and then again i touched her nipples and made it totally wet. Then again i did the same thing for the other one. This made her hot again she was wet again. Then I wore the condom. Then i moved a little down and touched her navel with my cock and she started sheviring and then slowly i came in between her tights and started to rub her cunt with my 8” huge cock and making it totally wet with her juices.
And gently i gave a very small push. She screamed with Ouch…. in pleasure and closed her eyes. she got a little pain & scared because it’s her first time. i just smiled at her and laid on her and started to press her boobs. She closed her eyes again and this time without letting her know i pushed my throbbing dick in her. It went in a little but she got really really scared and started saying plz dont do this plz plz but i know it’s not her mind’s talking. So, I placed my lips on her lips and grabbed both of her tights with my hands and pushed my cock more but it’s being forced by her hymen.

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   So I pushed a bit hard and my cock entered up to 6”. Same time some blood came from her cunt and she got unconscious. Since I know well how to break a virgin’s virginity well with gently and 100% satisfaction, I stopped to fuck her and was waiting for her consciousness.

In 5 minutes, she opened her eyes again and smiled. 'OH MY GOD! IT'S SOOO BIG!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!! PLEASE!!! FUCK MEE!!! MY PUSSY'S ACHING FOR YOUR BIG TOOL!!!!" words coming out of her mouth. Then I gave her a bit hard stroke and my full cock entered into her cunt. But her pussy was so tight. I started to fuck her slowly. She was sheviring like Hell and hugged me with all of her strenght and i kept on pushing. It was so hot and wet and tight inside. I was also playing with her boobs and kissing, sucking, licking her lips, chicks, boobs. OOOOHHHHH!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! PLEASE!!! FUCK MEE!!!"oooohhh Ahhhhh ittss fffiinnne I lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh“AHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN UHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, she was screaming in great pleasure. She is getting pleasure now instead of  pain. She was holding me so tight that her nipples were being crushed on my chest. I slowly went to her ear licked it and then whispered her to spread her legs as much as possible.

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   Which she did right then. this gave me more room and then i started to move in and out a little faster.
Oh AHHHH AHHH UHNNNNN UHNN UHMMMM AEY JAANU FFUCKKK AHNNN GOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHN GOD YESSSS YESSS FFUCK ME FFUCK ME OHHH JAANU MORE SPEEDER AND HARDER OHHH AEYYY YOUR BIG COCK AND MY LITTLE CUNT OHH GOD AHNNNN”was coming from her mouth each time i push my cock in her vagina. This made me to increase my speed more and she was screaming loudly in pleasure. i started to ram her crazily. I was ramming her so hard that each time i went totally in her, my balls were hitting her and it was making sound THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP. Then held her shoulder tight and started to ram her as fast as i could. I was also pressing, caressing, sucking, kissing, squeezing her boobs, asscheeks as much as I can. she started saying aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammmaaa. . . oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, I love you aaahh.
She was enjoying, "oooooohhhhhhhhh yyyessssssssssss ooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh dddeeeeeeppppppperrrrrrrrr ffffaaassterrrrrrr hhaaaarrdderrrrrrrrrrr. " "ooooohhhhhhhh yyessssssssssssss fuccckkk me harderrr yyessssssss oooooohhhhhhhh yyyyyyyesssssssss ddddddddeeeeeeeeeeppppppppperrrrrrrrrrr". I was ramming my cock harder in her and it’s touching her g-spot and with that she gave such a heavy jerk that her entire body got up and i could feel a hot liquid was coming out of her pussy oohh it felt so great.

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   I knew she came and was done but i didnt came yet and kept on ramming her. After sometimes I also came and drew a finish of our fucking by taking out of my cock from her pink pussy. Then she removed the condom from my cock and sucked my cock again until it was clean. She was totally exhausted but I wasn’t. I could fuck her again but because of her 1st time I didn’t do it. I asked her, “ how was it?” she said “AMAZING, I was in heaven” and smiled.

I hope all of you liked the story. So Girls, send me your comments & desire. I promise you that I can satisfy you with a smile on your face. I will extinguish the fire of lust inside your pussy. Privacy is assured. Also invites u for xxx chat . My email addresses are:  BDPLAYBOY@YMAIL. COM or PLAY_BOYX3@LIVE. COM 


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