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At the age of 14 I had began spending most my time at my friend ben's. he had all my favorit games, his mom didn't care if we stayed up, and above all else It got me away from my crazy home life. At that point In time I was tall skinny and lanky. Never had sex, never kissed a girl. Addictied to porn, and I knew basically it all about sexual acts. Now ben's Older sister Emily played a large part of my hornyness. She was 19, light brown hair, medium height. She had amazing breasts that were saldy usually covered in a big sweater, or a sweatshirt. Her butt was her finest asset. It poped out like an apple, no matter what she wore.
To Explain bens family life an personality plays a large part in what happened. His mother divorced his fath when he was 3, and they had all lived together since then. They were a liberal family, not affraid to speak thier minds. They were in no way snobby, they just lived, and tried to laugh.
One Day when I was at his house, it was morning. Ben and I were in the TV room, playing sometype of video game.

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   In front of where I sat I remembered a large new excersise bike. It basically blocked my view of the television, But I just glanced around it.
Emily entered the room shortly after We finished. I was relaxed in the small comfortable chair behind the bike relaxing. I knew at that point in time, she had been training alot for some run, or marathon. So she came into the room. First thing I noticed was her apperal. Her top was nothing out the ordinary, a gray zip sweatshirt. But her bottoms werethat of dreams. She had on a pair of those black, skin tight excersise pants. They hugged every inch of her lower half. she walked in, and ignored me sitting behind her, and got onto the bike. Ben took no notice to her when she began peddling, but I sure did. My eyes were locked hard on her ass as it jiggled against the bike seat. Her pace quickened and halted, and quickened and halted.

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   Sweat began be build up on the back the seat. Her butt crack every once and a while pocked out, and I could see drips of sweat leaking down her crack.
This all went on for an hour, and in that time I was having extream difficulty keeping my cock hidden from sight. When she finally did finish, the amount of sweaty liquid from her body on the bike had doubled on the seat. She was panting and moaning in tiredness. When she got up, she did what almost made me cum in my pants. She got off the bike, and 3-4 feet in front of me, bent over ,and stretched out her limbs, spreading her legs, trying to loosen up. in her quick bend her crotch came to me sight. It was soaked in liquid. And little drips were hitting the floor.
And just as it started, it ended. She straightened up, and walked out of room slowly. Ben was sitting in the chair ahead of me, and stood as well, and left the room. In that instant, me teen hormones took over. I stood up, and leaned down to the bike.

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   I placed a finger onto the crotch of the bike seat. it was warm, and wet, and slippery. I leaned down, to get a quick smell, when footsteps were heard near the door. I shot back into my chair, and countinued watching TV.
Later that day we were on the road to the laundry mat, with a basket of emily's and bens dirty clothes. It was dusk, and by the time we got to the laundry mat, it had closed. Emily decided to go across the street to the store, ben went with her, leaving me in the car. Now I looked to my right, and glared at emily's large blue dirty laundry basket. The whole ride to the place, I had been taunted by the basket, her slinky black tight pants were fitted upon the top. I had wanted to smell then, taste them, taste her sweet hot pussy in my mounth finaly. But I hadn't of been able to with her in the car. So I reached out and gently lifted them from the basket. In the low light I struggled to find the crotch area. Finaly I found it by accident when my fingers ran over a moist patch. I ran the damp fabric through my fingers, feeling the cool wet liquid.

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   Then did it. I slowly, sensually raised the fabric up to my nose. I breathed out, and out and out, until no air was left in my. I lowered my nose, 4 inches. 3 inches. 2 inches. 1 inch, and i hit it. I still had not taken a breath, I savored the feel of the coolness against the tip of my nose. Then I did it. I inhaled a slow and fast sniff. I was greeted by something so different it shocked me. It had the usual persperation scent almost like an onion, but a salty hue as well. And a meat that smelled not of animal, of vulva. I inhaled more, and more and more. WIth every breath more salty, amazing new smell of pure un-censored vagnia entered my lungs.

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My nose traveled up her crotch, to the location where her asshole had laid. The wetness increased, and the scent came stronger. With every breath my cock grew in my pants.
I took it to the next level then. I traveled back to the crotch. Reaching inside the fabric I reveresed the material outward, and smelled it from the skin tight source. the smell was doubled, but with more of the meaty salt smell that made cum drip heavily out of my dick.
On pure instinct my tongue slipped out my lips, and lapped across the fabric. I spat it out almost immediatly. It tasted god awful, but I needed more. Ignoring the terrible taste, i payed all attention to the vaginal smell, and meaty taste. I teethed it, and sucked hard on it, and licked it up. I even swallowed some ofthe sweaty juices, and felt myself gag a little, as it hit my throat.
Just as it began to taste better, and swallowing it became funner. I heard the familier click of the doors unlocking my the automatic clicker.

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   Fear. I quickly stowed the pants back into the pile, and looked to my left. Ben and his sister luckily werent looking my direction. I hadn't been seem. They both returned to the vehicle, and straped in. Niehter one seemed upset. I was Safe.
There are 3 more parts to this true story, that I intend to write about. Rate it, and tell me how you like it
I have inclused a photo of her lower half. She is the one on the RIGHT. at a halloween party