Clean Up After Me


CLEAN UP AFTER ME   "Oh my God! What the hell doing you think you're doing?!" she shouted, holding her hands up to the sides of her face.   The startled and embarrassed look on my face was worth a thousand words, none of which came to mind. Sitting at my desk with my pants around my ankles she caught me stroking my cock and looking ant some dirty mags I keep around for my horny interludes.   Another time and another woman and I would have most definitely reacted differently. But Tanya was my boss and I had tried so hard to impress her. My embarrassment was bad enough but I had the feeling that I had destroyed any hopes of leaving a good impression judging by the stern look on her face. "So is this what I pay you to do all night long? Is this what I get for my money?" she firmly asked me. "Well. . . . ahhh. . . . I'm so embarrassed and so sorry.

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  . . " I stammered, trying to conceal my predicament,"No . . . . honestly. . . . I was having a break. . . . it'll never happen again! Please forgive me Tanya?""Let think a moment.

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  . . " she said with a sinister grin, "I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. ""Please anything. . . . . name it. . . . I don't want to loose this contract!" I pleaded.   Sensing my obvious submissive position Tanya was quick to take control. "Like I said.


  . . there has to be something. . . " she told me in a voice that told me she was the boss, "You get dressed and get back to work! I'll expect to see you here on time tomorrow! We'll discuss my decision then. ""Yes ma'am! And thank you, thank you very much!" I said. As she left I realized that I was trembling. She had me shaking while I got dressed and went back to work. All night long I felt uneasy but wanted everything to be spotless and perfect for her in the morning. I paid special attention to the dusting and vacuuming, especially in all the corners. I took all of her knickknacks off her shelves and polished each one. The place was sparkling when I bowed out silently around midnight.   I thought about my embarrassing situation the entire drive home. Oddly though I found myself getting turned on.

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   Tanya was a very successful business woman and was quite wealthy. I wondered what she must've thought catching me the way she did and soon found myself in bed jerking off.   I spent most of the next day worried about the outcome and Tanya's verdict. It seemed like a week had passed by the time 8 pm rolled round.   As I pulled into the first empty space I saw I noticed Tanya's Jaguar so I knew she was still here. I got the willies suddenly as I rode the elevator to the top of her 6 story building to where my office was. I swiped my access card and entered the stairwell leading to the machine room and my office. I sighed with relief as I glanced at the digital clock radio on my desk, 7:59 PM!  Opening the key-cabinet I took out my key caddy and clipped it onto my belt. I wasn't sure what to do next, but I decided it would be in my best interests to get to cleaning straight away!  I got my utility cart and started, as I do every night, working from the top floor down. I do the washrooms first and then go back up with the vacuum and do the carpets and dusting working my way down through the building. I take pride in my work and I work hard. I am especially conscious of cleanliness in washrooms.  As a matter of fact that's one of the things I emphasize when selling a new client my services. I have before my work and after I'm done shots of washrooms I care for. I have several other people at various buildings all of whom I have personally trained.

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   They say I'm picky and that people won't know the difference. I told them that most people wouldn't, but that it only takes one. Before you know word of mouth has ruined your business. I not only have to train them I have to give them a working conscience, good help is hard to find!  I usually sneak off and have a quick smoke while I'm cleaning the bathrooms since they're all ventilated and exhausted. But tonight I decided against it! The last thing I needed was to be caught smoking, Tanya would think I was slacking off. On top of catching me whacking off, I was sure that she'd fire me for slacking off! Besides I just happened to be on the floor where her office is.   I finished cleaning the men's room and pushed my cart through the double door entrance to the ladies. I emptied the napkin disposal bags, dumping them into the large bag on my cart and then replaced the wax bags and disinfected the surface and handle. Toilets and toilet seats are next, then the counter and mirror, and finally the floor. "Oh good. . . I hoped I wouldn't have to go hunting you down. " Tanya's voice echoed loudly off the tiled walls making the hair on my neck stand on end!"Oh. .

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  . . you scared me. " I said, "Good evening Tanya, how are you?"  I tried not to look like a puppy begging for forgiveness, managing to cower only slightly.   The cool powder fresh climate in the room changed suddenly. The temperature rose and the air was thick with authority. I felt myself starting to sweat, I could feel beads beginning to form on my forehead and nose. "I'M fine. How are YOU?" she responded.   "I'm fine also, thanks. " I replied, glad to see that she was at least talking to me, and in the usual way. "I've been thinking about last night and considering what I have come up with, I do believe we're in the right room!" she said laughing out loud.   I wasn't exactly sure what she meant but it seemed I had no choice but to laugh along with her. Since the uncertainty of my future was about to unfold I was hoping that laughter was a good sign. "So, tell me, do you like to play with yourself?" she said, shocking me.

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  "Aaaaa. . . yeah. . . I guess I do. . . don't we all?" I said not believing my own words!"I'll ask the questions!" she scolded, "Do you like playing with someone else?" she went on to ask me sternly. "Well yes of course I do. " I replied, almost afraid to answer. "Good! From now on you will do exactly as I say!" she began instructing me. "Yes ma'am!" I said obediently.   I was nervous not knowing what to expect.

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   Not as nervous as I was surprised to see Tanya push open the door a stall, lifting her dress as she entered, and squatting to sit down, as the door silently swung closed. "Well? What are you waiting for? Get in here. I need my cleaning boy, get in her now!" she demanded.   I entered the stall and Tanya sat there holding her dress up and exposing her cunt to me. "You can start right here, lick my pussy clean!" she said pointing at her cunt, "And don't stop until I say you can, remember what I said. "  I knelt at the front of the toilet, between her legs, staring into the pink depths of my punishment. Leaning forward I rested my chin on the inside of the porcelain rim and placed my mouth over her warm box. I sucked and licked the juicy folds of her tasty cunt. Pressing forward firmly I slid up and down each side of warm soft crack. Each time I passed over her stiff clit I flicked it with my tongue and sucked on it hard. Finally I dipped my tongue inside her juicy hole, sucking and lapping out as much of her sweet nectar as I could. Tanya sure had one juicy cunt! And I though if this is the extent of my penance then bring it on!  I sucked her juicy snatch and I knew she came twice, that I was sure of. While she moaned out loud her hands went to her pussy. She leaned back and pulled her swollen lips open wide. I had been not to stop unless told to, but I had to stop for a second to stare at her glorious, pink, wet insides.

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   She moved everything in sight. Her asshole moved and her cunthole moved, changing shape and size every time she flexed. I went back to tonguing her out. Tanya started to shake, her legs were quivering and her cunt was contracting madly around my tongue and I prepared myself for yet another dose of her sweet cum.   While her horny pussy went into spasms a sudden salty taste burned into my mouth. Tanya was holding her cunt wide open, taking aim and pissing directly into my mouth. I tried desperately to avoid swallowing at first, but she had such a stream I had no choice but to drink down her piss in order to breathe. By the time she was about half done I began gagging and choked but she kept pissing. "Don't stop. . . . I need to be clean. Drink it up boy. Remember.

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  . . . what I told you!" she reminded me. "Yes. . . " I said, gargling, as her hot pissy stream splashed off my face.   I heard her grunt and then saw her bearing down but I wasn't prepared for what came next. I heard a squish followed quickly by a fart and to my surprise Tanya proceeded to have a dump!  The smell was, well, like shit, but it had a sweet smell to it. I thought it smelled a bit like toast. She squeezed and pushed down dropping several turds into the bowl below, before letting go another fart and a good gush of piss as she finished her crap. "Ahhhh! That was so good!" she proudly exclaimed, "You can stop cleaning my pussy. . .


  . for the time being. . . . " she laughed. "I have another job for you, but you'll have to be much more thorough this time! There's a lot riding on it!" she told me. "Yes I know there is Tanya, please. . . . whatever it is I'll do my very best!" I reassured her. "You when I first had this building designed I wanted to install bidets in all the washrooms," she explained, "but in the end I decided against it because of the cost. ""Yes they are expensive and unlike toilets are in constant need of repair in a commercial application. " I said agreeing with her.

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  "But you know I absolutely hate everything about public washrooms. I especially hate the cardboard toilet paper, that's why I liked the bidet idea so much. " Tanya explained to me, sitting on the toilet in front of me as though it was the chair in her office while she talked. "But I have my cleaning boy now so I don't need to think about that problem anymore! Do I boy?" she said demanding an answer as she spoke in riddles again. "So? What are you waiting for? Come on. . . . . lick me clean. . . . ! And snap to it!" and with that, she turned got up and turned around.   Bending over she pulled her ass cheeks apart, "Lick my asshole, go on, lick it and clean me off!"  I fell to my knees behind her and faced the task before me.

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   I looked at the wrinkled rose bud of her anus and it wasn't as bad as I thought. There was some poop in the wrinkled folds of her tightly clenched hole and perhaps a 1/2" long smear on the inside of her left cheek. She'd taken a pretty clean dump which made my job that much easier.   I brought my face close to the source of her wafting presence and licked the streak on her left cheek first. I lightly licked the skid mark unsure of what to expect. To my surprise it wasn't too bad and tasted sort of like it smelled, like strong pungent toast. Realizing that it wasn't as bad as I thought I decided to take the plunge. I dipped my tongue into Tanya's poop chute, as she braced herself against the wall, and swirled it around.  "Ahhhh. . . . that's much better. Much better than that damn sandpaper!" she said, speaking more softly.   Probing and swishing my tongue around inside her I pulled the remaining morsels out of her tasty ass.


   I was determined not only to keep my contract and job and decided that I might as well try to eat my way towards a possible promotion while I was at it.   Tanya was moaning out loud and wiggling her ass against my face, driving my tongue deep into her asshole. As I finished cleaning her I gave her ass a few last licks to make sure she was squeaky clean!"Not bad. . . . it almost feels as though you did a good job. " she said sounding pleased with my performance, "Quickly now, take off your shirt and dry me off! I don't want a rash on my ass before the next time you lick it clean!"I smiled and did as I was told, I wiped her from front to back, finally feeling the fullness of her hefty pussy through the material of my T-shirt. "Tanya? Does this mean I still have the contract?" I asked, almost afraid to look her in the eyes as I braced myself for her answer. "Let's just say that we see how things go for a while. Let's say for 3 months. You know sort of like a probationary period. " she told me, reminding me again, as she did every so often, that she was the boss. "I can think of a few more things that need buffing and a good clean in the mean time!" she said laughing and looking down her nose at me.   Well that was over a year ago and although Tanya still hasn't renewed her contract with me, she also hasn't fired me yet.

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   Let me tell you, my boss quite the imagination when it comes to assigning my cleaning tasks! You won't believe what she's having me do next!.

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