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Mike was the envy of all his mates; none of them could keep a relationship for more than a few months let alone 13 years. He never grew tired of seeing her; after all, she was drop dead gorgeous. About 5-foot-3, Sue was shorter than a lot of her friends but because of her agile framework it didn’t look unusual. Mike could look into Sue’s eyes all day long, they were azure blue and he would often gaze lovingly into them whilst stroking her light brown hair that flowed down just over her shoulders and was silk like to touch. He would compare her cleavage to her butt, both ample sized handfuls of soft and tender flesh, but firm and pert at the same time. Sue too, never grew tired of running her hands over Mike’s whole 6-foot-1 body, firm to the touch. He was a fit man and went to the gym often, which meant any bulk on his body was down to pure muscle, and not fat. His hair was jet black and enhanced his handsome chiseled face as it swept back over his head with the aid of gel. He once tried growing a beard but Sue loved the sensual feel of his smooth face that she ordered him to shave daily. The one thing she tried not mentioning to Mike too often was how she loved his big thick manhood, all 11 inches of it. He knew he was above average and would brag about it at any given time. This particular night Mike was down in the lounge on the settee opening a small present left by Sue. It was usual for them to give small gifts to each other, especially when they would be apart for a few days. He would always try and guess what it was but would always be wrong, as most the gifts from Sue were totally original. He pulled of the gift-wrap and held the box in his hands; looking at the front cover he realized it was a new adult DVD. It didn’t surprise him as they had a small collection of porn mags and DVDs already and it gave them both added enjoyment.

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   This particular one was titled “Cum Sluts” and Mike put it in the DVD player as he read the credits on the back of the box. The first images were of a busty blonde sucking on some guy’s dick whilst another bloke stuck it up her from behind, stretching her cunt muscles to the extreme. After a short time the man came in her mouth and she eagerly sucked it down her throat like her life depended on it. Not long after this the other man was climaxing in her pussy as she moaned loudly. What intrigued Mike most was the fact that as the guy was withdrawing from her cunt, he bent over and dived his face down, clamping onto her prominent pussy lips. He was actually sucking his freshly spewed cum straight out of the woman’s cunt he had pumped it into. This was turning Mike on and was giving him ideas, which is why he now had to release his throbbing dick and give himself some relief. Most of the other scenes on the DVD were of women slurping down fresh cum, but it was the final scene that aroused Mike the most. It was like the first scene; only this was of one guy sucking out another guy’s cum from a hairy snatch. This bought Mike over the edge and it didn’t take much fisting of his dick to bring him to climax and send cum erupting out his purple head. As he was about to clean himself up, he looked at his cum sitting in blobs up his chest and over his hand. He had never tried tasting his own semen, but seeing the video gave him the courage to try it. Mike raised his cum coated hand towards his face at first taking in the powerful smell that it radiated. Once he was happy he poked his tongue out as it dabbed at the residue and only after a short while did he take in a big glob and roll it around his mouth. It tasted somewhat salty but sweet as well and slightly like Sue’s cunt but a lot more powerful.

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   As he swallowed it, the thick goo coated his throat and left him with the pungent taste for the rest of the evening. Mike repeated this over the next couple of days and it wasn’t too soon when he was welcoming his wife home from her business trip. They were horny as hell and even before the door was closed they were having straight rampant sex over the kitchen table. They usually fucked madly after spending time apart, and it was usually over in minutes, as they both desired a rapid release of the sexual tensions they had built up. The rest of the day they spent relaxing and talking about things they had both got up to since they last saw each other. They didn’t talk about anything in particular but time soon flew by and it was now early evening and the subject of Mike’s present came up. He told sue he enjoyed it and asked if she liked the 5 inch silver vibrator he had got her. After exchanging verdicts in each other’s gifts, they become horny again and Sue suggested they hit the bed for an ‘early night’. She went in and got ready before calling Mike in to join her and what a sight she was as he looked on from the doorway. Sue was stood by the window naked with nothing covering her fully pert breasts. Below, she had on a pair of red frilly panties made of satin and they went superbly with the red sheer stockings she was wearing, held up by a suspender belt. Her height was different and as she walked closer Mike saw the red high heel shoes she had on, which had heels about 8 inches high. Mike walked in the room and shut the door just as Sue came over and dimmed the lights. Sue proceeded to undress Mike slowly and once he was fully undressed it gave her a side view of his taught body. Mike’s dick looked to be the hardest she had seen it in a while and she knew this meant he was extremely aroused, but unsure why.

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  After ordering Mike to sit on the edge of the bed, Sue knelt down before him and took hold of his enlarged cock. Easing the foreskin back over the swollen head of his dick caused it to leek some pre-cum, which Sue was happy to clean off. Running her tongue down the length of his shaft, she worked up and down, sucking his balls and rolling them around her mouth. Sue eventually sucked the head if his cock into her mouth and worked the 11-inch length into her throat until it could go no further. After fucking her mouth for 5 minutes Mike pulled his cock out, knowing Sue would be upset that she wouldn’t get a mouthful cum. But before she had chance to protest Mike pushed her down lying face up on the bed and went to work on her. Pinching a nipple with his fingers, he worked his way down her body, kissing from her breasts down until he came to her panty-covered crotch. He took hold of the sides of her panties and worked them down so he could access her tight mound. Mike was pleased with the sight that greeted him, as Sue was completely hairless down below. He was used to her being shaved but she would always leave a strip of hair down each side of her cunt lips, but now the golden hair was gone and Sue was as smooth as a baby. Eager to experience this new delight, Mike’s head went down on her pussy as his tongue worked on her clit, feeling her moistness. Taking hold of her smooth stockinged legs, Mike pushed them apart as he nudged his huge dick head at the entrance to her cunt. Rubbing his head along the wet lips of her pussy, his cock eased into her tight hole as he began to work in most of his 11 inches. He didn’t last long in her, and the thought about what he was going to do next brought on his climax. Pumping his hot seed into her until there was no more, he felt her body tremble through her intense orgasm.

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   Quickly, Mike removed himself and knelt on the floor before her. Sue lay there stunned at what Mike was doing, but was perversely turned on by it. He had lowered his head back down to her cunt and was lapping at the cum he had just filled her with. Sue could feel his tongue as he sucked the sticky mixture from her body. He went all round her internal passage until it was free of his cum and shining bright pink. His actions had given Sue another orgasm as she was left gasping by his newfound pleasure. Mike had gained a new erection and he was throbbing like mad again as he sought more excitement. He turned Sue over on her back and as she knelt up, it gave him a clear run at her tiny ass hole. Mike had given Sue anal before and they were now both comfortable with it, although he thought she got more pleasure out of it than she let on. Running his nose up her smooth crack, Mike took in the scent of her anal passage, which was clean and perfumed. He laid kisses on her butt cheeks, working towards her tight puckered hole. Once he had tongued her anus and her passage was relatively smooth, he was ready to fill her up. He had trouble getting his bulging head into her tight ring as her muscles tried to repel him, but eventually he popped in. Working only the head in and out a bit until he had got her ass muscles used to his dick, Mike pushed hard into her as he could feel the spongy insides of her internal passage. He didn’t last much longer than last time because her ass was so tight, but it was enough to give her two more blinding orgasms.

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   As he felt his dick about to erupt he pulled out so just the tip of his dick was inside her butt, and let go with six or seven streams of cum. Again his face buried into her and he started to lap at her ass hole and clean his hot sap out of this orifice too. Sue knew what he was doing and used her muscles in her tight ass hole to push out the remains of semen that was out of Mike’s reach. Once he was satisfied that Sue was completely clean, Mike sat up and looked at Sue and tried to judge her reaction. He needn’t have worried as Sue lunged towards him, pressing her lips tightly to his and running her tongue into his mouth. She too wanted to taste their mingled juices and after remaining embraced like this for over five minutes, they lay down cuddling each other and promised homemade cum pie would be another pleasure they could add to their list. .